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The Week Ahead for Minn Area Shooters - 4/20/11

The Week Ahead for MN Area shooters - 4/20/11

 This coming weekend, traveling shooters will be heading to the Eau Claire Rifle club for their annual season opening matches. Always well run, and a good time, these matches will consist of, as usual, a Mid Range Prone match on Saturday, Apr 23, followed on Sunday, Apr 24 with an 80 shot OTC match.  I don't have a match bulletin for these matches, but they are on the schedule (Click Here) and have been a tradition for many years.  Bring your best rifle and ammo as the the competition is always top notch at Eau Claire.

Upcoming Highpower matches
April 30 - NorthStar Rifle Club will host their first match of the season. This match will also be a Mid Range prone match to be shot at 300yds, 500 yds and 600 yds. and will consist of 2 sighters and 20 shots for record at each distance with Iron sights and then followed by another 20 shot match at 600yds with Any sights.  To See match bulletin  and entry info  Click Here
May 1 - NorthStar Rifle Club is holding a special match that is geared to introducing newer shooters to Prone mid-range and Long range Palma shooting.  "The purpose is to introduce potential new prone shooters to the Palma course. Several serious Palma shooters and others have indicated a willingness to loan their rifle to new shooters without a suitable rifle. This is going to be a laid back fun only match and score will not be sent in to the NRA"
  Now, What is so special about this match?   There is Free Ammo-- that's right -- Free Ammo!!!
This is a team match, so newer shooters can be coached. Make up a team and get your entry in or contact the match director to be on a pickup team.  This match is too good an opportunity to miss.  Capt Bob needs to know asap who will be coming --
From Capt Bob:
"The mini Palma team match is fast approaching on May 1 at North Star. See attached program. Thus far I have exactly 5 NAMES interested in being on a team.  As per the program the deadline for notification is noon April 27.  If I don't have enough shooters for at least 5 teams the match will be canceled.
Remember, you'll be shooting FREE 223 or 308 MATCH ammo.  I'll have my M1 308 available and my LH Palma rifle & LH 223 match rifle.  There will be a few other RH loaner rifles for those without either.  I'll even bring my AR15 if someone wants to borrow that.

NOON APRIL 27 deadline to contact me with your interest in being on a team. I'll email out the teams Wed. evening if we have enough for 5.
Capt. Bob"
See Match bulletin and entry info Click Here 

Small Bore
The next scheduled Small Bore match is a Conventional Outdoor Prone 1600 to be shot at the Mpls Rifle Club on May 15th.  These matches are shot at 50 yds, 50m, and 100 yds, for a total of 160 shots with unlimited sighters.  Click Here for match bulletin.
   Hope to see you there. Sm bore Prone is becoming one of my favorite matches, as I don't have to load the ammo and they are the best possible practice for Highpower prone matches.  Remember, almost all top long range shooters are also Small bore shooters. It's 160 shots a day with instant feedback on every shot -- and no target pulling! You can even shoot one of those .22 rimfire AR-15s for service rifle practice.  Those rifles can actually score fairly well. Wayne Ulrich shot an awesome 1548 score with one in the WildCat matches last year! That's pretty darn good with "battle sights".

High Power notes:

For a interesting read on the 6BRX cartridge, read this article by
former USMC Team shooter, and one of today's top MR, and Long Range shooters-- Rick Curtis: 
"The Little Power House" -- Click Here 

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