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Shooters News for the Minn Area -  Sept. 10, 2013 

 The Week Ahead
  Mpls. Rifle Club is once again the focus of the shooting community this weekend. Mark Rohmann and his Highpower crew has another great weekend of shooting lined up for Over The Course shooters starting off with a 100 shot OTC match on Saturday Sept 14.  The first two matches of the day will be the Standing match ( 20 shots offhand) and the Sitting Rapid Fire match (two strings of 10 shots, each fired in 60 sec).  These matches are fired from the MRC's shade covered 200 yd line. Shooters then move back to the 300 yd line for the Prone Rapid fire match, and then two 20 shot Prone Slow fire matches.  That's right, you get to double up on prone slow fire and we all need more practice at that. 
 Then after the match, the MRC guys will host another of their great Barbeque throwdowns for all the shooters.
    Click Here for Saturday match bulletin -- Let them know you are coming

  Stand on your hind legs and shoot like a Man. 

The Minnesota State Offhand Championship will be fired Sunday, Sept 15th, at MRC. Competitors will fire 5 matches of 20 shots Standing to determine who will be the 2013 State Offhand Champion. With it's covered and somewhat sheltered 200 yd line, MRC is the perfect place to shoot Standing matches.  Click Here for match Bulletin

Last Weekend
9/11 Memorial mid range Championships at NWGC

From Eric Rhode
Hi Jim,
....Wick asked me to email you a pic of the 
results board from this weekend. Was another good weekend to shoot at 
Northwestern. Hot & steamy on Saturday and cold and windy on Sunday. The wind 
wasn't worth much as per usual at NWGC, and some good scores were put up.  As you 
can see from the board, Stacy showed us all why he's "the man" when it comes to 
prone shooting. 
Later, Erik                  Click Pic to enlarge

Top Shooters: 
Eric Hazelton - Jr Champ 1567-56X 
Omer Hamer - Grand Sr 1556-59X 
Steve Knutson MN State Champ - 1594 - 93X 
Stacy Tamulianus Match Winner-NonRes 1598-100X 
Dale Wickstrom Sr 1548-57X

From Jim Fernandez:
 State midrange (sling) Championship held in Northwestern gun club, Duluth
Mn. Weather was good, Mosquitos were down, 25 shooters attended including
3 junior shooters, Thanks to  Chris Hazelton for bringing them and helping
them. State champion Steve Knutson, Match winner Stacy Tamuilins, Grand
Senior  Champlon Ormer hammer, Senior Champion Dale Wickstrom, Junior
Champion Erick Hazetton.
Thanks For Coming -- Jim Fernandez   

Good shooting conditions at NWGC and top talent again showed on the score board. After 160 shots for record, Stacey T. had fired 100 Xs, and dropped only two points. Thats right Stacey fired six of the 8 matches Clean including the last 5 matches in a row, and dropped only one pt in ea of the other two matches. Congratulations also to Steve Knutson, State Champion, just a couple pts back with another great performance and a 1594-93x score. Congrats also to Wick, Eric, Omer for their outstanding shooting at these prestigious matches.
    I see that the list of champions here is full of Sm Bore prone shooters -- take note.

More news from the F-Class world Championships -- Raton, MN  
 From Brenda LaValley: 

Note: Gary LaValley was the winner at a big 1000 yd F-class match in Wyoming this past month. I'm not familiar with the match but it must a big one -- just check out the Trophy that Gary won!!!!!! 


   Gary LaValley -- 1000yd F-cass winner


From Mark Havlik:    (Read this*!)
The link below is an article in the CMP newsletter about Tim Boyle and Mark 
Schoess. I'm surprised this hasn't made the local rounds yet. I would have sent 
it sooner but I've been a bit distracted.
  (Mark's wife has cancer and both are in our thoughts)
Mark  H. 
Thanks Mark H. for sending that in.  It is a great story. 
Mark Schoess is indeed a great hero to all of the Minnesota shooting community.  

*Note: This newsletter and the Minnesota rifle shooting blog are going on Hiatus for the foreseeable future. All available match bulletins can be found on the MRRA web site Click Here  

Two Weeks Out
Sept 21, 22
  --  Mid Range Prone and F-class Regional at NorthStar range near Redwing, MN.
                        Click Here for match bulletin

Sept 28       --  Sm Bore Metric Prone and 3P at MRC  -- Click here for match Bullletin  
Sept 28       --   CMP Games match at MRC - no match bulletin available
Sept 28       --   Mid Range Prone at Eau Claire Rifle Club - Click Here for match bulletin
Sept 29       --   OTC matches at Eau Claire Rifle Club  -   Click Here for match bulletin
Oct 5, 6       --   Rescheduled "Bob Hall" OTC (sat), EIC Leg match on Sunday 
No match bulletin availiable  

That's all Folks


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