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The Week Ahead -- Shooters News MN area -- July 7

The Week Ahead --   Shooters News  for Mn. --  July 6th
This coming weekend, rifle shooters looking for a good competition to participate in,  have three good choices.  
Highpower OTC shooters can head North to Northwestern Gun Club near Duluth on the shores of Hunter Lake and shoot NRA Regional.  Saturdays match is an 80 shot OTC individual match with all the good fun of shooting Standing, Sitting Rapid fire, Prone Rapid fire, and prone 500 yd Slow fire. A second String of 500 yd slow fire will be fired Sat, as part of Sundays 4 man Team match.  Sunday, after concluding the short range part of the Team match, the match most important to Service Rifle shooters starts about 1100am---- The Leg Match.  This 50 rd OTC match will be contested by those hard holding service rifle shooters looking to add Leg pts to their total and advance towards that Distinguished Rifleman's Badge
        Match Program:  Click here 

Small Bore
July 10th and 11th The State Small Bore 3P and 4P Championships will be held at Hibbing MN. To See Match program: Click here
Next 1600 Prone match will be July 18 at MRC  
300 meter
From:    Brian Shiffman
I just looked at the calendar, which I do on occasion, and see that the July MRC 300 Meter Match is scheduled for this Sunday, the 11thI am going to guess that having air conditioning may just be in our favor this weekend, too.   You do not have to be a member of MRC to shoot the match; it is open to all competitors, so bring a friend who has an itch for 300 meter competition. We will shoot four classes: 3 position, prone, F-class and offhand.  Match or full metal jacket bullets, only.  No hunting, expanding or plastic tip bullets. Match fee is $15 and includes all applicable taxes. See you at the range.

