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Shooters News --- The week ahead - Sept 14

The Week Ahead for MN Area Shooters 

This coming weekend has two offerings for prone shooters. 
For the Highpower guys and Gals,
 Saturday Sept 18, NorthStar Rifle Club is holding a Club vs Club Team match to be shot at 300yds, 500 yds, and 600yds with 20 shots for record to be fired at each distance - by each shooter on the 4 man teams (60 shots total plus sighters).  Contact your Club Highpower chairman to find a spot on one of your club teams.  This is open to F-class teams and Sling shooter teams.  The more teams the better.
  GRRC shooters -- I'm not sure who is coordinating the make up of teams as Kurt Borlaug will not be able to attend.  If you are not yet on a team, and can't find one to shoot on, you can contact me at  to get on a GRRC team -- I am trying to put one together so I can shoot.  If you just want to shoot on a pick-up team contact Capt. Bob at .  Capt Bob is helping coordinating stray shooters for pickup teams.  No matter what--- if you want to shoot (Service Rifle or Match rifle)  -- show up and you will get on a team.  This was a great match last year and I expect it will be again this year.  Team Match Program click here
 Sunday --Sept 19 -- Possible  (?) OTC match at NorthStar as per MRRA calender 

Small Bore
 Saturday,Sept 18 -- Olympic style SB Offhand Match at Mpls. Rifle Club
"Minneapolis Rifle Club will be hosting two offhand smallbore rifle matches ...starting at 1PM. One match will be shot at 50 meters at the A-50 target. The other will be shot at 100 yards using the offhand Schuetzen target."
Match Program Click here
Sunday Sept 19th Small Bore shooters make your way to Elk River Sportsman's Club for a Conventional Outdoor Prone 1600.  I am definitely going to make this match as I have never shot SB at Elk River before and I'll be all practiced up from the Saturday's MR Team match at Red Wing.  I hear that they have a nice SB range at Elk River and I know that Chris Hazleton will put on a good match.  Match program click here  This is the last SB 1600 of the year, so don't miss it !   

Note from George Minerich  MRRA Pres.
"Minnesota Outdoor Smallbore season is coming to an end!
 Your last chance to breakout your smallbore rifle and shoot an outdoor match is rapidly approaching.  The final 2010 season Outdoor Smallbore Prone Conventional match is scheduled for Sunday, September 19 at the Elk River Sportsman's Club.  The Elk River Sportsman's Club has a great outdoor NRA smallbore range.  Chris Hazelton will be match Director.  Registration ends at 8:45AM and shooting starts promptly at 9:00AM.  The program is posted at under the "Smallbore" radio button. 
 All shooters must stop at the ERSC clubhouse and sign in before heading to the smallbore range.
 This year we had a very successful Outdoor Smallbore Rifle season.   The season offered five Conventional Prone matches on the third Sunday of May through September, four NRA Regional two day matches; Conventional Prone   Metric Conventional Prone, 3 - Position and 4-Position and two State two-day Championships; Conventional prone and a 3-Position/4-Position match.  The matches were well attended.  It should be noted that Juniors attended the matches in good numbers and in several cases, the Junior shooters outnumbered the adult shooters!  Good job Junior shooters!
 I am working on the 2011 Outdoor Smallbore schedule.  It looks like we should have as many matches as this season.  Smallbore is on the upswing and the shooters are really having a great time!  In closing, I would like to thank Bob Belluzzo, Bruce Blahut and Chris Hazelton for all their time and effort running the matches!  Let's make the 2011 Outdoor Smallbore even more successful!
Good shooting,
George Minerich  -- MN Rifle and Revolver Assoc. Pres. 

Thanks George.  This successful SB Season was in in large due to your efforts and hard work. I know we all appreciate it. 

