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Shooters News for the Minn Area - July 20, 2015

*F-class Midwest Mid range Championship weekend!
    Next weekend  
F-class shooters from all over the upper midwest will be heading to Elk River Sportsmen's Club this Sat and Sunday for the Midwest Midrange F-class Championship. While this is not yet an NRA sanctioned match there will be Big prizes for match winners and class winners in this 2 day shooting contest.  That's right--big prizes.  Over a $1000 in prize money is up for grabs for those shooters who can put the most shots in the middle of the target. Each day, competitors will fire four matches of 20 shots ea from the 600 yd line at Elk Rivers highpower range. 
ERSC photo
  Two sighters are allowed for each match. Those with the highest aggregate scores over the weekend will get the Gold!  So, if you are an F-class shooter head over to ERSC and "Go for the Gold".

 Click here for Match bulletin and entry info

For those of you highpower shooters that are not making the trip to the National Matches at Camp Perry this year (too far, takes up too much time, too costly, etc), you will still have a great match to shoot this Sat And Sun at Red Wing's NorthStar Rifle Club.  Capt. Bob is also not going to Perry this year and is putting on a "Poor man's Camp Perry" weekend competition for who would still like to fire a couple of Over the Course matches. That's right, there will be two days of trigger pulling in NRA approved matches just a few miles from the twin cities.  NorthStar is south of Hastings, just north of Red Wing along Hwy 61. 
            Click here for Match bulletin and entry info 

Last Weekend  
Eau Claire's Mid Range match drew a couple doz prone shooters last Saturday even though many folks were off at the Nationals. Four 20 shot prone matches from 600 yds were on the card as the days competition. It started out warm for the first match and would only get hotter as the day went on. High temp and humidity would be the order of the day.  The wind was only kicking around about a moa from the south and the first match went good.  I missed the 10 ring on the first shot by a hair, but then the rest of them went in for a 199-15x and the last string was 100-10x (first cleaned string in a while). Sounds good but it was not good enough to win in this crowd. 
Capt. Bob Peasley fired a 200-11x and won the match.  US Palma team shooter Randy Gregory stayed in the game with his 199-11 score.   In the 2nd match, Randy showed us all why he was chosen as Palma Team shooter when he drilled a 200-11x followed closely by Capt. Bob again and that straight shooting Elliot Zunich, whose scores seem to keep improving every year. In the third match the wind started getting a little tricky for most of us, but Randy cleaned the target again.  Palma Team shooter, Steve Knutson dropped just one pt, and is now still just 5 down for the day. In the last match of the day everybody was fried from the heat, the wind was gusty, but Elliot Zunich would not be denied. Shot for shot he and Randy Gregory fought it out, tying with 197 scores, but it was Elliot who got the most in the X-ring and Elliot wins the match.  
  At the end of the day it was Randy Gregory the overall match winner with Steve Knutson 2nd, and Elliot Zunich a well earned 3rd.  In the Expert Class, Steve Billmeier got a couple first in class awards as did Claton Reindl (sp?)
On the F-class side of the firing line it was Drew Rutherferd winning the first match with a 199-5x, but then Mike Lehmeier took over and won the last three matches and the F-class effort for the day. 
  I'm looking forward to the next match at Eau Claire, just hoping the weather is a little cooler.

Over the course match at Eau Claire Sunday, July 19
       No news 

Two Weeks Out 
Aug 8 - Sm Bore 3P and Prone at MRC - Click here for match bulletin 
Aug 9 - Sm Bore Prone outdoor 1600 - Click here for match bulletin
Aug 8,9 - Minn F-class Mid Range prone Championship at NorthStar Rifle Club -  click here for match bulletin
Aug 15,16 - OTC Regional  at MRC - Click here for match bulletin 

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