Sunday, November 27, 2011

Next Up -- The Palma Matches at Phoenix AZ.

Well, Next week is the big winter Palma matches at Ben Avery Range in Phoenix.
    Click Here for Palma Matches weather report.
   Those are always good matches, as there are huge amounts of competitors, and (normally) great weather. Now that the Firing lines at BA have been regraded and 1000yd line rebuilt to A+ standards, it's the place to shoot long range during the winter.  We have had great weather the past 5 years or so, but I do remember shooting in the cold rain about 2005.  This year I might work in the pits again.  Since I'm not really good at 1000 yd shooting, I think I'll pull targets for $$$.  It's a long day to pull for both the individual, and the Team match, but fun to watch the battle of the Top shooters from the Pits when the word is passed up and down about who has a good X count and is shooting clean.
Oliver Milanovic firing from 500 yds at Rio 
  I usually get hired by the F-class shooters because they want 4 to 5 second pit service, and I can give them that service because they are shooting very small groups -- even from 1000 yds. There's no reaching all over the target when pulling for the top  F-ers like John Chilton or Steve Lockwood, and now German Salazar who is storming the FTR class this year.    
   I can pull targets next weekend and not feel guilty about not shooting as I had good shooting this weekend at the Rio Salado 500 yd match, coming in 2nd to Allen Elliot who only dropped 2 pts in the 3 twenty shot matches. I dropped 2pts. in the first match, cleaned the 2nd one for my first 200 score in a long while, and thought I could challenge Allen for the win in the last match but lost 6 pts in that match (4 to a mental error about which way to turn the elevation knob while shooting lower and lower for 3 shots and 4 lost points).  Well, 592 wasn't a great score compared to Allen's 598, but I was competitive and that makes for a good day at the match.
  I shot the space gun because its become obvious to me that I shoot the "space gun" better than the other 3 match rifles that I trade off on.  I can adjust my Anchutz rifle stock in every direction for good fit, but the space gun always feels more comfortable to shoot.  The space gun also shoots the .223 cartridge very well, out to 600 yds so recoil is low and good ammo is easy to make.  I like that -- easy ammo to make. .223 and 6BR cartridges are easy to make and the "standard"  match loads work in pretty much everyone's gun.  Keep it simple. The AR-15 platform must have been designed for someone just my size.  Even the A2 service rifle is the perfect configuration.

Well, this was a good weekend for shooting and I'm looking forward to the Palma Matches next weekend.

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