Monday, April 11, 2011

Results of April 10th 300 meter Minn. Championship at MRC

From: Brian shiffman
 It turned out to be a fine day for the match.  There was just a hint of a breeze when we got started at 10 AM which only picked up when most people were on their 3rd string of 20.  Even then, it was not strong but it did catch some folks not looking.
Matt Busse shot with us for the first time and scored a 599 with 44 x's.  Mike Jones came in second with a 592 shooting a Les Baer AR-15 in .223.  Robert Smith was our only non-F-Class shooter and used an AR-15 to shoot Offhand for the match.  I'm still working out sight alignment so used front are rear rests but with iron sights.  Good iron sight Prone shooters can match most F-Class shooters.  Clearly I am not in that league.
The next 300 meter club match will be held May 8th.
Brian D. Shiffman

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