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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 5, 2013

The Week Ahead 

From La Crosse to Eau Claire, the action stays in Wisconsin this coming weekend. After practicing up last weekend at the La Crosse Rifle club mid range matches, traveling shooters will again be heading east for this weekends Mid Range and Over the Course matches at the Eau Claire Rifle Club.  Both Saturday and Sunday (Aug 31, Sept 1) shooters will have opportunity to fire 4 prone matches of 20 shots ea. from the 600 yd line at the Eau Claire Rifle Club's shooting facility a little north of town on the banks of the river.  Click here for Match bulletin
  Over the Course shooters get their chance on Monday, Sept 2.  Two Service Rifle matches are on tap for folks to enjoy.  First off is an John C. Garand match in the morning. Competitors will fire CMP course B from the 200 yd line -- a 50 shot match with prone slow fire first.  Click Here for Match bulletin. 
 Then after lunch it will be time to uncase those beautiful M1A rifles and fire  "CMP Course B at 300yds" on the SR3 target. This should be a great day. Don't miss the chance to get out and exercise those older service rifles.  Click here for M1A match bulletin

  Reminder: Its time to get those entry's sent in for the 9//11 Mid Range matches (Sept 7-8) at NorthWestern Gun Club . These great prone matches (sling shooters State Championship) are only a week and a half away.  These matches are always well attended.  Don't miss out. Click here for match bulletin.

300 meter International
Mpls Rifle club hosts another in the summer series of 300m matches Next weekend - Sept 8th.

Last Weekend 
Congratulations to Larry Sawyer -- the Minnesota State Prone Champion with Small Bore rifles. 

  State Champion Larry Sawyer

  We were all glad to be shooting from shaded firing positions this weekend at the Minn State Sm Bore Prone Championships.  It was hot. The competition was great, but it was hot.  Thanks to George Minerich we had a couple fans to keep the air moving in the MRC sm bore shooting house.  With a cool drink in between targets, it was even pleasant. I would not have wanted to be out in the sun shooting all day.  Thanks again to George for running a great Championship -- as he always does.

    While we glad to have the air moving in the shooting house, we could have used a little less wind between us and the targets.  With an 15 mph average wind from the left, and gusts to 23 mph, there was enough wind for everybody.

    We started off Saturday's Iron Sight matches with Junior shooter, Eric Hazleton firing a clean score with half Xs winning the first match. The second match saw the wind at full bore and switching 180 deg every few seconds.  Larry Sawyer found a good shooting window, stuck to it, and won the DeWar match going away, and gaining good lead on the field. Emily Quniar held steady for 2nd with a solid 396-23x. In the 100 yd match it was Erick Hazleton who was the most patient with the reversals and gusts, dropping only 7 pts to take that win and take point from Larry Sawyer's lead Young Eric followed his disciplined shooting plan of mostly watching the wind and waiting for the opportunity to use good technique at the right time and won the match. By this time, I had found out that I hadn't shot all my bad shots last weekend and I was fading fast from the leader board. In the last match, the 50m match, Emily Q. made a run for the lead as she and Stacey Tamulinas traded 10s and Xs, shot for shot, untill Emily pulled ahead for tough win in tough conditions. In the end, Iron Sight day at the prone champs went to Larry Sawyer who fired a 1583 with and amazing 100 Xs.

Elmer M, Lori H, Madeline D, and Larry S.

 Day two at the prone champs saw many shooters switch to scopes as this was Any Sight day.  Most of the juniors and Emily Q., former NCAA competitor were content to contest the matches with Iron Sights only.
    No quarter was given in the first match at 50 yds.  Larry, Emily and Stacey T. all fired clean scores with Stacey a couple Xs ahead.  Stacey, 6 pts behind the leader
in the weekends aggreate score, and Emily, 3 pts back were not ready to give up yet.  Stacey made his run in the Dewar match, again shooting clean for the 40 shots, in the gusty wind to pull back 3 pts on Larry S..  In the 100 yd match Larry padded his lead by one pt. by scoring 398 while Eric, Stacey, and Emily scored "only" 397s and a pile of Xs.  Larry's 399 in the 50 m match was a winner by a point, but not good enough to win the day's Any sight Championship.   Stacey's steady shooting (1595-119x)  gains him First place for the day, with Larry back a few Xs. 
   Adding up the weekends aggregate, the congratulations go to Emily Q for a well deserved 2rd place, and to Stacey T. for a hard earned 3rd over all for the weekend.  Top Junior prone shooter is Eric Hazleton, who continues his race to the Master Class. Congrats to Elmer Miller, a Grand Senior and new shooter who fired his new Personal Record score of 1540 on Sunday.  Elmer is definitely getting it figured out.
  Congratulations to Larry Sawyer (3178-212x) who is the 2013 Minn State Sm bore Prone Champion.     Click Here for complete results

