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The Week Ahead -- Sept 1, 2009

The Week Ahead -- Sept 1, 2009

Highpower shooters will have to travel to the Eau Claire Rifle Club this weekend to find a match to shoot in. Once there they will have a MR 600 yd prone match on Saturday, and a 80 OTC Sunday to participate in. Small Bore shooters can stick closer to home this next Sat & Sun, as Mpls Rifle Club will be hosting the Small Bore 3P metric Regional. Programs for these matches can be viewed in "program links"
Pistol shooters have a 50m Free Pistol event at Oak Dale -Saturday, and an NRA State Champ Match and Leg match at MGFC on Sunday.
Note: Wahl Classic Rifle Shoot 9/13/09 (Fergus Falls) added to schedule .

But First

Long Range
Stacey Tamulinas sent in this Rpt. on the DCRA (Dominion of Canada Rifle Club) LR matches at the Canadian Nationals in Ottawa this month.
"First, let me say that this was the longest tournament I have ever participated in. After the 6th day I started getting used to it.
Second, it was kind of a long way there. Third, without having to be constantly doing scoring or pit duty, it wasn't nearly as exhausting
as Camp Perry. The routine was two 10 to 15 shot matches in the AM and Two 10 to 15 shot matches in the afternoon. When you are
not shooting you can go back to the motel (about 10 min away) or hang-out on the club house porch. Very civilized.

There was an amazing array of matches consisting of one, two or three distances ranging from 300 M, 500 yds, 600 yrds, 800 M and 900 M. Then just to make things more confusing there are aggregates of the various groupings of various matches.
If you go to the web site, you will see about 100 different matches. ( I hope that's right. If it's not let me know. Some of the matches are only open to the cadets ..... Canadians or F-Class shooters. There were about 200 TR (target rifle) shooters. The country of the shooter is listed behind each name.
To condense things, I will limit the matches that I got a medal in. The last I checked, all the matches did not have the medals assigned. There was only one gold and silver for each match or aggregate. Some matches the bronze go down to 15% of the # in that class.
Note: 5 ring target, 5's are 10's V's are X's

The Canadian Match:(Team) USA Gold (USA has not won this match in a LONG time. I received a medallion for high score for the all the teams. Could not have done this without 4 wind coaches though.
Commonwealth Match (Team) -- USA Gold (Team member Charles received medallion for high score for all the teams)
All Commers Aggregate: - 3rd Bronze
Colonel Brick: 100 V9 7th Bronze
The Gateneau: -- 75 V8 --5th Bronze. (Morgen was in 3 way shoot off for 1st. took the Gold)
The Gooderham: -- 124 V17 -- 5th Bronze
The Letson: 105 V17 -- (possible 105 V21) Gold
The Macdongal: 100 V12-- 4th Bronze
The Mapleleaf Aggregate: 368 V 46 --3rd Bronze
The Patron's: 150 V20 --Gold + Plaque
Steve K. decided not to shoot any of the matches and instead took pictures of the flags and is making a note book ... about the range. Anyway, I'll probably go again next year. Enjoyed shooting with the other USA shooters. I met some fine competitors from Germany and Canada. ........
Pictures (of these matches) are all located at ...... The link can be found on Longrange forum.
Best regards,
Thanks for the report. A picture of the Plaques Stacey received in lieu of being able to take home those big trophies can viewed below.

Small Bore
1. This past weekend, the Small Bore State Outdoor Conventional Prone championships
were held at a 2 day match in Hibbing, MN. Competitor Ross Ewert was kind enough to send us a short note about this match
From Ross--
"I attached the results and a couple of pictures from the state smallbore prone match held in Hibbing this past weekend. After a cold and blustery Saturday, with a strong quartering head-wind, the second day provided blue bird weather. In the end,
Lance Peters retained his State Champion title and
Alex Giesar won the Junior State Smallbore Prone Championship.
Note that the matches were shot in the following order(and listed in the results): Dewar, 100yd, 50 yd, Metric.
Results and a few pictures that can be seen below
Congratulations to Lance Peters and Alex Giesar -- Champions

2. The GRRC Prone Small Bore league has finished up it's summer schedule except for those who need to make up any of the matches. Four complete 1600s were shot over the summer --one match at a time each monday. The Monday morning contingent finished up yesterday on a good note. Gordy Kordoski tried out his new shooting glasses and fired a personal record 50 yd match---198. What a great way to end the league.
Nice shooting Gordy.

Service Rifle
1. A service rifle EIC Leg Match as been added to the schedule on October 4th to be held at GRRC.
2. Late news--- Bald Eagle Sportman's Assoc. , White Bear Lake, Mn. will be hosting a 50 shot CMP Service Rifle match on Sept 12. I have shot 4 matches there over the years and each was a good time with about 12 shooters competing, If you are not traveling to Duluth for the MR Prone matches that weekend, this is a good fun, low stress match to try that is close to home. But don't bring your ego, as there are some good shooters there that we don't normally see at other matches that can put up some pretty good scores. Sometime in the near future, it would be nice to encourage a team from BESA to be at our state matches.
BESA web site:
Match program:

The Week ahead
There are a good selection of matches to choose from this weekend, so get out there and participate in something and pull some triggers.
Saturday Sept 5th -- 600yd Mid Range Prone -- Eau Claire RifleClub
Saturday Sept 5th -- 50 m Free pistol -- Oak Dale
Saturday Sept 5th -- Sm Bore 3P Regional -- Mpls. Rifle Club
Sunday Sept 6th -- 80 OTC -- Eau Claire Rifle Club
Sunday Sept 6th -- Sm Bore 3P Regional -- Mpls. Rifle Club
Sunday Sept 6th -- Pistol NRA champ and Leg match at MGFC

Two Weeks out
Pleasant fall shooting awaits at the Northwestern Gun Club on Sept. 12 and 13. There will be two days of prone mid range shooting to cap off their summer match series.
On Sunday, Sept 13 you could try out those neat electronic targets at Mpls rifle club in a 300m match.
Need a "just plain fun" match -- try the Wahl Classic Rifle shoot in Fergus Falls

Saturday Sept 12th -- MR prone at Northwestern Gun Club
Sunday Sept 13th -- MR prone at Northwestern Gun Club
Sunday Sept 13th -- 300 meter Rifle at Mpls. Rifle Club
Sunday Sept 13th -- Wahl Classic Rifle shoot -- Wahl Rifle club, Fergus Fall, MN Modified OTC match.


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