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Shooters News for the Minn Area - June 2, 2015

The Weekend Ahead
This coming weekend should be a great one for Minn area competitive shooters.  There are good matches scheduled that should appeal to most upper Midwest High Power shooters. 

Long Range shooters and prone specialists are looking forward to two days of 1000yd matches to test their skill or to just have some fun shooting bullseyes almost a kilometer away at Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club's long range shooting facility near Harris, MN. On Saturday June 7th,  traditional shooters will engage the targets 1000yds away with iron sights and using only rifle slings for support in three matches of 20 shots each with unlimited sighters.  F-class shooters will use scopes and rests in all matches on both Sat and Sunday trying to keep their shots into that small minute of angle ten ring. Saturday's competitors will have the opportunity to participate in a 4 man Team match where a wind coach helps the shooter gauge the wind and offers sight corrections as the wind changes throughout the match. If a shooter is not already on a team, they can join a pick-up team for that match.  Sunday June 8th, all shooters will fire two more matches of 20 shots and unlimited sighters using any sights. 
Click here for match program 

**Here is a video of last years Long Range Championships  showing both f-class and Sling shooters in action** 

Service Rifle shooters
Gather your gear and head to Oakdale Gun Club for a CMP games match on Saturday June 7th. Click Here for match program.  This is the 3rd CMP match of Oakdale's summer series of Service Rifle matches.  30 shots for record is the course of fire,  10 prone slow fire, 10 prone rapid fire, and 10 shots offhand. This is a great match for the beginning shooter or good fun practice for the OTC shooter looking for some practice and some fun.

Service Rifle clinic and match
Are you a new prospective new shooter that would like to know more about Service Rifle shooting? Post 435 Gun Club has a service rifle clinic and 50 shot match on Saturday June 7th that would be just the thing for you.  The day will start with classroom session to explain to the new shooter how to participate in a rifle match and the basics of marksmanship.  The classroom session will be followed by a 50 shot CMP service rifle match where shooters are coached for safety and skill. Click Here for match program. 
Contact Mark Havlik match director  651-655-4853

300 m International 
From Brian Shiffman
The June Minneapolis Rifle Club 300 meter match will be held Sunday, June 8th.  There will be two relays scheduled; the first starts at 10 AM and the second at noon.   Registration begins Sunday June 1. Register yourself at http://edfpages.com/mgfc/match.php.  Read the instructions.  Pay attention as you fill in the boxes and make selections from the drop down lists.  There is room for only 14 shooters per relay.  The box at the top of the list shows the number of shooters for each relay  

May 300m match:
Now, these were just about as fine as it gets for shooting; sun, very little wind, comfortable temperatures.  And the scores showed it with many scores above 590 for F class shooters.  Linda Stern topped Bob Mann by 4 points for the F-Open win.  Gary LaValley and Chuck Van Heel had a nice match going with Gary winning the F-TR class by 3 points.  Ed Facundo was top 3 position shooter.  We deserve more shooting days like this one.  This is the link to the May match results:  http://edfpages.com/mgfc/results.php?match=5

Last Weekend    
"On the Firing line" 
 From Erik Rhode
  Hi Jim,
Just a quick report on last weekend's match.  
MN area shooters headed up to the great north woods last weekend for what was to be one of the most important match weekends of the year, the annual Highpower OTC Regional Championships.  Despite an ominous weather forecast, the die-hards still made the trek to take their chances for one of the top spots.  

On Friday, 8 early-bird shooters took advantage of what would turn out to be the only pleasant weather of the weekend to shoot an 80-shot practice match.  With only 2 relays, and keeping our own scores, we were able to get the whole thing done in about 3 hours.  Lil' Dickie VanValkenburg posted a cool 777 for the top score of the day, winning a crisp $1 bill from yours truly in the process.  Enjoy it Dick, you won't be getting many more!  Also of note on Friday was Jim Fernandez coming back from knee surgery to shoot a personal-best score of 770 - way to go Jim!

