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Shooters News -- The week Ahead Sept 21

The Week Ahead - Shooters news Sept. 22
This coming weekend pretty much signals the end of the Rifle Match season for the MN area.  There are Two local Service Rifle matches at GRRC to participate in, and a weekend of shooting in Eau Claire to pacify Mid Range Prone shooters and Match rifle shooters.
Friday, Sept 24, GRRC is hosting a marksmanship clinic for a couple few doz National Guard shooters, who are probably being deployed to Afghanistan in the near future.  As Sgt. Al Schneider says - "to help them reach out and touch some one" when they get down range. These shooters will then come back the next day for----
Sat. (Sept 25) for a warm-up practice in the morning and the "Big" Leg Match also being held at GRRC.  It's looking like there might be 4 to 5 "Legs" up for grabs at that match, the thought of which should draw Service Rifle shooters out of the woodwork from states around who are trying to pick up those easy leg points.  I'll sure be there on Sat., as it should be a great match to shoot before I put the AR15 away for a while.  Click Here  for Leg match program.  
Note from Match Director Kurt Boulaug:
  "Boys, I35E will be closed Friday night to Monday am this weekend for bridge repair in Hugo (exit #123). Please let people know this on your distribution/blog lists. I'm not sure if the northbound ramp in Hugo will be open to divert traffic to #61 or not. FOLLOW DETOURS!!!!
  The Hearst warm-up will be changed to the following;
1) Not a team match anymore. Individual practice. No charge for this.
2) 3 minute prep and 7 minutes offhand, followed by prep and sitting rapid-fire. No alibis or refires.
3) 3 minute prep and 7 minutes 600 slow-fire
4) 3 relays will be squadded at this practice and to the greatest extent possible will remain the same for the Leg Match.
 These changes are due to the large turnout expected and to avoid re-squadding after what would have been a two-man match. Also will save on 30 yard faces and the match director's nerves.
 Please send this out to lists, blogs,MRRA site and anyone else who may need to know."
Respectfully, Kurt Borlaug 
 Sunday, Sept 25 --GRRC  will host a follow up match for service rifle shooters.   The CMP Games match #1 is for M-1 garand shooters, and obsolete bolt gunners can enter in Match #2.  These matches are to be fired consecutively and shooters can enter both. Each match is 30 shots-- 10 standing, 10 sitting, and 10 prone.   CMP games program -- Click Here  Rifles and ammo are available to advanced entries -- see program.
Eau Claire Rifle Club is also having season ending matches this weekend.  Saturday will be a MR prone match to be shot at 600 yds and Sunday's match will be an 80 OTC.  See match program  -  Click Here   
300 meter matches continue their regular schedule at Mpls. Rifle Club-- The next to be held Oct 10  -- See schedule - Click Here
Results from The Sept 12th 300 meter match were sent in --tks to Brian Shiffman
  From Brian:
"Sunday the 12th dawned bright but chilly with nary a breeze.  By the time the match began there was a hint of a breeze from the west but the sky remained bright as the temperature began a steady rise.  It was quite comfortable in the shooting house without the need for "artificial" climate control.   
We had a couple of new shooters that shot in F-Class with short barrel AR-15's.  One was only a 16 inch barrel.  
A few shooters were competing in classes that they normally do not.  Lance Peters and Erhard Bruderer chose to shoot offhand for the match.  Unfortunately for Lance, his electronic trigger decided to quit functioning soon after his sighting shots (which were x's).  I had a battery that might have worked but it was with my free pistol at home so I was of no help at all.  So Lance did not have a score for the match but Erhard continued to shoot offhand with a total of 510.
Ed Facundo usually shoots 3-P but shot prone for this match.  I was also shooting prone having played with my load the previous weekend and declaring it OK for match work.  I did score my highest prone score by a few points, a 527.  Ed cleaned the clocks of prone shooters with a 572.   Mike Marzitelli shot prone ,also, with a Schmidt Rubin of ancient heritage; well, maybe not quite that old.  
Robert Smith, with his stone stock Savage Benchrest in 6BR came oh so close with a 598.
The full score results is at 
The next match will be on October 10th.  More about that as we get closer to the date. 
See you at the range.
BrianBrian D. Shiffman     

