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Shooters News - The Week Ahead for Mn area shooters - July 5, 2011

Shooters News - July 5,   2011  

The Week Ahead
Highpower  Once again the action moves north to the NorthWestern Gun Club for the coming weekend.  NWGC will host the NRA OTC Regional matches on Sat. July 9 with the Team event and then on Sunday, July 10th with the individual matches. These matches will be 80 shot OTC matches shot from 200 yds out to 500 yds. Remember to bring some refreshments as there is always a little social get-together after Saturday's match. 
Duluth Match Programs     Team match  Click Here        Individual match ProgramClick here  

Mpls Rifle Club's Indoor/outdoor 300 Meter range will be active on Sunday, July 10th, as that club will be having the 3rd in the summer series of international style matches on their sophisticated  electronic 300m target range. 

The rifle club at Lodi will also be hosting the WI NMC Championships on the same dates-- July 9-10.  Program not available

Small Bore
The 4 position State Championship is on schedule for Small bore shooters.  Two days of 4 position Sm bore Champ matches are being held :  July 9-10 at the Hibbing Rifle and Pistol Club.    Program -  Click Here  

Last Weekend
Small Bore  -   4 Position Regional at MRC -  no news

HighPower -
From: Capt. Bob  
MRP & F class shooters:        Thanks to all for your participation in the Minn. MRP team championship. Attached is a picture of the final results bulletin. Scores for the 2 F class and 2 sling teams have been sent to NRA.

If North Star hosts this next year I'm thinking of a 2 day event with an individual 60 or 80 shot course on Sat. followed by the team event on Sunday. This might make it worthwhile to come and camp over night for some.

Hope to see you at the MRP regional July 23-24.  There will be a burger & or brat feed after shooting Sat. NRA will provide the usual GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE medals for 1-2-3 in sling, F-TR and F-OPEN.  There must be at least 6 in the category for a gold, 10 for gold & silver and 10+ to award the bronze.  They will also provide class winner pins this year.

Jeff shooting F-class at MRP Champs
Mid Range Prone champs at North Star
It was a beautiful day, even if a little hot and humid for shooting a match.  24 shooters showed up to contest the Mid Range prone championships at NorthStar Rifle Club, on Saturday, July 2. This would be just enough for 6 full teams.  There would be 2 good F-Class teams, Two competitive club teams and two pickup teams just shooting for the fun of it. 
The LaCosse Rifle team jumped out to a 3 point lead after the 300 yd line on the basis of the clean scores of Bill Lair, and Mr. Johnson. Then at the 500 yd line things evened out with both these leading teams dropping only 4 pts  total, but LaCrosse still held the lead. 
At the 600 yd line the wind really came into play as flags and mirage failed to indicate the true wind out on the range.  Everyone at the higher end of the line was especially affected by these "mysterious" wind currents and our team was was totally baffled by what we could see for wind and ended up having Right wind on in a condition with mirage running from the left.  Scores did suffer. The LaCrosse team dropped 28 pts in these conditions on this one yd line alone, but hung on to win the match as the 2nd place team of Peasley, Bangen, Rhode, and Erickson lost 30 pts, with only Steve Erickson and his coach finding the handle on this wind and shooting a 200-8x.
It was a great, Well run match, at a great Rifle Range
The ten ring on these reduced targets sure is small!

Congratulations to the winning LaCrosse Rifle team of Sandy Pagel, Bill Lair, Johnson and Roach.

In the F- Class division the Team of Ben Winget, Brabec, Ken Erickson, and Pat Scully dominated the competition and finished almost 200 pts ahead.  This was a great example of really good Nationally competitive F-class shooting.  I think these guys should come out to the big Berger Bullet matches in Phoenix this next winter and give John Chilton and his team a run for the gold.

Two Weeks Out:  
From Steve Hays --
We have a wind clinic and Mid Range state championship coming up the 16th & 17th of July at Mason City. I was wondering if you could add this to your email next week?
Thanks - Steve Hays
July 16-17   Wind Reading Clinic and Mid Range matches at River City Rifle and Pistol Club.       -- Program Click Here
July 16         Service Rifle team practice at GRRC

July 16-17    Pig Roast OTC matches at Eau Claire -- Pig Match program Click Here 
July 17         Sm Bore prone outdoor 1600 -  MRC  -  Program Click Here
July 17         80 OTC at GRRC  -   Program:  Click Here 

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