Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shooters News for the Minn Area -- Sept 18, 2013

From: George Minerich,  MRRA President
"Hi All:
In an effort to increase International Small Bore shooting I have come up with a revised match format for the last match small bore of the summer season.  Saturday, September 28, 2013 we will shoot a 3 X 20 3-Position match starting at 9AM.  After lunch we will feature a 600 Prone match starting at 1PM.  All targets will be shot at 50 meters on the a-50 target.  Entry fees are modest and you are welcome to shoot either one or both of the matches.  The match program is attached.
                                              Click Here for Match Program
Please note: NRA prone shooters are welcome to shoot the prone match using your existing equipment.  Seniors may use any sight for these events

This is a trial run and will be shot under NRA Authorization.  If this works out well, there we  be a couple of these matches offered in the 2014 shooting season under USA Shooting authorization using ISSF Rules.
Regards,   George Minerich

   PS:  There will not be 1600 Prone Match on Sunday, September 29, 2013.  The Boss requires that I take her on a vacation up the Northshore."

Mid Range Regional Championship at Northstar -- This weekend!
    From: Capt Bob
"Hello players:
The NRA medals for the upcoming regional arrived today.  I also got 2 more entries today bringing us up to over 30 by my count.  We have about 10-12 F class and the rest sling.  The weather looks mighty nice both days but maybe cool evenings & early morning.  North Star has about 4 picnic tables but if you have a lawn chair to use for eating & relaxing you better bring it. President May is planning on a pulled pork BBQ with salad, chips, beans? & water.  Feel free to bring your favorite adult beverage or soft drink.  For those of you in Rio Linda "beverage" is something to drink..
If you have not yet sent an entry please do so ASAP as I would like to have 90% of the squadding done Fri. night.  I will be arriving at the range by noon Fri. & the gate will be open.  I don't have cell phone or email there so email your entry by 0900 Fri.
Seeya at North Star.   
 Bob"             Click Here for Match program
 Over the Course and Leg Match
  From: Kurt Borlaug 
 "Attention HP shooters!! Kurt Borlaug is once again stumped by his computer and can't open, write or send documents via e-mail. He wants you all to know that October 5 and 6 will be a beehive of Highpower events at GRRC.
  Saturday the 5th will be the Bob Hall make up. 80 shots, BUT!!!! as this is an unapproved match you will be allowed to stand prior to rapids. Why is that of interest? Because we'll have an EIC Leg match on Sunday! 9am start both days, squadding by 8:30 and pits seal at 8:45.
Fees are $15 for Saturday and $20 for Sunday.

  Thanks, Kurt"       Click Here for Match program 


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