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Shooters news for the Minn Area - July, 28, 2014

The Week Ahead   
Prone shooters are on the move. The National Championship Service Rifle matches, and the NRA OTC matches are over. Now the nations best prone shooters are on their way to Camp Perry, Ohio to compete in the Long Range Championships, and after that the Full Bore Championship matches.
  Those service rifle shooters back from Perry, the Small Bore competitors back from the Bristol, Tenn National Matches, and the NRA OTC shooters back from Perry can all take a break this weekend as there are no rifle matches scheduled for the Minn area. So rest up  guys and gals, there are some great matches scheduled for the following weekend - Aug 9,10th.
  That weekend there will be Small bore matches at MRC, both 3P and Prone matches
            Click here for Saturday 3P match program
            Click here for Sunday Prone match program  
  High Power shooters will be heading to Northwestern Gun Club near Duluth for the two day Atkinson/Leubke Invitational OTC matches.
            Click here for Aug 9,10 match program

Last Weekend 
I did receive some great news from the Camp Perry Nationals. Minnesota shooters, Larry Weidel, and Morgan Dietrich both had some great success. After many years of competition and practice, Larry Weidel earned a spot on the Presidents 100 list by firing 284-10x with a Service Rifle in the Presidents 100 match. This is a high honor that only the top service rifle shooters will ever earn.
 Congratulations Larry ! Well Done !!  

Remember 2014 ---This was the year that Morgan Dietrich and Eric Hazleton rose to the top ranks of all the shooters that took to the field at the Small Bore National Championships held this year at Bristol, Tenn. 

 "On the Firing Line Report"  
From Morgan Dietrich 
Returned from Bristol yesterday, what a trip!
    MN was very well represented!  First match out of the gate Eric “Skippy” Hazelton fires a 400-34 in Meter match for the Match Win!  Eric is now a Master and showed us all why he earned that designation even though he is only an Intermediate Junior!  When you are ahead of names like Nevius, Gideon, Uptagrafft and DelCotto you know you are in excellent company.  The second match, I turned things on in the Dewar and fired a 400-34, but Uptagrafft shot 1X better for the match win, I would have to settle for 2nd OA.  For the Day I was down 2, good enough for 7OA, Eric was down 3 and sitting in 11th.  We would see what day two brought us for our chances at the Dewar Team. 
    Day two dawned another beautiful day, starting again at 50M I had a sudden case of the “stupids” after firing a 200-19 on the first card, 199-17.  399-36 gets you 15th place, ouch...Eric had it figured out with another 400-33 6th Master.  Moving on to the Dewar, I got all the points with a 400-35, guess what 4th?  I got creedmored for 3rd OA.  Eric had a little trouble at 100 and 2 nines showed up, he was still hanging hard for the aggregate.  100yrd match to go, I lost another for a total of 2 down for the day.  Eric had a 198 on his first card, but got real tough on the second for a clean and ended with a 398.  
Morgan's 200-18x metric Target

To make the Dewar team, scores were really high.  I was down 4 points and ended up in 9th place!  Eric was down 7 (as were 6 others), but he had the X’s (183) to take the 17th spot on the 20 person squad- his first Dewar team!  We were all pretty excited for him!  Ross Ewert fired a 2389-138 and Matt Griffin came in with a 2380-148.  

Next day we moved on to the Anysight Aggregate.  Again starting at 50M, there were 4 400-38’s at the top of the leaderboard.  My lowely 400-35 got me 16th, tough crowd...Ross Ewert was clean with 33 and Skippy got them all with 30X.  But somebody woke up Matt Griffin, he had a solid 18X on card one and then went REALLY clean with a 20X on card two to have a 400-38 and get into an unbreakable tied with Dan Lowe for the match win.  That is two match wins at Nationals for Matt and he is still in the Expert class??? On to the Dewar, 400-38 was what it took for a win, my 35 would settle for 6th.  Eric again working the 10 ring hard with a 400-28 tied with Ross.  Then it happened, my drought of Match Winner at Nationals finally was over.  I fired a 400-34 in the 100yrd match and creedmored Terry Glenn who also had 38 with me ending with a 18X card to his 16X.  Eric again kept them all in the 10 ring and had another 400-28, you know what that means?  He and I both had 1200’s for the day!  My 1200-104 was Second OA behind Dan Lowe of the AMU’s 106x.  We shot next to each other during the conventional champs.
     After day 3 we had two people tied at 1 down for the aggregate, Kevin Nevius and Eric Uptagrafft.

