Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mpls. Rifle Club Nov. 300 meter Match -- Results

From Brian Shiffman:   
"We had a wonderful day to have a match with indoor heat and electronic targets.  While it was not really cold the heat did take the chill out and made for comfortable shooting.  Very little wind to contend with.  We had a full house of 14 shooters; well, actually, we had more but the few additional people did not want to wait until the first relay was complete before shooting.  So, we did not have to have a second relay.  I would have been the only one shooting it!!  I made the executive decision that it was better to return back to the house for leaf clearing.

Among the group we had a couple of new shooters to our matches, and, a few interesting story lines:

Erhardt Bruderer took top honors in the 3-position class.

Kathy Nickell had never shot our matches and was using a borrowed AR 15.  I enquired about the specs and she knew them all.  Although the Nightforce scope went up to 22 power, she had it on 7 power and then proceeded to come in third place, behind Bob Eckstein and Johan Boden.  She was consistent throughout the match with two 195’s and a 194.

Bob and Johan tied with 590 for top spot but Bob bested Johan by one point on the third string to take first place.  Bob was shooting a Savage model 12 F/TR in 308 with a Nightforce scope and a front bipod that looks like a brace from a bridge.

Tom Loberg did not shoot his usual 308 but and a “new” one.  He and Johan had been battling month by month for top honors, both shooting factory Federal match 308; Tom using 168 grain bullets.  Well, his new rifle did not like that factory ammo.  Although he was also consistent from series to series, he finished in 6th place.  After the match he shot a few Federal 175 grain match loads which seemed to group quite well.  I expect he’ll be using that load at the next match.  For those who would think the poor performance of the 168 grain ammo was due to a different barrel twist it turns out that both the old and new rifles were 1 in 12.  We have to look elsewhere.

A new shooter for us was Matt Hankes who won the prone position match with a score of 303.  How?  He was the only prone competitor.

We had 4 shooters shooting 3 positions.  Unfortunately, I failed to record the score of Ed Facundo so as soon as I get his score from the scoreboard at the range (or someone gets it to me) I’ll post it on the match results web page.  We also had two shooters shooting offhand.  Mike Marzitelli was shooting 222 Magnum while Robert Smith was using his AR 15.

I had loaded the 108 grain Berger BT for 6mm BR to try in a match for the first time.  I have been working up a load for this new to me bullet.  Since I did not shoot this match I’ll have to wait until the next match.  I had been shooting the 105 Berger VLD bullets with the length set into the lands by about .015”.  The 108 is not a VLD so it should not be loaded as far forward, usually these bullets are at their best with about .001 to .015 of jump before contacting the lands.  I have not played with seating depth, yet, choosing a “little” jump as a starting point and just playing with powder charge.

All in all it was a good shoot
 The results for the match (minus Ed Facundo’s score) can be found at:
 Brian D. Shiffman  shiff004@umn.edu

 Click Here for complete Results

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