Saturday, April 23, 2011

F-class and Senior Scope class added to Sm Bore match

F-class and Senior Scope class are being added to Local small Bore Prone matches.
    In many parts of the country, F-class shooters shoot alongside the sling shooters in their own class, trying to hit those little 10 rings with their sm bore guns out to 100yds away.  Scopes and rests are allowed in this class and if you have a hard time with Iron sights this is the perfect way to still be able participate in a great rifle match.
    In order to encourage more participation in local Sm Bore prone matches, these matches will now allow F-class shooters and Senior Scope shooters to compete.  Because many Seniors shooters have put away their match rifles due to failing eyesight and the inability to accurately use Iron sights,  we encourage Seniors come out and use "Any" sights for the whole match.
    So, all you F-class  and Seniors shooters out there will now have the opportunity to get in some great practice and competition starting with the May 15th 1600 sm bore prone match at the Mpls Rifle Club.    Click Here for match bulletin and entry info   
   So grab that Small bore rifle you may not have used in a while and give it a try.  There is a great group of folks at these prone matches and as we all know --  the more shooters the better the match! 
    The May 29th and May 30th 3200 Sm Bore Regional Prone Championship at MRC will also include F-class. Click Here for match bulletin
Small bore F- class rig at the WildCat Matches
John Andres Sm Bore rig
 Who will be the first to shoot a 1600 score in F-Class Sm Bore ?


Anonymous said...

The F-class targets appear to be air rifle. That would be some impressive shooting to clean that target at 100 yards with a .5 mm 10 ring.

Anonymous said...

Not all matches where F class is allowed actually use the new Fclass targets. This will come but for now most Fers are shooting on reg SB targts.

Anonymous said...

In the bulletin, the targets to be used for F-class at this match are AR 5/10. 10 meter air rifle targets. 300 meter international reduced to 10 meters. About an 1.25" black, and a .5 mm 10 ring. Good luck .

Hawkeye said...

Holy crap! That should be interesting. Other places use metric targets -- 300 m reduced to 100 yds. Thats hard enough. However, along as you can see them through the scope, it really makes no difference what targets are used.
Someone will still get the highest score and win that class.