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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 14, 2013

The Week Ahead  

  This week local area long range shooters are still fighting it out at the National Matches in Ohio. Some great scores are being put on the board. Our guys and gals are holding their own with with the best of the best this nation has to offer.

   On the home front Highpower Over the Course shooters will have a chance to fire their first match since returning from the nationals. They will be gathering at Mpls. Rifle Club this Sat, Aug 17 and Sunday, Aug 18 to put all that practice to work competiting with the hungry shooters who couldn't make it to the Nationals.  Saturday's match is a 100 pt OTC, fired at 200 and 300 yds.  Competitors will have the opportunity to fire two 20 shot prone matches on MR 63 target. On Sunday, the standard 80 shot course of fire will be used, and again all matches are fired out to 300 yds.  With it's well maintained firing lines and Pit facilities, MRC always draws a good crowd of shooters.
   Oh, I forgot,-- the last match (#7) on Sat is actually a "
Chicken Barbeque" furnished and served by MRC's own Iron Chef.  Should be a great day-- shooting and barbeque - does it get any better than that? 
See you there?   Click Here for Match bulletin

Small Bore
While the Highpower shooters are shooting on the MRC 300m range in their OTC matches, 3 position and Prone shooters will be also be shooting matches at MRC on the outdoor Bob VanGene Sm Bore range. Saturday, Aug 17 the competition will be for the Position shooters, who will shoot a 1200 pt match on the tough metric targets.  Shooters will fire 40 shots each from Standing, Sitting, and the Kneeling position.      Click Here for match bulletin
 Prone shooters will duke it out on Sunday, Aug 18 in a conventional Outdoor Prone match.This is a 1600 pt match with shooters firing 4 matches of 40 shots (2 targets) at distances out to 100 yds. I'll be there with Mr. Winchester M-52D to defend last months win, so bring it on! 

   click Here for match bulletin

Last Week    

F-Class Regional Championships at Elk River Sportsman's Club -- No news  

                Ck this out!

From Lisa Olson:
Hi Jim, I was checking out the blog tonight and thought I'd send you a pic of my gorgeous F-Class Open Rifle. It made its debut at the state match recently and proved to be a finely tuned machine :)It has a BAT MB action with Bartlein 1-8" 5R barrel chambered in a tight neck 6mm BRX, Precision Rifle and Tool Lowboy stock assembled by Stan Ware of Westbrook MN and a Jewel Trigger. Topped with a Nightforse 12-42 BR scope with ammo lovingly assembled by my sweet husband! Painter-- Kim Vahlsing of Princeton, MN
It took over a year to complete. I placed 2nd overall of 50 shooters!!! Still classified an expert, it was fun to see my name up there with the high masters. A wife of another shooter was inspired when she saw my pretty rifle and told her hubby, "I want to get into this sport!" She was out the following Monday eve trying it out and did quite well! The more people we get in our sport the better.

Thanks Lisa for that picture
Lisa, not only came in 2nd among the 50 participants, she claimed the Women's Minn State Champion F-class Long Range title.  

Notes:  Click here for a few picts of our friends from AZ, practicing F-class at Ben Avery range as a warm up for the F-class World Championships at Raton, MN

    Go to 3:38 of this video and listen to Rick Curtis coach an F-class shooter on time management when receiving slow pit service*** (listen carefully)

300m International

from:  Brian Shiffman   Results of August 11 MRC 300 Meter Match 
What a beautiful day to be shooting.  A few puffy clouds, low humidity, a little breeze and mild temps.  It was all milk and honey until you looked through a rifle scope and saw the target dancing around.  There was a lot of mirage.  If you picked the wrong mirage to shoot, your perfect 10 became a mid 9; tell me about it.   
  There were several 3 position shooters but Kurt Kisch had his game face on and was 79 points ahead of second place, Tom O’Donnell.  Tom shot 10 points above his average and has been improving during this year.  Mike Doty, shooting our match for the first time and using a bone stock AR15 with battle sights worked hard and did a good job for someone with little experience or practice.
   Lance Peters shot the match in standing position.  Surprisingly, there were only 2 shooters in the F Open class.  Greg Meller came down to spank all F Class shooters, posting a 595; 5 points ahead of the winner of the F-TR class, Jeremy Jenniges and 6 points ahead of me in second place in F-Open.. 
   In F-TR class, at least the top 3 were shooting .308 caliber (or calibre).  Jeremy was shooting factory Federal Unobtanium military match ammo.  Terry Stern, in second, brought a new rifle to the match which he claims to have had around 100 rounds through it before the match.  Greg Meller shot those working up a load for Terry to use for the match.  Kevin Walker, in third, handicapped himself by shooting with a sling but because his rifle had a scope he had to be in F class rather than in Prone (which does not allow optical sights).  Even so, his third place finish was only 1 point behind Terry and one point above Trent Taylor in 4th.  All in all, the F-TR class was pretty tightly contested between 2nd and 5th
  Full results can be seen at
The next match is scheduled for September 8th.  Registration will be open on September 1st, but I’ll send out an announcement before then as a reminder.   
Brian D. Shiffman 