Last Weekend's matches:
The Mid Range Club vs Club team championship was held at NorthStar Rifle Club Sat. Sept 18.
The Winners:  NorthStar Rifle Club--Omer Hamer, Bob Peasley, George Pfoser, and Steve Erickson (Not pictured)
F-class winners: NorthStar Rifle Club: Ben Winget, Pat Scully, Ken Erickson, and Bruce cotton.  (Too shy for a team picture)
Four F-class teams and 4 Sling teams vied for honors in the Club vs Club Championship this past Saturday at NorthStar Rifle Club.  NorthStar rifle club came out on top in both classes when the shooting was done.  Participation in this event was a little lighter this year.  For some reason,  3 of the Power house clubs could not get their act together and field a team. Shooters from GRRC, Northwestern Gun club, and Elk River Sportsmans club did not show up with enough folks to field even one 4 man team to defend their clubs honor.  Last year GRRC alone fielded enough shooters for 3 complete teams.  The few shooters from those clubs the did show up were able to make up a couple pick-up teams, but were not elegible to win. 
Firing the top Team score  of 2357- 95x out of a possible 2400, NorthStar (Peasley) nipped the Mpls. Rifle Club team of Mark Rohrman, Steve Knutson, Stacey Tamulinas, and Erhhard Bruderer by just 3 pts. and gets the bragging rights for the next year.  The top individual shooter of the Day was Stacey T. who fired a 599-37x -- dropping only 1 pt all day in the 60 shots for record.  Next best was Steve Erickson with a 596-28x. 
F-class honors go to Ben Wenget's NorthStar team, whose shooters held hard on those tiny F-class targets and was able to outscore
the FTR team of J. Rykhus., K. Ulrich, J. Lanto, and Adam Shidla,  The Johnson family NorthStar team consisting of Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, and Hanson also put a good score on the board.  
For event pictures-- Click Here 
Small Bore 
 Sunday, Sept 19th, I had the pleasure of attending my first Sm Bore match at Elk River Sportsman's Club.  Even though this club has a great SB range, not many matches have been held there in recent years.  Chris Hazelton has now tapped the increasing interest in Sm bore shooting in this area and this was the 2nd match he held there this year.  A mix of 10 adults, Juniors, and Sub-juniors took advantage of a very nice fall day and the promise of light winds to put 160 total shots down range at 50 yds, 50m, and 100 yds.  The first match was the 50 yd match using Iron sights and Chad Danielson fired a 399-21x winning that match.  Chad is my chief rival in the Expert Class.  The Dewar match (50 and 100yds with Irons) saw Steve Knutson (master class) take the lead by dropping only one pt
on the 100yd target and leaving us "experts" behind 5 pts in the agg.  Junior 'Marksman', Roy Cochran, led that class - down 15 for the day.  The 100 yd match was contested with "Any' sights, and Steve, Chad and I opted for scopes (my old eyes need the help), while most of the rest of the shooters relied on their skills with Iron sights. Steve Knutson extended his lead over the pack by shooting a 398-30x, putting myself down another 5 pts while I gained a small lead over Chad.  The last Match of the day was the always tough 50m Match, and by now the the wind flags were all pointing in different directions at any one time and my wind mill was going around in circles as fast as the propeller. Steve sealed the deal by dropping only 1 pt (399-27x) while I held off a run for the Expert class by Chad by one pt with a 397-22.  Chad getting more Xs, but .......
Steve Knutson is the Match Winner with a well shot 1592-107x.  I go away happy with a higher than average 1584-82x, after having spent the day pulling triggers with a great group of folks on a beautiful fall day.  What more could a person ask for?
Roy Cochran (soon to be a "sharpshooter") led the "marksman" class with a 1563-49x with the other Juniors right behind in the 1540s.  Julie Huseby gets "High Woman" honors with a great 1554-56x.
We all thank Chris Hazelton for putting on a great match for the Last SB match of the season, and to Mr. Huseby, and Bruce Blahut for giving up their time to be Scorers at the match.
Slide show of event pictures---- Click Here 

This Coming Weekend
Dont forget --
Saturday- Sept 25 is a big Leg Match at GRRC      See program- click here
Sunday  -- Sept 26   CMP Games at GRRC
Sat. and Sunday  --  matches at Eau Claire

That's all Folks

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