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The Week Ahead -- Shooters News Minn -- July21

The Week Ahead
Last weekend's annual Pig Roast matches in Eau Claire are in the books for another year. A good time was had by all and more later on that.  The July Small Bore 1600 at MRC had a surprise winner on beautiful day with almost perfect conditions-- more later.
  I am looking forward to this next weekends Mid Range Prone State Championship matches at RedWing's NorthStar Rifle club. It will be two days of comfortable prone shooting, outdoors, on the nice grass firing lines in what looks to be good weather for shooting.  Saturdays shooting will be four 20 shot matches from 300 to 600 yds, --all prone, then on Sunday, it will be a little easier for us old guys as it will be an Any sight match and I can shoot a scope for a change. There will be an F-class, for the scope and bipod crowd, both days.  

There will be good competition in all the classes from marksman to High Master.  I think we will have the opportunity to meet one of our up and coming Sub-Junior shooters, Erick Haszelton, who I think is coming to shoot a .223 bolt gun. 
 See you all there !   Remember: These prone matches may be easy to shoot, but they are hard to win.           Match entry and programMid Range Prone St. Championship 
   Note from Capt Bob:  
"MRP shooters:     North Star president Mike May just advised me he will be available to act as chef Saturday afternoon to cook brats & burgers after the match.  I think we will be done by about 1500 and Mike will try to time the food so it's ready PDQ when we finish so not to much waiting. 
 PUH-LEESE let me know if you would be interested in staying so we can decide if it's worth the effort.  Mike will show up Sat. about 1230-1300 to get a head count and go get the stuff." - Capt Bob 

Last Weekend
As one of the most popular match weekends of the summer, Eau Claire's Pig Roast matches were well attended as usual.  Minn's Kevin Bangen seems to be running the table this summer. His consistent hard holding has won him many  1st places this summer and Eau Claire's Pig matches were no exception. 
2010 Pig Roast Results

Note: scores posted in this weeks news letter were mistakenly taken from 2009 results -- sorry about that

Small Bore
Last weekend's Small Bore 1600 at MRC was shot in almost perfect conditions. The Temp was in the Low 80s, and the wind was only a small factor in the scoring.  The course of fire was for the 50 yd match and the Dewar match to be fired with iron sights , then the 100 yd match and the 50 meter match to be fired with scopes or Any sights.  I was hoping that my recent success in the GRRC Tues morning league  would carry over and I could finally get a good score at MRC.  Usually when I shoot there I have a bad day so it was time for that to end.  It started good -  200-13x in the first 50yd match, then two wide nines on the 2nd target and the pressure was off.  No 1600's today.  The Dewar match also started out well  with a 199-11x but then down to earth with a 7 pt loss on the 100yd target for a 392, Arrrgh! 
  Checking the score board I saw I was a couple pts behind Greg Quinar and a couple ahead of Jim Biles, Alex Giesar, and Emily Quinar the Murray State NCAA shooter home for the summer. In the next two matches ( any sights) I squeeked out a win over Jim Biles in the 100 yd match, and the same in the 50m match, only just 2 pts higher than Emily.  So I got my first win ever in a Sm Bore match and am happy about that. 
Sub Junior Lori Husby beat her mom Julie by two pts with a fine 1507, and Greg Quinar held hard for a four pt win over his talented daughter, Emily.  George Minerich is to thank for mowing all the grass and running the match, and Tks to Bruce Blahut and Mr. Husby who  worked scoring targets.
 Slideshow of match --  Click Here 

Next Sm Bore prone matches Aug. 7-8 at MRC -- Program click here 

Long Range
As many of you know there are some local long range shooters that are now involved at the top levels of that sport. We have had a Palma Development Team  training session here at GRRC this summer and some shooters are going to be involved with the teams going to Australia this year and next year for the International Palma matches.  Minn's Stacey Tamulinas has been selected to be Adjutant this year for the US Palma Team and is now working on the arrangements for the team to travel to travel to Australia later this summer and shoot matches. I asked him for a short run down on what is happening---
"Hi Jim::  There are 14 people going to AU.  Bryan Litz, Bob Mead and I are the only guys going from the Mid-West.  The rest of the guys and gals are from the east coast or the west coast.  Bill Lair will be going with the Veterans Team  This is going to be a trial run for the World Championships next year.
There are numerous forms, permits and licenses to acquire.  The housing and and the range are new to this team.  The team captain, coaches and shooters are learning as we go.   The competition from the Brits and Aussies is going to be intense.
 Best regards,   Stacey "

Service Rifle
 No news from the Bald Eagle Service Rifle match.

Next Weekend
Sat and Sunday   July 24-25   --Mid Range Prone St. Championships -- NorthStar Rifle club  match Program

Two Weeks out
Sat and Sunday  July 31-Aug 1 -- long range St Championships -- GRRC   Entry program  

I hope to see you all at this weekends Mid Range Prone matches.

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