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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 5, 2013

The Week Ahead

For the second time this month, the weekend will be an F-class show.  With most of the Sling shooters off to Camp Perry for the Nationals, The F-class shooters will again have the weekend mostly to themselves. 
  Elk River Sportman's Club will be hosting the 2nd in their summer series of F-class Championships.  This coming weekend  (Aug 10,11) it will be a Regional Championship, and shooters will be flocking in from all over the 5 state area to shoot at the beautiful Elk River 600 yd Mid range facility. 
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 300 Meter International
  From BrianShiffman 
 The August Minneapolis Rifle Club 300 meter match will be held Sunday, August 11 with two relays scheduled; the first goes off at 10 AM and the second at noon.

   Register yourself at  Read the instructions.  Pay attention as you fill in the boxes and make selections from the drop down lists.  There is room for only 14 shooters per relay.  The box at the top of the list shows the number of shooters for each relay.

Last Week
 F-Class State Championships at Elk river Sportsman's Club
From: Scott Olson  
 Hi Guys
  The 2013 MR F-Class State Championship was held at Elk River Sportsman's Club on July 27-28. Special guests at the match was a film crew from Jim Scoutten's Shooting USA TV show. They filmed the match and interviewed many competitors about the sport of F-Class. The crew has done some filming at the National Matches so they were familar with HP shooting. When they saw the dimensions of the F-Class target being 75% smaller than the MR target, they were amazed. I will let everyone know when the segments will air. They say the camera adds 10 pounds, this means I really need to go on a diet! 
Saturday's the team match had 30 shooters competing for honors. After 60 shots, Team NorthStar had won the match with members Pat Scully, Ben Winget, Scott Brabec and 12 year old shooting phenom Tyson anchoring the team. Close behind was the Turret Twisters from Elk River. Maybe next year, the Twisters will take home the trophy...  

The individual match was held on Sunday with 50 shooters firing 80 shots for record.  Conditions were deceiving with light, but quickly switching winds and flags that never told the truth. At the end of the day, Ben Winget had secured the F-Open title with an amazing score of 795-48x. Close behind was Lisa Olson with a 791-46x to secure second. Jon clauson was third with a 791-44x. Those 6mmBR improved rifles can shoot! On the F-T/R side, Scott Brabec ran under the radar all day with everyone assuming he was an Open shooter. Scott's score of 786-31x secured the F-T/R trophy. Second went to Ed Higgins with a 779-25x and close behind for third was Mike Lehmeier with a 778-22x. 
   Medals were given out to first, second and third in each classification and discipline so many shooters went home with some hardware. Next years match looks to be even larger! 
Thanks,  Scott  
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F-Open Class

  FTR Class


From: Joe Showwalter
A nice write up about Samantha Peterson, a Minnesota junior shooter.       

Spotting Scope repair
 I have recently been looking around to find the place to send my Kowa TSN1 spotting scope eyepiece to for cleaning or repair.  The interior elements of the eye piece look like they have dust and smears on them and I can't get it unscrewed to clean it. 

For repair Kowa Scopes should be sent to --
   Kowa Optimid Inc                                
   20001 South Vermont Avenue
   Torrance, CA 90502
    Phone: (800) 966-5692 or *(310) 327-1913 x 327* 
    Fax: (310) 327-4177
    Web site
Turn around time is 3 weeks from when they receive the scope or eyepiece.  You must call and make arrangements for repair, and get a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number before sending anything in. 
OK, now that I know what to do, does anyone have a 25x LER Eye piece I could borrow for a few weeks?

 Two Weeks Out
August 17,18 -  OTC matches at MRC                Click here for match bulletin
August 17     -  3P Small bore 1200 at MRC        Click Here for match Bulletin  
August,18     -   Prone Sm Bore 1600 at MRC     Click Here for match bulletin  

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