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The Week Ahead -- Shooters News for MN -- July13

Shooters news for the Minn Area  --  July 14th

The Week Ahead
Prone shooters will be heading off to the Mpls. Rifle Club this Sunday to test their skills in the July Outdoor Prone 1600 small bore match. Targets will be shot at 50yds, 50 m, and 100 yds.  This is a combined Iron sight and Any sight match with the Dewar, and the 50yd match being shot with irons, and the 100yd, and 50m match being shot with Any sights (scope). After such a great turn out for the Regional in May, I expect that there will be as many shooters for this match.  Highpower shooters are again discovering that Small Bore is the best practice upcoming Mid Range and Long Range matches, and the big Mid range prone match is coming up next week.  Match entry and program:  Click here

Over the course (OTC) and Service Rifle shooters, will also be busy with the Pig Roast Matches going on in Eau Claire all weekend, and The State Service Rifle Team will be practicing Saturday at GRRC, under watchfull eye of Team Capt. Kurt Borlaug.  I know that Capt Kurt is looking for a few volunteers to pull targets for the team on Sat.
Service Rifle shooters who are not participating in either of the above can shoot a 50 shot CMP match at Bald Eaqle Sportsman's club on Saturday the 17th. BESA is just a few miles North of White Bear Lake.  See match program:  Click here
Last Weekend 
300 meter Match at Mpls Rifle Club
From:   Brian Shiffman
"The weather for this match was almost perfect.
  Just some light and variable breezes from West to Northwest to break up the calm.  Just enough breeze to catch the unwary off guard, particularly those shooting lighter caliber bullets. We had a couple of new shooters, too. The big news from the event was the firing of a perfect 600 by Adam Shidla.  He is now only the second person to accomplish that feat.  The last time that was done was about 5 or 6 years ago.  He was using a Savage benchrest rifle with a Krieger barrel in 6.5 x 47, shooting 130 Gr. Bergers.  The way he was throwing those 10's I suspect that he will have more of those scores.  Congratulations Adam.
   Erhard had a nice score in 3-P, too.  He probably started slow in prone with a 190 but he had a great kneeling of 189.  All of the F-Class and prone shooters had scores that were consistent from series to series.  Somewhere along the line I need to pick up about 70 points!  At my stage I would probably be happy with a pickup of 5 points.  I'm about run out of excuses for my poor showing.
    Steve Morehead was shooting his hunting rifle, a 30-06 but after 40 rounds it was too hot for him to continue so he withdrew/  His first two series, F-Class, were172 and 160 with the obvious sign of bullet placement walking up the target as the barrel heated from each shot.
  You can see the results of the July match at   While you are at the sight, you can click on any month to see the results of Club matches held that month.  We did not have a club match in February or March due to other matches being held.
 I believe we all had a fine time.
 The next club match will be on August 8th.  It is early in the month of August, but it is the 2nd Sunday of the month.
 Regards to all."    Brian D. Shiffman  
NRA Regional Championship at Northwestern Gun Club -- Duluth
 The promise was for a good weather day --- just a 20% chance of rain and storms. With a pleasant day in the offing, the shooters came out in the largest number seen at a Regional in quite a few years.  It would be a full line and no targets to spare. There were a few traveling shooters from Wisc., and Iowa. There was also two teams of military shooters from the MN Nat. Guard.  One under the leadership of CWO Roger Sorbin, and the other under Sgt. Al Schneider.  It's good to see the Guard coming back to our matches.
As the shooters kept pouring in to sign up, the NWGC guys started scrambling to get more targets in operation. This was quickly done and the match was started on time at 0900hrs.
    Standing match-- Wind or other conditions were not a factor in the 20 shot standing match.The calm conditions and the good light was were good for all shooters.  Kevin Bangen shot a few pts down from his average and came off the line with only a 187,-- not a good start for the State OTC Champ.  Omer Hamer and Phil Carlson, did a little better, finishing with 188s each, and Jim Biles came the closest with his 190-5x, but State Offhand Champ Dave Dexter  showed them all how it is done and won offhand match with a 191-4x.
    Sitting Rapid fire  A clean string of 100 and then a back-up string of 99 gave Kevin Bangen the 200 yd sitting rapid fire match trophy.  He didn't even need all 9 Xs to beat the similar great score of Kurt Borlaug, who could muster only 5 Xs this time.  Elliot Zunich shot the next best score with a 197-7x. Normally 197 can be a  top score, but here with this crowd, it was only 2nd loser.
Now after 2 matches, Kevin Bangen was leading in total score with 386 pts, Kurt Borlaug was lying 2nd with 385 and Jim Biles was 3rd, one pt back from Kurt. 
   The Prone Rapid fire match at the 300 yds line is always my favorite match. A high group that included 4 nines left me with little chance to win this match, but never give up and a clean 100 followed on the 2nd string -- good only for about 5th place.  Larry Miller shot one clean string and dropped only one pt on the other, taking the win in this match with 199 and half of those were Xs.  Dave Dexter was hanging in there and shot for a 2nd place with his 198.  Kevin, Kurt Borlaug and Dave Salo following with 197s,.   With good scores in matches 2 and 3, Kurt Borlaug had pulled up to be just one pt behind in the aggregate with Kevin Bangen, whose agg. of 583-20 led the pack and  Jim Biles was just behind with a 580-14x
  So, the 500 yd line would be where the match was to be won or lost by the leaders --  as it should be. 
The 500 went good for me -- except for the 3rd shot sailing off into the 8 ring for no apparent reason. One more nine,  8 tens and Iwas down 3 on the first string and the pressure was off.  I only dropped one pt in the next 10 shots, so I came off with a 196 and little hope to have won the match.  Usually someone or more than just one shooter fires a 200 in these matches, but not today.   I thought that the conditions were about as good as it gets, and was surprised that Kevin's hard holding 197 won the match.  Did my 196 hold for 2nd place in this match----Nope.  Iowa's own Steve Hays also fired 196 and one X more than I did so I was happy with the 3rd in this match as the high point of my day.  Yes, my prone shooting continues to be improved. Since April and the coaching from German Salazar, and Mike Toliver, my prone shooting has gone from 190s to 195s. 
  Kevin's Bangen's solid shooting at the 500yd line sealed the deal (780-28)  and he is the 2010 Regional Champion. Dave Dexter finishes 2nd with 772-14x, and Jim Biles is 3rd over all with a 770-20, and  yours truly snuck in there for a 5th and was happy to get even that.   See Slideshow of this match -- click here 
Kevin Bangen - 1st place
Dave Dexter  --  2nd place
Jim Biles   --3rd place  
Complete Results:   #1 click here     #2 click here

