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Shooters News for the MN area -- May 6, 2014

Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club to host Service Rifle matches
This coming weekend GRRC will host the 2nd in their summer series of CMP service rifle matches on Saturday, May 10th. These fun and easy matches will appeal to shooters who just want to get out and pull some triggers on what looks to be an actual 'sunny' day. Let's hope the forecast is right for a change ! The day will start out with an 'individual'  30 shot match, which consists of 10 shots prone slow fire, ten shots prone rapid fire and finishes with 10 shots offhand --  all from the 200 yd line.  After a break for lunch the 2nd match on the schedule is a Sniper Team match where two shooters alternate shooting and coaching from the 300 yd line and 600 yd line.  A good time will be had by all who attend, so dig out that older service rifle and give it a try. 
    Click Here for match bulletin

Sunday, May 11th head for Mpls Rifle Club near the small town of Now Then just NW of the Twin Cities.
From Brian Shiffman   shiff004@umn.edu
The May Minneapolis Rifle Club 300 meter match will be held this Sunday, May 11th.  There will be two relays scheduled; the first starts at 10 AM and the second at noon.  My fuzzy caterpillar claims that it will be a nice, warm day.  I told him or her that if it made a mistake that it will become bird food!  (Contact Brian for entry & squadding )

May 10th &11th.Traveling shooters who prefer prone shooting only can find two good days of Mid Range prone shooting at the LaCrosse Rifle Club   Both days matches will be shot  from the 600 yd line and both days will have any/any, any/iron, Palma, Service, and F-class categories.   Click Here for match bulletin  E-mail entries to  deadeyepagel@yahoo.com

Small Bore
If you just like to shoot a lot and not pull targets, grab that small bore match
rifle and head to Mpls rifle Club Saturday, May 10. Starting at 0900, shooters 
will fire a 60 shot 3 position match, and after a lunch break they can fire a 60 
shot prone match -- all on the 50m A50 target.Click Here for match bulletin
Sunday, May 11 MRC will host a second day of sm bore shooting -- all prone.
This will be a 160 shot conventional outdoor prone match with targets at 50yds, 
100yds, and 50 meters.  Click Here for match bulletin
This match is a good warm up for the Regional Sm bore champ in two weeks

Last Weekend
From Erik Rhode
Hi Jim,
Attached are results from the April 26 4x600 at Eau Claire, and the Palma 
Regional at in Lodi for you to use or ignore at your discretion.  I've been 
meaning to get these to you sooner, but have been extremely busy.  I also sent 
a message to the new HP chairs at GRRC asking for their help in getting 
 results both to you for the newsletter/blog, and onto the MRRA results calendar.  
Hopefully we will have better luck than last year.
The weather at Eau Claire on the 26th of April was cool, but manageable.  Rain
threatened in the morning, but held off and everyone got in a full day of shooting.  
Light and fairly consistent winds led to some high scores being shot throughout the 
 Randy Gregory and Matt Griffin duked it out for the win, with Randy squeaking past
 Matt by X's with a 796-48 to Matt's 796-44.  I was 2 points back for a distant 3rd place.  

Sunday's OTC match ended up being called due to rain at about 11 am after the 
standing match and 2 relays of sitting.  I don't believe that anyone was too upset by 
this decision, as it was pretty cold and very windy.  When the rain started, the fun 
was pretty much over.  I'm pretty sure my 181 won the standing match, if that gives 
you any idea of the conditions.  Here's a link to Saturday's scores, in case they did 
not copy you on them:

On to Lodi.  This past weekend was the Palma Regional at Winnequah Gun Club.  
The forecast was threatening rain all week, but when I hit the road on friday 
afternoon, WeatherBug was showing a dry weekend.  It indeed ended up staying 
dry, but the conditions were anything but pleasant.  

Saturday presented us with an honest-to-goodness 25-30 mph gusting, fishtailing 
 headwind that would occasionally even kick up sand to keep everyone on their toes.  
Fast moving clouds were making light conditions very tricky on top of the extremely 
difficult wind situation.  I heard one shooter come off the 1000 yard line say that he 
didn't see the same target twice through the whole string!  Mirage was sometimes 
visible, but was often blown out and very hard to read, so most shooters switched to 
watching the flags.  I found the center flag on the 600 yard line to be somewhat reliable 
and based my corrections off of that.  Even the best shooters were getting caught for
 7's(or worse) and off-paper misses were not uncommon.  Several long-time Winnequah 
members stated that it was the hardest condition that they have seen at their range.  
Shooters left at the end of the day with wind-burned faces and dried-out eyes...

Brian Mrnak managed the only HM score of the day with a 439 for the win.  I was pleasantly
 surprised to find that my 433 was good enough for 2nd place!  The conditions 
managed to get even worse for the bonus 20-shot 1000 yard match, and not one 
shooter out of 29 was able to crack the 190 mark.  There were 3 189's shot, including 
the match winning 189-6x from Frank Evica, out of the Expert class, no less!  I was
happy to escape with a 186-3x, which gained me 3 points on Brian's lead and kept 
me in 2nd place for the 1-day agg.  

On Sunday, conditions proved to be much more favorable(though still not easy), and 
 scores were much higher for the day.  Rick Burbach posted a very respectable 445-20x 
for the top spot on Sunday, with crafty vet Bill Lair shooting a 441-15x for 2nd place.  

In the combined Master/Expert/SS class, Paul Cross won the weekend agg after 2 days 
of solid shooting with a 1036-29x.  A newcomer,  Sharpshooter-ranked Chris Veldkamp 
was just 8 points behind Paul for 2nd place using mostly borrowed equipment.  My bet is 
that we can expect for Chris not to remain a sharpshooter for very long.  

On Sunday afternoon when the dust settled, Brian "The Machine" Mrnak came out on top, 
and brought home the Gold Medal with a score of 1063-29x.  Brian is really at the top of his 
right now, and he will be the man to beat at any match he chooses to enter.  Waylon
Burbach showed why he's the #1 ranked junior shooter in the world by clawing his way up 
to 2nd for the Silver with a 1055-31x..  My pitiful performance at the 1000 yard line on Sunday
dropped me down to 3rd, but considering the conditions, I was happy to sneak away with the
 Bronze after shooting a 1051-33x.  

Over on the F-class side, Pat Scully made North Star Rifle Club proud in his first visit to
 Lodi by winning the F-Palma on Saturday AND the bonus 20-shot 1k match, giving him 
a comfortable lead going into day 2.  Sunday was a little tougher on him, but he hung on 
for the Gold medal and match win over 2nd place Bob Sebold with a 1048-23.  Pat also 
managed to earn the new nickname of "Square Head" from the Wisconsin guys - I think 
that one's gonna stick!
See score board photos from Lodi below.

Thanks Erik for sending in the Match report!!!

Thats All Folks !

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