The final day started as the others, 50M.  I had some poor group placement and my first target and fired a 19X, and anther 19X on the second card for a 400-38.  3rd place OA with a 400-38, toughh crowd!  There were 40 400’s just in the master class!  Ross had 35X and got 13th Master.  Eric got the points and finished with a 400-30.  Now the Dewar, I got my 2nd 20X card of the champ with a 200-20 at 50y, then moved back to 100 and could only muster a 19X for a 400-39!  New personal best, and a great time to do it for anther match win!  There were 5 19X cards at 100, Ross Ewert got one too and had a 400-34 for 4th Master.  Eric had one get away from him at 100 and finished with a 399-27.  We are on to the final match of the championship.  I am clean for the Anysight, Eric down 1.  Bristol range decided to give us the hardest conditions we had all week, switching mirage and gusty winds.  You needed a little luck and some serious skill.  Eric Hazelton showed us all how to do it in blistering speed.  He fired one of only 6 400’s in the match for 3rd OA.  I got through card one with a 200-16, I tried my best but fired in two unlucky puffs on the second card and lost 2 nines for a 198-14.  My chance of a clean ansight agg was over, but I was happy to be done!  Kevin Nevius was the only shooter to clean the anysight, with a excellent 2400-196!  There were 4 2399’s and our own Eric Hazelton had one of them with 168.  Darn Junior beat my 2398-211.  I had the X’s, but needed the points!  Ross finished with a 2394-182, Matt G had a 2394-173. 
That's a nice Trophy, Morgan !

It was all over, Kevin Nevius fired a 4799-390 for the OA win, Eric Uptagrafft ended with a 4797-407 for second and Mark DelCollo was also 3 down with 390X’s for 3rd.  Dan Lowe and Erin McNeil were first and second service with 4796’s and then I came in with high civilian with a 4794-400.  If I had gotten those two points at 100 I would have moved into 4th OA, but still very happy with my placement and I had the second highest X aggregate behind Uptagrafft.  Eric Hazelton showed all the other Intermediate Juniors how to shoot with a Scope and fired a 4792-351 for 9th over all!  He did great!  Ross Ewert finished in 14th Master, not a bad finish.  Matt Griffin finished 4th Expert. 

The conventional champs were over, we moved on to Metric.  Bristol again showed us it could be a difficult range, I bled points most of the day as did many others.  The ISU targets are hard at 50M and 100Y.  After day one I was in 9th place, disappointed in my performance in all matches.  Day two dawned, with a scope there is hope!  I started out pretty hard with a 199-15 on that tiny 50m card, but I followed it up with a 200-18!  I attached that picture.  I fired in order of 2, 4, 3, then bull one.  That is 15 straight X’s before I fired 2 tens on the last bull.  There were 4 other 399’s but my 200 on the final card netted me the match win.  
   On to the Dewar, I fired a 198 at 50M and then a 199 on the 100.  New personal best for me, but several others did better.  Final match at 100 I got a little loose in the switchy conditions and lost 4 points on both targets.  Finishing with a 1188-78 for the day, Uptagrafft got me by a point for the aggregate with a 1189-70.  When it was all over Eric U was national champ, Kevin Nevius second and then myself moving up from 9th to 3rd place OA and a spot on the podium.  Eric H had fired all the position matches before the prone, his scores dropped a bit I think he was just getting tired, it is hard to keep such a great performance going after shooting so well in the 4 days of conventional prone. 
All in All MN was well represented in the prone phase at the National Champs!

Thanks Morgan for the match report, and congratulations on your great shooting at the Nationals. All that hard work and practice is paying off for you. Uptagrafft, Nevius and those other folks better watch out next year!  

Two Weeks Out   
Aug 9th - Sm Bore 3P & prone at MRC    Click here for Saturday 3P match program
Aug 10th - Sm bore Prone outdoor 1600 --  Click here for Sunday Prone match program  
Aug 9,10 - Highpower OTC at NorthWestron Gun Club -           Click here for Aug 9,10 match program 

That's All Folks !

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