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The Week Ahead -- Sept 28th, 2009

The Week Ahead for Shooters

Well shooters, the competitive season here in MN is winding down. There is one Over the Course Service Rifle match left. This coming Sunday, GRRC is hosting a Service Rifle Leg Match - 50 shot OTC. If you own, and occasionally shoot a service rifle - this is the match for you and its a good one to wind down the season with. This is a Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) sanctioned Match and points towards a Distinguished Rifleman badge are the prize. For those in the hunt for these elusive points, the competition will be fierce. For the Rest of us, it will just be a fun match to shoot. 50 shots---easy day.
We would like to see as many of you there as possible to support this worthwhile CMP program. Numbers count, and the more shooters that participate the more justification there is to keep this program going. So, please support the CMP and come to this Match. Note: Harris exit closed--get off at North Branch, take #61 north to Harris and then west over freeway.
Program -- http://www.mrra.org/downloads/grrc/2009_EIC.pdf

Last Weeks matches
No news

1997 MN Service Rifle Team (ITT) - Picture posted at http://minnesotarifleshooting.blogspot.com/

2010 Proposed Small Bore Schedule
"Hi Guys: You have expressed interest in smallbore shooting. Attached is a Word file with the proposed 2010 Outdoor smallbore schedule. Due to feed back Second Saturday Prone League is now third Sunday Prone League. This is your last chance to comment. The State Championship dates will be submitted to the MN Rifle and Revolver Assoc. Board at the Oct. 17 Board Meeting. Thanks! George Minerich MRRA President
Proposed Sched: http://www.scribd.com/doc/20386100/Proposed-2010-Outdoor-Smallbore-Match-Schedule-Word-20031

Winter Air pistol League
"Here is the program for the Winter Air Pistol League we will be starting on Tuesday, October 6th at Bill's in Robbinsdale. If you can post this on the MRRA website under airgun, it would be appreciated. I have copied this to those who may be interested in participating as well.
Thanks Mike Marzitille."
Air Pistol Program -- http://www.mrra.org/downloads/air_pistol/Air_Pistol_League09.pdf

Winter Air Rifle League
"Shooters All. Below is a proposed Air Rifle League for this following fall. All is in place. Is there sufficient interest? All is in place, we only need attendees. I haven't heard any followup on Kurt's earlier query so Larry S and I set this up and are wondering if anyone is interested other than us. Let me know.
Mike Marzitille"
Air rifle Program http://www.mrra.org/downloads/air_pistol/Air_Rifle_League09.pdf

300 m Matches
"The 300 meter match at MRC on Oct 11 is the State 3p Championship Match."
Brian D. Shiffman

The Week Ahead
Head to GRRC on Sunday Oct 4 and shoot the CMP Service Rifle Match -- See you there

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