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Shooters News --The Week Ahead for MN area Shooters - Sept 7

The Week Ahead  --  Shooters News
Traveling Highpower shooters, who enjoy the gentlemanly sport of prone shooting, will be heading up I-35 this coming weekend for the Hunter's Lake Mid Range Regional championship matches at Northwestern Gun Club.  Nice easy prone matches for Sling shooters and F-class, to be shot at 300 and 500 yds, are on tap for both Saturday and Sunday. Did I say "Easy" prone matches?  Well, while they are easy to participate in (no Standing, Sitting or Kneeling matches), they are not so easy to win.  There are always lots of top competitors up a NWGC for the hunter Lake 9/11 matches who will give you a run for the money and test your skills. Saturday is Iron sight day with 2 x 20 shots at 300yds and then 2 x 20 at 500 yds. Sunday you can switch over to Any Sights (scopes) if you want and the schedule of the 4 matches will be the same as on Saturday. 
      Regional Mid Range Champ match program --  Click Here   
      Pictures from last year's 9/11 matches  --  Click Here
Service Rifle
Closer to Home for many of us, there is a Service Rifle CMP 50 shot match Saturday 9/11 at Bald Eagle Sportsmans Club just a few miles north of White Bear Lake and East of Hwy 61 on 125th St.  This is a 100 yd match and will be very low key. (Bring some patience)
 Bald Eagle Match program --  click here
 Long Range
Shooters heading South can participate in the Wisconsin Long Range Team Champ matches at Lodi Sat and Sunday.  Match Program 
300 Meter
Minneapolis Rifle Club is having their monthly 300 m International match on Sunday, Sept 12.  

Last Weekend
I didn't make it to the matches at Eau Claire last weekend (couldn't find someone to rideshare), but thanks to Kevin Bangen we do have complete results. Saturdays Mid Range match saw 49 shooters on the firing line, including 17 F-class. 
  Saturday Mid Range Results -- click here  Looks like MN shooters Stacey Tamulinas, and Kevin Bangen  took 1st and 2nd in that match-- congratulations!    Sunday OTC Results -- Click Here       

Small Bore 
From: Chad Danielson---2010 Minnesota State Prone Championship August 28th and 29th , Hibbing MN
                "Day one Iron Sights saw 16 shooters take the line, with nice conditions weather wise but with some gusty breezes coming and going , that could also be described as very "switchy" and sometimes hard to get a good wind read on .  The day started with the DeWar match in which Lance Peters posted a 396-20X, followed by Richard Reiten with a 396-13X, and then Jim Biles posting a 393-13X.   The 100 yard match saw Lance Peters post a 394-14X, and would be the only shooter to make the 390 mark.  The 50 Yard and 50 Meter matches saw Richard Reiten post the best scores in both matches with a 399-23X, and 395-18X respectively, with Peters just points behind with 397-20X , and 393-26X matches.  The day ended with Lance Peters holding 1st with a 1580-80X, followed by Richard Reiten by only a point and 2 X's with 1579-78X, and in third Jim Biles posting a 1563-62X for the day.  For the juniors Eric Hazelton put him self in the lead and a good position after day one by posting a 1540-41X, followed by junior shooter Lori Huseby with a 1525-42X.
                Day two Any Sights day was almost an exact replay of day one weather wise, with again the gusty , switchy winds although there were still some impressive scores posted through the different matches during the day.  DeWar match again saw Lance Peters post the best score with 399-27X.  The following 100 yard match saw Peters, Richard Reiten, and Jim Biles all post 399's with Richard Reiten posting the best X count with 22, followed by Peters with 21, and Biles with 18.  Peters went on to take the 50 Yard match with another 399, and Reiten would take the 50 Meter match with 398.  Junior Eric Hazelton again won the Junior Category for the day with a 1550, followed by Nick Learn with 1532, and Lori Huseby again shooting consistently and posting 1525 again. 
              In the end it was Lance Peters winning the overall State Championship title for a third year in a row with 3174-180X , followed by Richard Reiten with 3169-175X, and Jim Biles with 3145-145X.
              Eric Hazelton wrapped up the Junior State Championship with 3092-91X, followed by Lori H. finishing with 3050-87X.
              Congratulations to Lance Peters and Eric Hazelton on their fine shooting over the two days, and winning the State titles."
 Thanks Chad for that Rpt.           

Richard Reiten,  Lance Peters, and Eric Hazelton

Pictures by Chris Hazelton                     
Complete Results: Click Here

Last weekends Small Bore 3P Championships at MRC--- No news     

 We learn from our mistakes.
It was nice that Jack Kolmer was able to correct my errors about the MN Nat Guard marksmanship program back when I first started shooting competitions.  That correction from Jack brought in a couple more notes (see below) about the way it was back then. Thanks Guys, we all can use a little more perspective about our sport and the folks that made it what it is today.
From Bob Peasley
Jim &  Jack:
 You may/may not be aware that there was a Buck Johnson trophy plaque awarded to the high shooter at some match at Camp Ripley back in the 60's as I understand it.  It was before my time so perhaps Jack can fill in the details.  What Jack is probably not aware of is that John Andres was the last (and maybe only winner) of the Buck Johnson trophy.  Two years ago John donated that trophy to MRRA for use as the high Grand Senior trophy at the NRA championship.  It has been awarded to Omer the last 3 years.
 And that's all I have to say about that,
  From Gordy Kordowki: 
 "Yes, Jack has the facts right.  Through the years I was the Base Marksmanship Coordinator for the Minnesota Air National Guard at Mpls-St Paul IAP, but also succeeded Jack Kollmer as the Team Captain for the Minnesota National Guard Composite Rifle Team.  Fortunately, Jack continued to bolster the team with his talents as Team Coach and Armorer until his retirement.
 Now you know the rest of the story   

Two weeks out--
Saturday -- Sept 18 -  Mid Range Prone Team Champ -- NorthStar   Program Click here
Saturday -- Sept 18 - Olympic Small Bore at MRC   Program Click here
Sunday -- Sept 19  - Small Bore Prone 1600 at Elk River Sportsmans Club   Program click here 

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