Camp Perry National Matches
From Mark Rohmann


This cast of characters is the 2013 State Association Match Rifle National Champion Team. The Rumbold Match was fired on Monday (8/5) @ Camp Perry OH. Firing Members (L to R) Kevin Bangen (Coach), Erik Rhode, Dick VanValkenberg and Mark Rohmann (Captain). - Mark Rohmann

Congratulations to the MRRA State Assoc. Team for wining this honor at the National Championships !

Other news from Camp Perry---
   Final results show our friend, Brian Mrnak has had great success this year at the Nationals.  Brian is the Match Winner in the Palma Individual Trophy match.  Brian fired the match winning score of 446-18x to beat the best Long Range shooters in the Nation.  Awesome job, Brian!
  Stacey Tamulinas scored an 8th over all in the Andrus Memorial Cup match.
  Steve Knutson shot an incredible score of 200-12x to earn a respectable 8th place in the enormously prestigious 1000 yd Wimbledon Cup match.
   I'm sure that there were other great scores fired by Minn area shooters.  Check it out at the Camp Perry national match results web site---- Click here

I got this from Bill Roos after the publishing the match rpt about my M-52D Winchester a couple weeks ago--

From William Roos

In Shooter's News email of July 16, 2013, wrote:
     " The only "proper" scope for an M52 is a Unertl scope so I searched around purchased a 2" Unertl "Programmer" in pristine condition from Mike Tiess."  

My father and his brother bought M52s around 1940 or so; I have the sales receipt, but cannot locate it. My uncle gave his M52 to me when I was about 15 or 16 which would be around 1954-1955, maybe a year or two earlier, I cannot remember. It has a Lyman 12 power scope that is inadequate for me at my age. (I sure wish my father had given me a chance at his 24 (30?) power Unertl before he sold it with his M52.) I fashioned a stock for it (never finished it; yours sure looks nice!) and tried full bedding the barrel, but went back to the four rubber thingys which worked the best. I do not know how many rounds have been fired through it, but I would estimate (not much good at estimating) around twenty to forty thousand.
  Up until about 1964 I was active in mostly gallery shooting, but tapered off through 1966. After one more match in 1967, I did not fire a round until the match at MRRA, August 18, 2012. 

   Anyway, I have no idea where to look for a scope nor how much it would cost—I'm still getting over the high cost of match ammo. I also bought a new spotting scope, a Celestron 52250 Ultima 80mm, but I need a single pole stand with a mount that I can easily adjust for viewing through the fixed eyepiece—should have bought one with a swivel eyepiece. 

   So far I have not tried iron sights. With my pulse between 80 and 110, and my poor eyesight, consistent scores, even though they will never be competitive again, are impossible. 
I will stop droning on now.

Thanks Bill for sending than in.   It must have been great to have been around for the "Golden Age" of Sm Bore shooting. Those old M52's represent the best America, and the world had to offer in those days.  We have gotten fancier now with our rifles, but they are not more fun to shoot. I do hope to see you and that M52 out at this weekends SB match. Hope you can make it.

Spotting scope repair
Larry Weidell was kind enough to lend me a 25x LER eyepiece for my Kowa spotting scope, so now I can send mine to Kowa Optimid for repair.  I will report on the outcome, and duration of this repair.

Two Weeks Out 
 Aug 24, 25       - State Outdoor Prone SB Championships 3200 at MRC - click here for match bulletin
Aug 31, Sept 1
-  600 yd Mid Range Prone at Eau Claire - click here for match bulletin
Sept 2             - M1 Garand, and M1A matches at Eau Claire - click here for match bulletin

That's All Folks

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