Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shooters News for the MN area - May 1, 2014

Big Weekend coming up for Minn Area shooters.

  There are Rifle Matches galore this weekend, so grab up some of that ammo you have spent all winter loading and get out there and shoot--No excuses this weekend, there is something for everybody
  There are Prone matches for serious mid-range shooters, "Fun" matches for the service rifle shooter, and to top it all off there is an EIC (excellence in competition)  'Leg' match for the aspiring Service Rifle shooter to try and earn some of those elusive "Leg points" needed to earn the coveted "Distinguished Rifleman's"  badge.
  For the 'occasional' or beginning shooter that wants a "fun" match to go to, head on over to Oakdale Gun Club on Saturday morning May 3, and take part in the 2nd of their summer series of CMP Military rifle matches.  Easy and fun, these CMP matches are a good way to practice your skills. You will shoot some sighters and then 10 shots from the prone position, then a 10 shot string of  'rapid fire', also prone, and finally 10 shots from the standing position to finish out your turn on the firing line.
     Click Here for match program and entry info
Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club will also be hosting rifle matches both Saturday, May 3, and Sunday May 4th.  Saturday will see shooters on the line contesting the venerable Bob Hall Memorial OTC match.  Open to both 'match' and 'service' rifles, this will be an "Over the Course" type match--(50 of 80 shot?) and will be the warm-up for the all important Service Rifle Leg match taking place on Sunday May, 4th.  For service rifle shooters the 'Leg Match' is the holy grail of shooting. Come and participate and you will find out why.   Click Here for match program -- first shots down range at 0900 hrs.
   Belly shooters will be heading down to the beautiful NorthStar Gun Club just North of  RedWing, Mn, along the banks of the Cannon river. Two days of Mid Range matches await the faithful. Saturday shooters will fire 20 shot matches from the 300, 500 and the 600 yd lines, with Iron sights, and one 600 yd match with 'Any' sights.  On Sunday, all 4 twenty shot matches will be fired from the 600 yd line. Two with 'Irons' and two with 'any" sights. All matches on both days can be fired with scopes in the F-class.
   Click Here for Match program   Contact Bob Peasley (507)744-5200 for latest information

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