Friday, April 15, 2011

The Week Ahead for Shooters in the Minn. Area -- 4/15/11

The Week Ahead
Let's all hope that the weather moderates for Saturday, Apr. 16th, because it is a good opportunity for all of us that need some lessons in wind reading to attend the "Wind Reading Clinic" that will be taking place at the Elk River Sportsman's Club. 
   "The event will consist of (2) 20 shot matches at 300 yards, followed by a delicious lunch.
After the lunch, a wind reading/shooting clinic will be held both in the clubhouse and then at the 600 yard line of the club's KD Range. The instructors will be Steve Knutson and Rick Hunt, both coaches for the US National F-Class Team. This is a rare chance to learn from the best coaches in the country! The match will continue on the second day with (4) 20 shot matches at 600 yards."-- from Match bulletin.  Click Here for more info and Entry
  Saturdays shooting opportunities also include:
   1.  An 80 Shot OTC match at Mpls Rifle Club that starts at 0900 hrs. This is a 300 yd OTC match that will use targets reduced from 600 yds to 300yds for the prone slow fire part of the match.  Click Here for info and Entry
   2.  A Small Bore Offhand Match to be fired at Mpls. Rifle Club.  "There will be two courses of fire available to shooters. One is the 50 meter ISU course of 60 shots offhand with unlimited sighters, and the other is a Schuetzen course of 50 shots at 100 yards at a 25 ring "German" target. The ISU course follows olympic rules and the Schuetzen course uses Wyoming Shooting Union rules as a guide."  Click Here for more Info
   3.  A Mid Range prone 80 shot match to be shot at 600 yds--  at the Elk River Sportsman's Club. Click Here for info.

Small Bore News
From: Mark Schoess
  "GRRC will again be host to an Outdoor Smallbore Prone League this shooting season. You do not need a special rifle to have fun and compete! While NRA Smallbore rifle rules apply, most .22 rimfire rifles are designated as NRA Smallbore rifles.
 The league will consist of two separate matches; competitors can fire Match 1 or Match 2 or both. Match 1 will begin on Monday, May 2 at 1700 (5:00 PM) and will continue most Mondays, ending July 11. Match 2 will begin on Monday, July 18 at 1700 and will continue most Mondays, ending on Sept. 19. No league May 30, July 4 and Sept 5 due to holidays. Some in the league may opt to shoot on Tuesday mornings, these details are pending."  Click Here for more info 

Mark Schoess, cell: 651-357-4281,
HighPower notes: 

F-Class practice will take place at Elk River Sportsman's club on Monday nights
Highpower Practice will take place at Elk River sportsman's Club  Tuesday evenings. 

High power Practice at GRRC is on Wed nights. 

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