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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 12, 2014

Next Weekend    
High Power 'Over the Course' shooters that didn't make it up to to NWGC for the Atkinson/'Leubke matches this past weekend will get another chance to show off their skills at either of two different tournaments this upcoming weekend. Southern Minn shooters may wish to head south over the border a few miles to Clear Lake, Iowa and the River City Rifle and Pistol Club for the "Iowa State 300yd Highpower Championship". Saturday Aug 16th shooters will be firing a 1200 pt two man/woman team match. On Sunday Aug 17th the competition will be for individual honors and the State Championship. 
     Click here for Iowa OTC St. Champ match bulletin    

 Just up the road in NW Anoka County,the Mpls Rifle Club is offering another opportunity for a great weekend of shooting. Two days of OTC matches are on the schedule and Saturdays match includes a chicken barbeque with a little socializing after the match. Saturday Aug 16th the shooters are firing a 1000 point aggregate with two prone slow fire stages.  On Sunday Aug 17th, the match is a normal 80 shot format and 800pt agg. 
     Contact Mark Rohmann, match Director at  mrc.highpower@yahoo.com 
     Click here for MRC match bulletin 
     Click here for a few Pictures from last year's MRC match
   Practice up before you go as I know that Omer Hamer is going to be there to show all you younger guys how to shoot. 

Last Weekend  
This year the Schedule of the National Matches at Camp Perry and Bristol Tenn. seemed to take up the whole summer.  Shooters have just now returned from the "Full Bore" Championships matches. Shooters are burned out, and last weekend's OTC matches at NorthWestern Gun Club, and the Sm Bore matches at MRC suffered in attendance because of it.   

From: Elliot Zunich  
"Ten "REAL" shooters competed in an OTC match at the Northwestern Gun Club.   They shot off hand on their hind legs, rapid fire strings both sitting at 200 yards and prone at 300 yards in horrible conditions.  Blazing heat with not a whisper of wind was their enemy.  Back at 500 yards there were more obstacles to overcome.  High humidity!  After the first day, "Little Dickey" Van Vaulkenburg led the pack only to succumb to defeat on the second day to Kevin "Gotcha" Bangen for match winner.  Mark "Rottweiler" Rohmann put on a good performance at 500 yards and Larry "Dog Town" Weidell demonstrated the fine art of blowing up bullets.
Judging by the smiles on all the competitors faces, fun was had by all.

More news from Camp Perry Full Bore Matches:
Stacey Tamulinas won a 1000yd match and took home 5 medals -- 1 gold, 2 silver, and 2  Bronze    Congratulations Stacey -- great shooting!

Small Bore 
Competitors were treated to two great days of shooting this past Sat and Sun at Mpls. Rifle Club. The weather was perfect with abundant sunshine, and light breezes that gave few excuses for "wind shots".
Saturdays scores

Saturday's matches were split into the morning 3P matches, and a 60 shot prone match in the afternoon.   The Kneeling match was first, and former NCAA shooter Emily Quinar took  4 pt lead in the day's agg by scoring a awesome 191-7x over Carmen Fry's 189-4x.  Note: when shooting kneeling or standing on these hard A-50 metric targets--- these are awesome scores!  Next up was the 40 shot prone match, and it was Eric Hazleton, just back from the Long Range National Matches, who led the field to a match win.  Eric's 196-7x score was one pt higher than Abby West, and Kurt Kisch who nailed down 2nd and 3rd with 195-8x scores.  In the Standing match, it was Emily Quiner again taking the win with a 189-5x and Abby West just back 4 pts for 2nd place.  The aggregate top score for the day was Emily Qunier's 574-20x.  Abby West was second  and high Junior.  In third place was Eric Hazleton
 Saturday Afternoon's competiton was a 60 shot prone match -- again on those tough 50m metric targets.  Emily Quiner started right off hammering the competition and shooting a 198-13x. Only Tom Carroll came close with his 197-11x score.  Tom came in from the Wash DC area, where he is a Firefighter, to visit freinds and shoot this match.  Other out of town shooters were Jon Speck from Wisc. and Elmer Miller from Souix Falls, SD.  On the 2nd target it was the Father/daughter team of Kurt, and Kamilla Kisch who tied for 1st place with 192-6x scores.  Emily posted top score on the last target, and with her 580-22x aggregate for the day, she is the match winner. 
Sunday's course of fire was all prone shooting -- four 40 shot matches -- 160 shots for record with a possible 1600 pts on the line. The 50 yd match was first. Emily Q. and Erick H. both fired 400 scores and took a 2 point lead on Tom Carroll, 3pts over Omer Hamer and Jim Biles.  The Dewar Match (one 50 yd target and one 100 yd target) was next.   Eric H, and Emily Q. cleaned both targets lengthening their lead over Tom Carroll to 6pts.
MRC Small bore prone Scores - Aug 10,2014

  The 100 yd match was the 3rd match of the day, and it was an "Any Sight" match.
100yds 199-16x   I like my new rifle
I put the scope on the new(er) rifle that I bought last month from Morgan D. This would be a good test of what I had bought.  My first sighters were off the paper for some reason but after a while I found a hole in the sighter bull that I could adjust off of and finally got in the middle after about 20 sighters.  It didn't look good but I fired the first shot and watched it go into the X-ring -- yes!  Nine shots later I had 9xs and one just out in the 10 ring.  Obviously Morgan hadn't shot all the Xs out of this gun.  Eric shot the only clean targets, but my 199-16x competitive and my 397-25x was 2nd to Eric's 3rd 400 score of the day.  Tom Carroll and Jim Biles were right behind with 397s.
    Emily Q. won the last match -- the 50 meter match with an excellent 399-28x,  yours truly got another 2nd with a 398, and Jim Biles and Eric H. were next with 397s. The 3 pts Erick lost in the 50 m match were the only pts he dropped all day and his awesome 1597-105x makes him the overall match winner, and High Junior.   Emily Q, came in a few pts back for 2nd overall and our visitor from DC, Tom Carroll took a well deserved 3rd place.

Click here for a few more pictures from this match

    It was a great weekend to shoot matches.  My new(er) gun shot really well even with $5/box SK ammo (happy, happy!). I met some new shooters and enjoyed shooting with old friends.  George Minerich had the range looking great. George and others spend a great amount of time keeping the MRC facility in tip-top condition.  Thanks !
Thanks also to Ross Ewert who is taking over for George running some matches.  He did a great job Sunday, and now maybe George can shoot a few matches himself. 

300 meter International  
From: Brian Shiffman
Many thanks to Russ Siakel for running the match, again.  From his report it appears that the weather was somewhat cooperative but the “supermoon” may have had an influence on the scores.  Top score in F-TR was Greg  Meller with a 594 followed one point back by Terry Stern.  Chuck Van Heel took the top spot in F-Open.
      We had two new to us shooters, Ev Mattison and Mike Cooley.  Ev has been out to see us shoot a few times while he had an AR built for him.  This was the first time he had the rifle out.
Full results can be found at http://edfpages.com/mgfc/results.php?match=8

Two Weeks Out   
August 23,24  Minn F-class St Championship at Elk River -  Click here for match Bulletin
August 23,24 - Sm Bore Outdoor Prone St Championship at MRC - Click Here for match Bulletin

That's All Folks! 

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