Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The week Ahead -- Leg match news -- late news !

Service Rifle Leg Match
Thanks to calls from Kurt and Capt Bob, we have news of Sundays Service Rifle Leg match, shot as part of the NRA Regional, at Northwestern Gun Club this past weekend.
  The two scheduled matches on Sundays Regional's card were the short range portion of the Team Match, and then the Leg Match for Service Rifle shooters.  Rain was forecast and rain was starting happen at the 0900 starting time, so after the two 200 yd matches the Team Match was called in favor of being sure to get the all Important Leg Match started more or less on time and over before more rain might come.  The forty shots fired for each of the 4 shooters on a team,  was still enough to pick a winning team, The Tri-staters of Larry Miller -Wisc, Steve Hays -Iowa, (and I think) Omer Hamer , and Mark Rohrman (MN) won the team match, then the team of Bob Peasley, Kurt Borlaug, Mark Shoess, and Erick Rohde placed 2nd. 

The Leg Match
Leg matches are important because they are the only matches in which you can earn points towards a lifetime achievement of earning the Distinguished Rifleman's Badge. Having to place in the top 10 % in Leg Matches is the only way to earn any leg points, and you get only 4 tries per year to shoot above your average, and grab one of the highly contested Legs available at these matches.  Many times there are only 2 legs for the 25 or so hopefuls that come from States around to try and score an "easy" leg from the locals. 
  This Leg match had 22 entry's who had not yet earned the coveted Gold Badge, and so, there were 2 legs up grabs. 
There are, however, 3 medals to be  won and Bob Peasley, who is also in the senior category, showed that while he is a bolt gunner (yellow bolt gun) at heart, he can once in a while pick up the service rifle and win the Bronze Medal from lots of younger guys with a darn good score of 470-9x.  Tim Thole earned his first Leg points by being 2nd over all with a score of 470-9x.  Yes, he actually tied Capt' Bob, but won the tie breaker by firing a better last shot. Who ever said that Xs don't count? Did I say that? Tim will also get the Silver medal.  Tim also gets 6 pts towards his Gold Badge!   Good shooting Tim !! 
The Winner
So who won the Leg match?
          Erick Rhode   won the Leg Match 

Erick fired a great score of 474 to win the Gold medal, and much more importantly -- to win 8 leg points!   These pts. gave Erick all the points he needed to qualify for the real prize---------

      The Gold Badge of Distinguished Rifleman. 

 Congratulations to Erick for earning this distinction. 
 Erick Rhode, Distinguished Rifleman

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