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Shooters News for the MN Area - 7/20/11

The Week Ahead
Play it cool!
   It is supposed (?) to cool off a little this weekend.  Temps down into the 80s and maybe some cool rain showers on Saturday.  Forecast - Click Here
   That is good news as there is are some great prone matches to shoot just a few miles south of the Cities at the NorthStar Gun Club.  That's right, it's nice easy belly matches all weekend.
   NorthStar is the host for the Mid Range Prone Regional Championship. Saturday, July 23rd,
It will be Iron sights all day, with competitors firing 20 shots for record and two sighters at 300, 500 and 600 yds in individual matches.  Saturdays matches will be  followed by NorthStar's annual Barbeque and usual socializing.  RSVP for this after match picnic please to let the cook know how much food to get ready.  Call Bob at (507)744-5200 or E-mail to
   Sunday, July 24, the matches allow  "Any Sights" to be used, so all you scope shooters can get out there and not have to worry about those pesky things like "sight alignment", while plastering that 10 and X ring.  The format is the same for both days -- 2 sighters and 20 shots for record at the 3 mid range distances.   Click Here for Match Bulletin  Bring plenty of Water !
F-class questions - Please contact F class chairman Ben Winget with F class questions.
   July 23-24 The Grand Forks Rifle Club is having their North Dakota State Championship and Leg matches. 

Last Weekend
The heat and multiple area matches to choose from kept the numbers of shooters down at the Over the Course matches held at GRRC on this past Sunday,   It looks like Larry Weidel is really hitting his peak form just at the right time. Larry won this match with an excellent score of 773-15x with his service rifle.   Larry has taken over as Captain of the MN Service rifle team, soon leaving for Camp Perry, Ohio and the National championships.

Stand Sit RF 300 RF 600 SF SF agg RF agg AGG


5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00
L. Weidel M
190.01 192.03 195.04 196.07 386.08 387.07 773.15
T. Hendrickson MU
169.00 192.05 186.03 169.04 338.04 378.08 716.12
K. Moline EX
172.02 189.02 171.01 183.03 355.05 360.03 715.08
T. Torborg EX
180.03 191.03 185.03 177.02 357.05 376.06 733.11
B. Datemd MU
123.00 182.00 177.00 181.02 304.02 359.00 663.02
G. Mc Carty EX
179.01 198.07 196.04 181.01 360.02 394.11 185.03
M. Schoess EX
178.04 194.03 198.04 168.00 346.04 392.07 738.11
D. Gillette EX
185.03 184.03 189.04 177.02 362.05 373.07 735.12

Also Last Weekend was the Annual Pig Roast Matches put on by the Eau Claire rifle club
It looks like the Minnesota guys took the lead this past weekend at the pig matches, with Kevin Bangen back to his championship
form, and winning these matches, and Mn's Omer Hamer taking 2nd place.  Kevin fired an awesome score of 495 on Saturday, and then backed up with the match winning score of 785 on Sunday.  Kevin didn't have it all his own way on Sunday though, as Randy Gregory was never more than a few pts  back and finished with an excellent score of 781 and a 2nd place.
From Kevin Bangen:
Pig match results - click to expand
"The matches all went well, they run a good match over there and the barbeque on Saturday night was great.  The heat was certainly a factor for both days and by the time we shot 600 yards on Sunday I think everyone had enough  "fun" for the day, that heat just pulled the energy right out of everyone." 

Also Last Weekend
Mpls Rifle Club - 7/17/2011
Mpls Rifle Club's monthly 1600 prone Sm Bore matches saw a new winner this weekend.  Stacey Tamulinas, a High Master prone  
highpower shooter, used his brand new and self installed barrel on his 2013 Anchutz to fire a match winning 1593-102x.
  Stacey needed everyone of those 1593 points, as he just barley out scored 2nd place shooter, Emily Quinar, by one point over the day. Emily, a member of the Murrey State Racer Rifles collegiate team, did fire more Xs than Stacey, but it's points that count in this game, not Xs .
        Click here for complete results

Small bore:
Minnesota State Sm Bore 4P Regional Champ Results from July 3-4  -- Results click here
Congratulations to Alex Geisar as the new 4P Reg. champ. Alex fired a 3120-132x to win this match, with Nick Learn coming in 2nd place with his 3048-78x score.


We (the MN St. Team) Need You!
From Erick Rhode:
 "I don't know if this is something that you'd want to mention in your shooter's e-mails or not, but we are looking for another shooter to fill out a MN State team at Camp Perry for NRA week. We currently have Kevin Bangen, Mark Rohmann and myself shooting. Phil Klanderud was on board but had to cancel on short notice due to scheduling at work. We are not terribly concerned with skill level, we just want to be able to shoot the match with a MN team. Mark and I are riding out together in my truck and I think that with careful packing we could even get a 3rd guy in for the trip and split gas and driving 3 ways. We also have a 4-bunk room reserved in the new barracks building on post with currently 2 open beds. Cost is $44 per night for the whole room so $15 a night with 3 people or $11 with 4. If someone really wanted to save money they could eat 2 meals a day at the mess hall for $11/day. Biggest expense a guy would have for the trip would be match fees and however much cash vendor's row can suck out of the wallet. We are leaving Saturday night 8/6 to arrive on post Sunday morning. Will probably be driving home the following Saturday. It's short notice, but I figure it is worth a shot to maybe scare someone up that's been on the fence about going and has a somewhat flexible schedule. If you know anyone who might be interested in coming out, please pass along my contact info. If you could put it into you next e-mail to the gang it'd be very much appreciated. Heck, maybe you want to come along - we could always use a Jarhead on the squad! Thanks,"
 Erik Rhode 612-790-5076
If you are a highpower shooter and have never been to the Camp Perry Nationals -- this is your big chance.  Everything is figured out for you!  Every shooter should go to Camp Perry at least once  It is a great experience!  Make the decision today and do it. 

From: Capt. Bob ---  Rifles for sale: 
Hello prone shooters: 
A good friend has some rotator cuff issues and would like to sell 3 beautiful prone rifles as per attached letter.  His email & phone # are included so contact him direct for further information.
Click Here for List w/prices

If you are shooting the MRP regional at Red Wing this coming weekend bring a cooler full of bottled water. It's still looking to be in the high 80's and humid.  The club will also supply bottled water but bring your own just in case. 

Two Weeks Out
July 30-31   Mn Long range and Palma St. Champs at GRRC -   Program Click Here   

That's all folks! 

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