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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 5, 2014

Next Weekend    
Now that the Highpower 'Over the Course' shooter has had at least a week to rest up after returning from the Camp Perry National Championships, it's time for them to load up again and head North to the Northwestern Gun Club for what is usually one of the year's best rifle matches. Yup, it's the weekend of the Atkinson/Leubke OTC matches.  Just two hrs from the Twin Cties, NWGC lies on the North shore of Hunter Lake.
This well kept rifle range draws shooters from all over the upper Midwest who like to spend the day competing in a beautiful setting among the North woods and lakes. Each day will offer the shooters an 80 shot OTC match. Following these matches at NWGC there is always a chance to sit around, with a cold beverage and talk shooting with other folks. Many traveling shooters will be camping at the range.
 There are at least 3 nice buildings to roll out your sleeping bag or place a cot.

It will be good shooting and a good social occasion -- what more could you ask. 
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Small Bore
 Position shooters and Prone specialists can each pick a day at the Minneapolis Rifle Club this weekend to satisfy their need for competition and practice.  Saturday, Aug 9th the Position shooters will be firing a 60 shot 3P (position) match in the morning and after a break for lunch Prone shooters can fire a 3x20 - 60 shot prone match  at 50 meters.
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 Three matches on those tough meter targets will get everyone sharpened up for Sunday's match.
On Sunday, Aug 10 it will be prone shooting only at MRC. Shooters will be contesting for honors in 4 matches (4x40) at the 50yd line, 50 m line, and at the 100 yd line.  I'll be at this match trying out my new(er) rifle that I bought from Morgan D.  I hope he didn't shoot all the Xs out of this barrel. I hope to try it out on in the Sat match and be ready to go for the Sunday Outdoor prone 1600 match.
    Thanks to Kurt Borlaug for helping me get sight bases mounted on the sight tube. After the State Champ match later this month, I'll probably send it (new gun) out to the Lapua test facility, in Mesa Az, and have Darrel Stetmeier match up some good Lapua ammo for it in their test tunnel.
   I finally had to part with the Winchester M-52.  It was just too heavy a gun for me -- especially when it had the Unertl 2" scope on it.
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Rumors from Camp Perry:
Brian Mrnak's team won the Palma team match 

300 Meter International 
   From Brian Shiffman:
The August 2014 Minneapolis Rifle Club 300 meter match will be held Sunday, August 10th.  There will be two relays scheduled; the first starts at 10 AM and the second at noon.   Registration is now open.
Register yourself at http://edfpages.com/mgfc/match.php.  Read the instructions.  Pay attention as you fill in the boxes and make selections from the drop down lists.  There is room for only 14 shooters per relay so advance registration is important.  The box at the top of the list shows the number of shooters for each relay. 
No expanding or fragmenting bullets.  Only match or full metal jacket bullets; no muzzle brakes but flash hiders are OK.  A-Max bullets are NOT allowed. They are fine for paper but have a jacket that will fragment and shred our targets when it hits.  Bullets will be checked.  
Pick your shooting class: 3-Position, Prone (sling and iron sights), Offhand (iron sights), F-Open or F-TR.  If you use optical sights then you are in one of the two F classes, depending upon caliber and type of support used.  You can shoot F-TR class with a service rifle with a scope and a sling if you choose.  F-TR is limited to .223 (5.56) or .308 caliber and may use a bipod attached to the rifle (but not a front bag or rest).  F-Open is any other caliber or rifle support.  Shooting is governed by ISSF rules except we allow NRA shooting jackets.  As a club match, we have some liberty. 
Fee is $20 for the 60 shot match; Electronic targets, so, NO PIT DUTY and the match runs quickly, 3 strings of 20 rounds in succession.  Once the command is given to start the match, each shooter is on their own to finish within the 1:35 minutes.  
SCHEDULE NOTE for the SEPTEMBER match:  The September match will be held on the 21st, not our usual second Sunday of the month.  If you look at the MRRA web site calendar you can see our match on the 21st of September.
 Brian Shiffman  shiff004@umn.edu

Last Weekend
Jim Melville sent in the results from the Eau Claire (Piggy) match weekend
   Click here for Saturday's Mid Range results
   Click here   for Sunday's OTC match results
From: Jim Melville
Hello everyone,
We have a big Labor day weekend coming up at ECNRC with four matches scheduled. 
Advanced registration is strongly recommended. Just shot me an email letting me know if you are coming. If I need any more information from you I will let you know.
James Melville     ECNRC Match Director
Note: I'll have the Match bulletins for these matches posted on the Blog in a day or two

Two Weeks Out   
August 16,17  OTC Matches and Barbeque at MRC - Click Here for match Bulletin
August 23,24  Minn F-class St Championship at Elk River -  Click here for match Bulletin  

That's All Folks! 

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