Last Weekend
 Northwestern Gun Club hosted the Mid Range Regional --aka the Hunter Lake 9/11 match this past weekend.  Over the two days, Matches were shot form the prone position at both 300yds and 500 yds. Each shooter fired two 20 shot matches at each distance each day using Iron sights on Saturday, and Any sights on Sunday.  The Weather was sunny and cool with a strong wind blowing down range from the shooters backs both days.  While the wind rose to 20mph each day after noon, It caused little effect on the targets for those paying attention, as it was generally from dead astern.
 In Saturdays first Iron sight match at 300yds, Steve Knutson, served notice of his intent to win this championship, by shooting a 200-11x, and going a pt up on the field.  The 2nd match saw 5 shooters post 200s (Matt G., Steve K., Larry M., Jim S., and Stacey T.)  with Stacey Tamulinas scoring 17x and letting Steve know that winning this competition would not be a cake walk for anyone.  Moving back to the 500 yd line for the 3rd match, the gusty wind caused everyone to drop a pt or two, but Stacey held hard, posting a 199-15x, and going up 1pt for the day over Jim Soderstrom (198-11x), while Steve dropped 4 pts in his worst match of the weekend, and went down a couple pts to the leaders.  In the last match of the day at 500yds match Stacey and Jim S. shot head to head--X for X and 10 for 10, tying with 199s , but Stacey took the win on on X count with his 14 Xs to Jim's 10Xs.  The days Winner is Stacey Tamulinas with a 797 and a phenomenal 61 Xs and Jim Soderstorm just one pt back with a 796-47x.  I should mention that up and coming Junior shooter, Eric Hazelton (about 12 years old) shot scores in the 190s all day posting a very reputable 764.  We're all expecting good competition from Eric next season when he gets a faster twist barrel on his .223 and can use the heavier bullets needed for longer range.
Sunday's weather looked to be a repeat of Saturday, only a little warmer with temps in the 70s and a little more sunshine. Matches today could be shot with any sights - most shooters opting for scopes, and Terry McDonnel shooting his scope for the first time. The first match at 300 yds saw 5 shooters post 200s with Steve K. shooting 17 Xs and leading the pack for the 2nd day in a row.  Match 2 was no easier to win with 5 High Masters and Master Craig Bennis taking all pts available, posting 200s with high X counts. Stacey's 17 X count wins the match, but Steve K. with 33 Xs on the board for the day ( 40 shots fired) still leads by one X going back to the 500 yd line.  No shooters shot a 200 in this first 500yd match, but 3 did post 199s (including yours truly with Ironsights - happy, happy). Winning his 6th match of the weekend, and extending his lead in the weekend aggregate, was Stacey T.(199-13x). The last 500 yd match saw Larry Miller taking the win with one of only two 200 scores, the other being fired by Matt Griffin.  Dropping only one pt in this match, and 2 pts all day, Steve Knutson's 199 score earned him a 798-53x for the day and the Any Sight win.
Mid Range Champs
The weekend aggregate and the Regional Mid Range Championship was won by Stacey Tamulinas with a 1594-113x--losing only 6 pts over the weekend for the 160 shots fired. Stacey gets the Gold Medal, and the trophy,  Steve Knutson takes the Silver Medal, only 3 pts back, and Matt Griffin, dropping only 10 pts all weekend, gets a well earned Bronze Medal.
As you all can see -- There are no easy wins at a Minn prone match. If you come up and think you can beat these local boys, you better bring your best ammo and Rifle. 
NWGC put on a great championship.  The match was well run by Jim Biles, and I'm sure a good time was had by all.
To view a short video of this Mid Range Champ match Click here  or go to the Blog.
To view  a slide show of match  Click Here  

Note: Sorry to say I did not get a pict of the score board for the F-class part of this match.  I thought I did, but it must have been on the other side of the score board.  I believe that Gary LaValley and Ben Winget got the wins and the F-Class medals.  I was impressed with the small groups that these F-class guys and gals can shoot.

Service Rifle Match held at Bald Eagle Sportsman's Club on Saturday was attended by 8 shooters- most firing M-1 Garands.  No results available.
MRC 300 meter match -- No results available 

Misc. Notes:
On the National Guard rifle clinic at GRRC that precedes the Big Leg Match on Sat. Sept 25
From: Kurt Borlaug
Gents, As you know, ... Friday the 24th will be our smash and grab clinic for the MN Guard shooters and a few jrs. ducking the oppresive liberal elements of school. Between now and then we have some work planned;
Bill Lahti is trimming willows between the 200 and 300 lines. I got the cattails down last week on Labor day. Tom Torborg and I will sort buckets on Tuesday before the club mtg. I will order more pasters after I make a recon on supplies tomorrow afternoon. Target faces will be needed and a crew would be great to have after the Hearst is over as we'll need fresh 200s to start the Leg.
  As there will be some people posibly looking for shooting gear, this may be a good time to have it available for perusal by the assembled mob. Jackets, stools, rifles etc. may be in the sights of newbies after the hook gets set. So if you have any items, be ready to display them.
 We will begin the speaking part of clinic at 8 am and the loud part after 9 am. We will get the shooters on the line with their guns and ammo and get zeroes at 200 and then go back to 300 yards. This won't be like our usual clinic where they have to fire a specific # of rounds. They will get a chance at 600 yard zeroes at the Hearst match in the am Saturday. Tom and I have been loading ammo for the service members and we are absorbing the cost into the entry fees. There will be a "First Leather" prize of a John Weller sling. Remember that the oddest piece of equipment to get used to is the sling. Aside from obvious safety and basics this is the usual time consumer.
 Later, Kurt 

Two Weeks out
Friday -- Sept. 24 -- National Guard service Rifle clinic -- at GRRC -- See note on MRRA page 
Saturday  -- Sept 25 -- Two man Team and Service Rifle Leg Match  -- click here for Match program 
         See Note on this "Monster Leg Match coming to GRRC"    Click Here
Sunday    -- Sept 26 -- CMP games at GRRC  --  Match Program  --   Click here 

Well, That's all I can think of for this week -- See you all at the Range.

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