Service Rifle Team
 Boys, We are getting closer to Perry and our practice is this Saturday at GRRC in Harris (and Sunday if rained out). Bob Peasley will be there on Saturday to help us get squared away and I spoke with him about his concerns and requests as to how he wants to proceed. I am grateful for his contribution to our team efforts this year.
   First of all bring enough ammo!!   30 rounds for 200 (may shoot two strings sitting)
20 rounds for 300 (will shoot two strings rapid prone).  20 rounds at 600 slow-fire. We are confirming zeroes and will get everyone synced on the same page here. We will sync for Infantry also.  80 rounds of Infantry ammo. If you paid Tom for ammo I will have it at practice for you. If you are making your own, we are using 23.7 Varget w/ Sierra MKs.
    We will be zeroing at 600 and 500 and shooting full 50 second strings at 600 and 500 with a briefer version at 300. The usual come-up from your typical 80 grain load is 2 minutes for the 77/75gr. bullet. Yes I said come-up. It's a less efficient bullet and drops a might quicker.  Be there NO LATER THAN 8:30 for briefing and instructions. There will be a need for some of us to take turns in the pits as I have only a few volunteers. We will push hard to get completed Saturday so those of you wanting to shoot Eau Claire can do that on Sunday. Bring a lunch, recording book, and all the above along w/ usual shooting stuff.
 Looking forward to seeing all of you at GOPHER RRC Not Red Wing!!!! There was some confusion about this but it is at GRRC in HARRIS!!!! Got it? Later, Kurt     
Forward Thinking 
From Kurt Borlaug
"Gentlemen, Being it is now mid-season I start planning for next season. Which brings me to a question to all receiving this (a few possible new members too);
 Where do we want GRRC to be in two to five years? Many Service rifle shooters have expressed great interest in expanding our LR opportunities. Yes we do want to shoot the long line. It appears that we have a HUGE hole in our calendar that should be filled with this activity. If you owned a Corvette would you only keep it covered and never drive it? Why is our long line being used so infrequently? How many of you out there are interested in a LR League of some kind next year? Give us some of your best ideas; team format? Individual? Mentor? 300, 600 and 1K? The choices are limited only by our time and people's will to get involved.
 Secondly and related, GRRC has undergone some calendar improvements and there are open weekends. I certainly don't wish ill to a certain club in Mn. but it appears there may be a vacuum to fill. To this end we would need help running matches as well as prepping the range. Some of you know all about this, some are bystanders. We need EVERYONE to pick up a loose end somewhere.
 What I believe we need is a MEETING!! Yes a meeting where we can hash out these ideas and get input from all who care about High Power and LR shooting at GRRC. I propose Sept 26th, Sunday after the CMP games events are done in the Red Shed at GRRC.
 Who's in? Sincerely" , Kurt Borlaug
Up coming Mid Range Prone matches --July 24 & 25
I have been alerted by Capt. Bob that advanced entries are coming in fast for this match.  He already has upwards of 29 paid advanced entries. Look below for a link to the program and entry to this match and send it in. This will be a great match, so don't miss out.  If you can't send in an advanced entry -- be there early to sign up as a post entry.
The week ahead -- matches
Saturday            July 17      Service rifle match at BESA (White Bear Lake)  Match entry and program:  Click here
Sat and Sunday July 17-18    Pig roast Matches in Eau Claire    Match program Click here
Sat and Sunday July 17-18    Service Rifle Team practice at GRRC  See Schedule -- Click here
Sunday            July 18  --   Sm Bore 1600 prone at MRC   match program:  click here
Two weeks out
 Saturday and Sunday  --  July 24-25  Mid Range Prone at Redwing    Entry and Program-- Click here
 Looking forward to seeing you all up at  Mpls Rifle club this weekend for the Sm Bore matches 


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