NRA State Championships --  Elk River-- Last Week
Looking Back a couple weeks to the State Champ Match at Elk River. 
    This years match was a combined Match Rifle and Service Rifle championship.  Nine shooters fired in the match rifle category. This was a much lower number than had shot that match in years passed and some discussion about this was had at the end of the day.  I personally, think that the good efforts of Service Rifle Team Capt. Kurt Borlaug, has just led to a renewed interest in Service Rifle shooting, and that was apparent in this match, where more competitors chose to shoot the army gun.  It also  didn't hurt the service rifle contingent that it was known  the US Marine Corp Reserve rifle team was going to be there to show us all some good shooting.  
  The match started on a beautiful June Minnesota day. The Range was in perfect condition for the shooters first relay on line at 0900hrs. The first match went to the Service Rifle folks with Evans of the Marine Corp, shooting a 191-2 offhand, beating the best of the Bolt gunners, Steve Erickson's and Kevin Bangen's scores of 190. 
In the Sitting Rapid fire match, it was the Air Force team shooter, Matt Griffin who shot a clean 200-9x with his service rifle and took that Trophy over two other shooters, Justin Skarret (USMC), and bolt gunner Kevin' Bangen -- both with 200--8xs.  Close but no cigar.  The 300 yd prone Rapid fire match was close but Army Nat Guard shooter,  Al Schneider, again shooting a Service Rifle to score a 199-8x was highest, followed by Jeremy Harrison's 197-9x, and Kevin Bangen's 197-8x.
So---the first three matches went to Service Rifle.  You got to love those AR-15s.  
The 600 yd prone match went, as you would expect, to the bolt gunners. Steve Erickson won the 600yd trophy, shooting a well deserved 198-12x in tricky winds. 2nd place went to Dale Wickstrom of Duluth--198-7x, followed by J. Johnson--198-5x.  The best Service Rifle shooter at the 600 was USMC's Justin Scarret 195-7x, -----just one X ahead of USAF's Matt Griffin 195-6x.
 The overall Winner and high Scorer of the day was Kevin Bangen with a 785-23x.  Congratulations to Kevin Bangen -- Minn State Champion. 2nd place goes to Steve Erickson  779-32, and Omer Hamer is Senior Champ again.
The top 4 Service Rifle scores all were shot by the USMC shooters, Justin Scarret 777-22,  Bell 771-16x, Schearwgen 774-26, and Evans 771-16, but were not residents nor eligible for State Championship honors so that title went to Minn resident Jerremy Harrison 765-19x .   The Serior trophy went to yours truly,  --maybe my last year of shooting service rifle, we'll see.
Congratulations to Jerremy Harrison -- 2010 Minn. State Service Rifle Champion.
So, all in all the State matches at Elk River Sport's mens Club were a great success.----great weather!, great Range to shoot on!, Great Barbeque on Sat night!, Great organization and conduct of the matches!  Great shooters!                                
Left to right standing: Matt Griffin,  Steve Erickson, Al Schneider, Dale Wickstrom, J. Evenson.  Bottom row:    Kevin Bangen (State Champ),  Omer Hamer, Jerremy Harrison (Service Rifle champ)
 Match pictures --  Click here
Wind Coaching
Two weeks ago, Capt. Bob Peasley was invited to participate in a long range training Session for the US Veterans Shooting Team. He was kind enough to send us this report. 
 From Capt Bob"   "June 25, 2010
You asked for a brief report on my coaching tryout with the Veteran's Palma team at Lodi last week. This was my first chance to coach the way they want it done so I'm not yet an expert by any means. With that in mind here is the way we did our training.
There were 6 targets with 5 shooters per target. One shooter went to the pit and pulled about ¾ of the shots each day. There was a coach on each target and each bank of 3 was all on one circuit with communication headsets so they could talk among them selves. In other words coaches on 6, 7 & 8 and 9, 10 & 11 could talk to each other via headset and to their shooter via normal commands. The shooters were not on the network. Each coach would have the shooter, as he came to the line, verify his sight settings or zeros for the line being fired. The shooters took turns acting as a coach's assistant or plotter marking down the zeros, the wind setting for each shot, the call and the actual location of each shot. The plotter sat more or less behind the center coach. 
   Read the Rest of this report  --    Click Here 
 Thanks for sharing that, Capt Bob.   
Mid Range Prone matches July 24 & 25th--  Entries  NorthStar Rifle club
From Capt Bob: 
I failed to mention 1 more VERY important item regarding your entry.  We have only 9 targets for 300 & 500 yards. Thus we are now limited to 27 shooters. HOWEVER we have another 8 or 9 frames and can have them ready in time if needed.  To ensure than we have enough targets ready I'm asking you to reply with your intent to shoot.  If I don't get more than 27 names I won't make more targets.  If you show up without having let me know and we are full with 27 shooters there will not be time to make more targets and you are out of luck.  Same applies to F class. Please advise of your intent to shoot so I can have enough targets ready.
 Thank you!  Bob      MRP match program :   Click here   
Service Rifle Team Practice Scheduled for July 17-18
  Team Capt. Kurt Borlaug --
 "Friends, July 17 and 18 will be the practice dates for the Mn. Rifle Team at GRRC. If you can help out in the pits please let me know. We need at least 6 in the pits so we can run this under match conditions.
 You will pull targets for the team shooters in slow-fire standing, rapids at 200 and 300 and then slow-fire at 600. We will then practice an Infantry course of fire at 600, 500 and 300.
You will get a work day credit for this if you are a GRRC member.
 Later," Kurt       See Schedule -- Click here
Saturday July 10  -- NRA Regional Champ (Individual OTC) --  NWGC Duluth --  Program click here
Sunday   July 11  -- NRA Regional Champ (Team and Leg match) --  NWGC Duluth --  Program click here
Sunday   July 11  --  300 m match at MRC
Sat and Sun --July 10-11 The State Small Bore 3P and 4P Championships - Hibbing MN.    
 Two Weeks out
Sat and Sunday July 17-18    Pig roast Matches in Eau Claire    Match program Click here
Sat and Sunday July 17-18    Service Rifle Team practice at GRRC  See Schedule -- Click here 
Sunday               July 17         Service Rifle match- 100yds --  BESA    Program:  Click here
Sunday            July 18  --   Sm Bore 1600 prone at MRC   match program:  click here
Looking forward to seeing you all up at NWGC this weekend

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