Next up on the weekend's schedule was the 4-man team championship on saturday morning.  The North Star Rifle Club Screaming Weasels were ready to scream their way to another in their seemingly unbreakable streak of team victories with new member Barb Bangen, but it was not to be.  The rain had already started well before 9 am, and satellite radar showed no indications that it would be stopping anytime soon.  At around 10:30 it was decided that the match would have to be scrubbed.  This was unfortunate, as there appeared to be enough shooters for 5 teams, which is a good turnout for an OTC team event these days.  A group of 8 ventured into Duluth proper for lunch and some light sightseeing.  Afterwards, the rain stopped for just long enough for 4 of us to get in a few shots from the 500 yard line before the clouds opened up again.  As of Saturday night, the forecast for Sunday looked even worse than Saturday's did, and I was fully expecting to be on my way back home by 10 am.  

On Sunday morning, it was still raining lightly, but the updated radar showed everything staying to the south.  The forecast had already done it's damage though, as none of the extra shooters from Saturday came back to shoot the individual match.  It was decided that since we were already there, we may as well try to shoot the match, even though with only 14 shooters, the NRA would only allow 2 medals to be awarded.  No problem, whoever was going to get a medal was just going to have to fight a little harder for it, and what a fight it would turn out to be!

In the combined Sharpshooter/Expert/Master class, Lovable Larry Weidell continued his streak from last weekend by putting up the top score with a solid 766-16x.  If you want to win any matches in the master class this season, you'd better hope that Larry has other plans for that weekend!  Nipping at his heels all day was newly-minted Master Mark "Rottweiler" Rohmann finishing just 2 points behind, including a match-winning performance at the 300 yard line with his excellent 200-12x.  Another recent surgery patient, Elliot "The Serbian Sensation" Zunich was back in action for the first time since having neck surgery over the winter and didn't miss a beat, putting a 757-18x on the board.  Lots of good shooting from these guys.

Up on the top of the board in the HM class, it was a battle between 2 shooters and the rest of us were just along for the ride.  2 men that are no strangers to Regional medals duked it out all day long to see who'd go home with the gold.  Always a contender at any match he enters, Campin' Kevin Bangen brought his "A" game as Jim "Big Match" Biles reminded us that while he doesn't come out of hibernation often, he makes it count when he does.  Kevin and Jim shot matching 190-2x scores in the standing match, then hung neck-and-neck all the way to the finish line.  Jim's 199 sitting score edged out Kevin's 198 to put him 1 point ahead as they headed back to 300.  Once there, Kevin drilled out a clean 200 vs. Jim's 199 to bring them back to even.  Looks like the whole match would be decided on the 500 yard line.  Conditions were good there, with light overcast skies and seemingly easy winds, but great scores proved to be more difficult than expected all around.  Jim's relay shot first, and he managed a respectable 195.  I know Jim would've liked to build himself  a bigger cushion there, but sometimes things don't work out like we hope in this sport.  Kevin brought his gear to the line needing a 196 or better, which is a score I've seen him top many times.  The conditions were tougher than they looked, and Kevin finished with a 195 of his own, leaving the 2 big dogs with scores of 783 for the day.  This is why they keep track of those X's.  After match director extroardinaire Denny Bertrand put his abacus back in the drawer, JIm's 32 X's left Kevin's 19 in the dust, making Jim the 2014 Highpower Regional Champion!  Great shooting to both, and congrats to Jim on a great match!
See attachments for scores and photo of the winners. 
Hope to see everyone next weekend in Harris for the 2014 Long Range Prone Regional.
Best regards,  Erik Rhode
Thanks for that match report, Erik

Two Weeks out 
June 14 -- CMP games service rifle match at GRRC - program click here   
June 14,15 - Mid Range prone at LaCrosse -- program click here  

That's all Folks !

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