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Shooters News for the Minn Area -- May 28, 2014

Next Weekend
I hope you all are well practiced up after the great rifle matches held last weekend, because this weekend its time to travel to the north woods to shoot the 'Over the Course' Regional Championship at Northwestern Gun Club. May 31st, and June 1st,  NWGC will host 2 days of OTC matches at their beautiful 500 yd rifle range on the shores of Hunter Lake, just a little NW of Duluth.  Both days are 80 shot matches and include a 20 shot Standing match, two strings of Rapid fire from the sitting position, two strings of Rapid fire from the prone position and finish with 20 shots slow fire prone shooting from the 500 yd line. Saturday's match will be a 4 man Team match with pickup teams organized for those not already on a team, and Sundays match is for the Individual championship.
  First rds. will go down range at 0900 hrs each day.
Match Director -- Jim Fernandez email:   (218) 729-5975 
Click Here for match program and Entry info
Last Weekend 
High Power -- OTC matches  at Northstar Gun club
 From Erik Rhode:
Hi Jim,
Just a quick recap of what transpired over the weekend.
Shooters from MN and surrounding states converged on North Star Rifle Club in Red Wing, MN for 2 days of good old-fashioned Highpower shooting.  The weather was perfect all weekend with high temps around 80ยบ, and a nice breeze coming mostly out of the south.  We were unsure of what to expect for attendance as I had only received 1 early registration by mail, but when campers started pulling in on Friday evening, it started to look like we might have a pretty good turnout.  We ended up with a total of 29 shooters for the weekend, including some exotic, far-away lands like TX, MO, IA, WI and SD.  4 shooters were first-time shooters at NSRC, including 2 who were shooting in their very first match.  We had a very good mix of veteran shooters and new blood.
For many, this was the first official OTC match of the season, and the first real chance to shake off the winter rust.  There were an unusually high number of alibis and general weirdness as shooters worked out the kinks from the long offseason.  I was reminded early in the weekend that it doesn't take very many shots on other people's targets to really hurt a guy's score!

In the combined Expert/Shaprshooter/Marksman class, Mark "Sledgehammer" Schoess took top honors while placing 1st or 2nd in class in 7 of the 11 total matches.  Great shooting Mark, that's the sort of consistency that gets you to the top.  Close at his heels for the weekend was newcomer (can you call a guy with a P100 tab a "newcomer"?) Greg McCarty.  Greg had solid performances all weekend including a very nice 100-5x at the 300 yard line on his way to winning the Sunday Agg.  I'm guessing we will be seeing more of him this summer.

In the Master Class, in all the commotion to get scores tabulated and awards paid out, we had an arithmetic error that was not caught until I entered all of the scores in the spreadsheet this morning.  It was an honest mistake and my apologies to all involved - hopefully no hard feelings!.  After getting all of that sorted out, "Lovable" Larry Weidell was at the head of the class after winning both daily aggs and several matches on his way to the top of the Master class for the weekend.  His 1521-35x just edged out Craig Bennis, who also put in a solid performance with 2 class wins and a match win for his 199-4x at 300 on Saturday.  Jim Schonke was threatening all weekend, and it looks like between these guys and a few others, the Master class is going to be a tough one this season.

Up in the High Master Class, Campin' Kevin Bangen overcame some early struggles on Saturday to turn in a solid performance on Sunday (including the weekend's top 600 yard score) and add another match win to his collection.  Kevin has been the man to beat in MN for as long as I've been shooting Highpower, and it looks like he intends to keep it that way. Great shooting Kevin, and congratulations on the win!

Thanks to everyone for coming down, and we hope to see everyone again.  I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all.  This is our last scheduled match at NSRC for the year, but we will most likely add another match or 2 as the rest of the MN schedule shapes up.  Cap'n Bob or myself will pass along any info as it becomes available.  

Hopefully everyone can make it up to Northwestern Gun Club in Duluth next weekend for the 2014 OTC Regional Championship matches.  On Saturday, the North Star Rifle Club Screaming Weasels will be defending their several-year streak of team match victories by taking on any and all challengers for the team title.  The individual match on Sunday should be hotly contested by all of the top shooters gunning for one of those big, shiny regional medals.  There is also an 80-shot warm-up match starting at noon on Friday for the die hards wanting to make sure they have solid zero's going into the weekend - I know I'll be there.
Best regards,
Erik Rhode    

Small Bore -- Regional prone Championships at MRC
The growing popularity of outdoor prone Sm Bore shooting was evident last weekend at the Mpls. Rifle Club.  Enough high caliber shooters showed up to contest this Regional Championship that for only the 4th time in recent memory 2 relays were required.  The weather was great with mild temperatures in the 70s and sunshine all weekend.  
  Both days saw the wind as most deciding factor in the competition.  Gusty winds plagued the shooters from the beginning to the end of the matches  and only the patient shooters were rewarded with the most tens and Xs.    Wind or not, the best shooters rose to the top of the scoreboard  fighting for every point and regretting every errant nine that leaked out  when the flags changed sides several times a minute. 
  Congratulations to Morgan Dietrich whose skill and patience reading the wind earned him the Gold medal and championship honors. 
The Silver Medal for 2nd place goes to Matt Griffin who's tanacity and hard holding kept him 3 points ahead of the always hard charging Stacey Tamulinas who had to settle for the Bronze Medal after two days of stiff competition and 320 shots for record.  Other great scores were shot by Steve Knutson,  Randy Gegory, and Junior Eric Hazelton.     

 Two Weeks Out 
 June 7th - Service rifle clinic at Post 435 Gun club 
                   Click here for Match program 
June 7th -  CMP Games match at Oakdale Gun Club
                   Click Here for match program
June 7,8 -  Long range Regional at GRRC
                   Click Here for match program
That's all Folks

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