Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Challenge is made -- The Gauntlet is down !

Club vs Club Team match --  Sept 18 at NorthStar Rifle Club
"The Northstar Rifle Club wishes to challenge club teams to a mid range shootin' contest
to determine the "best" overall prone rifle club team in Minnesota or any other states.
State association and pick up teams are welcome; but our goal is to have club vs. club to
the extent possible. Shooters wishing to participate who are not in a club or who don't
have a spot on a club team may shoot a State Association or other pick up team.
Clubs will be encouraged to assemble as many teams as possible. All star teams will be
welcomed but we wish to encourage club vs. club competition. The goal is to determine
the best MRP club and create club esprit rather than the best all star team with 1 shooter
each from 4 different clubs."  (from match program)
Last Years Club vs Club team match pictures:  Slide show here
Match program -- Click Here
Keep in mind that this Club vs Club team match was the best match of 2009 -- Don't miss it this year!
Read about this  "Big Match" of 2009 -- 
Click Here

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