Aug 24-25th Mid Range High power matches at LaCrosse -- no news  

More from Camp Perry

From Capt. Bob
Sorry I didn't get a report in to you sooner.  Been busy catching up after 13 fun filled days of driving & shooting.  Feel free to report the following next report if you so desire.
    I coached the US RIFLE TEAM PEASLEY in both 1000 yard team matches & the Palma team.  The shooters were Steve & Shirley Mcgee from Kansas plus Leo Cebula from Detroit & Bud Solis from Seattle.  The team shot Palma rifles all the way.  Steve has been suffering some bad back pain so was a couple points off his normal outstanding scores. The team shot a ho hum 782X27 in the Roumanian team with over half the points lost to coaching error. I hate it when that happens! This score would have been good enough to break the  senior metallic sight team record of 779 but for the Pete Church team shooting a 790!  Next day in the Herrick match we picked it to a 790X31 good enough for 3rd among the teams shooting Palma rifles.  The team posted a 1772X59 in the Palma team match (450 each shooter).  This was high civilian team, high senior team and 2nd overall. We got beat by only the pros from the US Army who averaged about 35 years younger!  Here is the link to Palma team scores. 
 We showed up at US RIFLE TEAM MCGEE because the real captain (me) forgot to write RIFLE TEAM PEASLEY on the card.  Over half the 28 points lost were coaching errors again.  But if they will have me I'll do better next year including the team name!   

From Rick Curtis
Need a good inexpensive digital caliper for your bench? If so this weeks Did you Know may be of some assistance. Last month I was in Harbor Freight looking for some polishing materials and spotted a whole shelf of these calipers. (see attached picture) At the time they were marked down to $15 bucks so I thought what the heck. When I got it home and opened the box I was surprised to find a very well made instrument. The fit in the slide area is very tight and it comes with a spare battery. I now use it for all my reloading related needs. The even better news is that yesterday I received my September Rifleman and there on page 20 something is a Harbor Freight add with a coupon for this caliper that knocks the price down to just $10 bucks. So if you need a spare for the bench or one for the range box you just can't go wrong for very little money. 

Thanks Rick for that tip, and tks for sending us results from the World F-class matches in Raton, NM

Also from Rick Curtis 
Shooters, attached is the aforementioned results, congratulations to Bob Meade on winning the this day in F-open    Click Here for Fclass World Day 1 results

I think I see Minn's own Rick Sievers on that list,  there are probably more. Maybe one or our local shooters would send us a match rpt.? 

2013 Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Matches
From : Christina Roguski
Dear CMP Affiliated Club,
Registration for the 2013 Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Matches is now open online.  The 2013 Western CMP Games take place at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility from October 11-October 15 and the Creedmoor Cup matches are held from October 15-20.  You can register for the Western CMP Games by clicking on the following link:  To register for the Creedmoor Cup matches please visit the Creedmoor Sports webpage at  
New this year, the CMP will be holding a traveling Small Arms Firing School and M16 EIC Match on Friday October 11th.  A new Modern Military Category has been added to the GSM Match.  Competitors will have the ability to fire in a maximum of four separate events during the CMP Games.  Shooters may choose to fire a Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military or a Modern Military Rifle.  The CMP Games will include a Carbine match, a Rimfire Sporter match and the popular Vintage Sniper Match.  The Creedmoor Matches will include a 2400 aggregate, 4-man team match and the Creedmoor EIC Match.  See the full 2013 Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Schedule here:  We hope to see all of you and your club members at the 2013 Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Matches.  If you have any questions or need more information on the Western CMP Games please feel free to contact me at, for information on the Western Creedmoor Cup matches contact Dennis DeMille 
Christina Roguski Competition Associate. Civilian Marksmanship Program Phone 419-635-2141 ext. 1114, fax   419-635-2802
Two Weeks Out       
Aug   31, Sept 1  -  600 yd Mid Range Prone at Eau Claire - click here for match bulletin
Sept  2                -  M1 Garand, and M1A matches at Eau Claire - click here for match bulletin
Sept  7, 8            -  9/11 Mid Range Prone (sling) St. Championship at Duluth Click here for match bulletin

That's All Folks

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