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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Sept 3, 2013

The Week Ahead

This is it --  the matches you have been waiting for are happening this weekend at Northwestern Gun Club, near Duluth. It will be two days of Mid Range Sling State Championship prone matches.  Usually known as the 9/11 Memorial matches.  These matches draw many shooters to the north woods just for the chance to shoot at such a nice rifle range. Each year shooters come from states around to compete in both 300 and 500 yd matches
at this great range on the shores of Hunter Lake.  Saturday, Sept. 7th will feature Iron sight and Scope matches from the 300 yd. line. On Sunday, Sept 8th, shooters will move back to the 500 yd line for another day of both Iron sight and Any sight matches.  So gather up 160 rds plus a bunch of sighters and come on up for a weekend of trigger pulling.  
    Click here for Match bulletin           
  500 yd shooting at NWGC

300 Meter International
Mpls. Rifle Club invites you to their monthly 300 m International match -- Sept 8th. MRC is in NW Anoka county, and has super neat electronic targets.  Check it out. 

From Brian Shiffman:  
The September Minneapolis Rifle Club 300 meter match comes early this month.  Since the 1st of the month was last Sunday, the match will be held this Sunday, September 8 in keeping with the schedule of the monthly matches held on the 2nd Sunday of the month.  There will be two relays scheduled; the first goes off at 10 AM and the second at noon.  
  Register yourself at  Read the instructions.  Pay attention as you fill in the boxes and make selections from the drop down lists.  There is room for only 14 shooters per relay.  The box at the top of the list shows the number of shooters for each relay. 
    No expanding or fragmenting bullets.  Only match or full metal jacket bullets; no muzzle brakes but flash hiders are OK.  A-Max bullets are NOT allowed. They are fine for paper but have a jacket that will fragment and shred our targets when it hits.  
  Pick your shooting class: 3-Position, Prone (sling and iron sights), Offhand (iron sights), F-Open or F-TR.  If you use optical sights then you are in one of the two F classes, depending upon caliber and type of support used.  You can shoot F-TR class with a service rifle with a scope and a sling if you choose.  F-TR is limited to .223 (5.56) or .308 caliber and may use a bipod attached to the rifle (but not a front bag or rest).  F-Open is any other caliber or rifle support.  Shooting is governed by ISSF rules except we allow NRA shooting jackets.  As a club match, we have some liberty.
   Fee is $20 for the 60 shot match; Electronic targets, so, NO PIT DUTY and the match runs quickly, 3 strings of 20 rounds in succession.  Once the command is given to start the match, each shooter is on their own to finish within the 1:35 minutes.  
  If you need to cancel or change relays you have to contact me so that I can use the magic pixie dust to delete your entry and make it available for someone else.
   If you make an error on your entry, contact me so I can correct it. 

Brian D. Shiffman

Last Weekend 
Prone and OTC matches at Eau Claire - No News


Under the banner of "Where are They Now" we get this from Rick Curtis
"Yesterday a young man named James Wendel, who had reached out to Jim Hahn only two weeks ago, came out to try competitive shooting for the first time ever. James brought along and AR-10 and a Remy 700 in .308 to try his hand at the fullbore course and under the watchful eye of past palma team member and new Arizona resident Grant Ubl, appeared to have had the time of his life. I'm fairly certain we will be seeing more of Mr. Wendel as we progress into the cooler months. Also big thanks for helping out with not only the new guy, Grant, but for your dedication to the sling and F shooters in our community since your arrival in July. This has not gone unnoticed sir and we all owe you a debt of gratitude!"

Two Weeks out
Sept 14        --  100 shot Over the Course match at Mpls Rifle Club -- Click Here for Match Bulletin                        *remember this is a match with a FREE barbeque afterwards*
Sept 15        --  Minn State Offhand St. Championship at Mpls Rifle club --  click Here for match bulletin
Sept 21, 22  --  Mid Range Prone and Fclass Regional at NorthStar range.
                        Click Here for match bulletin
From Capt. Bob:    
"Hello belly shooters:
Attached is your program for the MRP Regional at North Star Sept. 21/22.  Here are a few points for your consideration: 
1. We can accommodate 60 shooters on 3 relays or 80 on 4 relays if necessary. 
2. F CLASS is big & growing so we expect more F CLASS shooters.  However, we will limit F CLASS & Sling to 30 or 40 entries until NOON WED. SEPT. 17.  After that time we will fill spots with whatever the demand is.  So if you want to ensure a spot PUH-LEESE read the program and send advance entry.  My instinct tells me we will probably NOT exceed 3 relays but we never know. 
3.  President Mike May is planning on a BBQ after the team match Sat.  We will be requesting a $5.00 donation to help offset food cost.  Therefore I also request you include a statement with your entry that you will stay for BBQ so we know how much stuff to order.  You can pay when you eat. 
4.  It's getting dark early by late Sept. so it's important to start on time.  Your advance entry will help with that!
5.  We would like to see club vs. club teams but if you can't find guys from your club we welcome state association teams. 
6.  I don't have a full list of F class shooters so it would be nice to see you F class guys spread the word. I'll add those names to my North Star DB for future reference. 

Call me 507-744-5200 or email if you have questions.eeya in Sept.     Bob"

That's All Folks

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