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Shooters News for the MN area - The Week ahead - 7/13/11

The Week ahead  
There is lots of matches coming up this weekend.  There is something on the schedule for Prone shooters and more than one match for OTC competitors.     

Prone shooters can hone their skills in the 160 shot Outdoor Conventional Prone Sm bore match that will be contested at the Mpls. Rifle Club Sunday July 17th. Bring about 5 boxes of Wolf target .22, your Sm bore rifle and have some fun. F-class and Senior scope shooters are always invited.  Targets to be shot at 50 yds,  50m, and 100 yds.   Click Here for match program

Over the Course Highpower shooters
have the choice of 4 matches to attend.

On Saturday July 16th the MN Service Rifle team will be holding a practice at GRRC.  Although Team Capt. Kurt Borlaug is down and out with illness for a while, Larry Weidell has stepped up to the plate and will run this practice session and is taking over as Team Capt. untill Kurt is 'up and at-em' again. 

From Team Capt. Larry W   

"Fellow shooters: 
   Thanks for the opportunity.  I hope I can do as well as Kurt. 
Practice is a go for Saturday morning just as Kurt was planning it.  In my discussions with him the plan was to shoot a quick 50 shot match with two relays followed by some NTIT.  What I would like to do for NTIT practice is to start at 600, shot three sighters, two strings of 3 shots followed by a 50 second exposure where you can shoot as much as you want.  The focus is on hits so concept is to only shoot good shots.  Example, if you can only shoot ten good shots but hey are all hits, that's a squared target and an acceptable hit count.  The fifteen or so rounds that you didn't shoot are carried forward for more points as we move closer. And if things go well you can shoot 25-30 and run out at the same time the targets go down.  After 600 we move to 500, two sighters and a fifty round exposure.  A full load doesn't need to be fired.  Ammo should be split between two mags if you plan to reload so you can practice the reload under pressure.
  The other thing I would like to firm up is the travels plans/car pooling, housing, make up of teams, and a Q/A for the guys who haven't been to Perry yet?  We have three open beds at the house that we are still looking to fill. 
Hold Hard,"    Larry

It's a long ways with iron sights to that 10 inch Ten ring !
If any Service Rifle shooter is interested in shooting with the Service Rifle Team,  attend this practice and start training with the team. New shooters are always wanted on the team.  

Sunday, July 17 GRRC is hosting an 80 shot OTC match for those who are not attending the Pig matches in Eau Claire.  I was up at
GRRC yesterday and that range is in great shape for this match. Most of the debris  from last weeks damaging wind storm has been cleaned up with only one large tree near the 200 yd line to be turned into fire wood.  The weeds are mowed, the targets all refaced, so come on out, as this should be a good fun match and just a few miles north of the cities !   Match program - Click here

The Pig Matches -- Yes, its time again for the Pig matches.  Eau Claire Rifle Club's annual shooting and eating extravaganza will be once again on the agenda for area OTC shooters this coming weekend.  Over the years these matches have been the seasons "go-to" matches.  There will be a 50 shot OTC on Saturday July 16,, followed by the usual fantastic Pig roast and social get together.  Sunday, July 17th, there will be an 80 shot OTC match.  I think you even get a T-shirt  to show you survived another Pig Match!    
        Pig match - Click Here

It is forecast to be hot and humid this weekend with temps hitting 90 deg F.  Preparing properly to shoot in the heat will gain you points over your competitors. 

Tips for Shooting in the Heat -  Be prepared!
1.  Pre hydrate yourself by drinking Gatorade starting before the first match of the day and keep drinking all day.  2 qts or more during the day is not too much.
2.  Wear a moisture wicking t-shirt,  a lighter wt. sweat shirt than normal,  and lightweight loose pants. 
3.  If shooting in the sun, wear white painters bib overalls, and white tops.  Bibs are loose, and light weight.  Be sure to have a wide brim hat -  a straw hat would be great. 
4. Drink more Gatorade 

     From: Tom Torberg
Jim,   You bring up a good point.  They are predicting a high of 95 on Sunday so please everybody bring lots of water!

Last Weekend 

Although it was forecast for thunderstorms up at NWGC ,  the State Champ OTC matches saw a warm and sunny day for the Individual matches that I attended on Sunday.  Fact is, it was hot, and humid Sunday morning when I was prepared for a cool and rainy day. 
It was pretty much a full line on Sunday and that was good to see.  Everyone knows the NWGC puts on good matches and that's why their events are so popular.  A couple of old friends came down from North Dakota who we haven't seen for a while.  Danny Markle, past All Guard shooter, and Denny Coulter came to participate. 
  Everybody sweated at the 200 yd line.  During the Standing match and scores suffered because of it.  By the 2nd relay the sun was really bearing down. I shot fast for the first ten shots and it went way better than I expected (94-4x), but then about the 11th shot I felt over heated and had to stop for a while and when I started to go again an 87-1x was the best I could do -- so 19pts down after only one match. 

Steve Erickson, Jim Biles, and Omer Hamer
Steve Erickson did not let the heat bother him as he fired a match winning 191-4x to beat Kevin Bangen's 189 and go into the Sitting rapid fire match a couple pts. up on the field.

    In the Sitting Rapid fire Match, Larry Miller shot only one nine on the first string and then came back to shoot clean on the 2nd string 10 shot and post a 199 score.  That was a great score but not good enough to win as Jim Biles worked the bolt and shot all tens and Xs to take the Sitting Rapid fire trophy with a 200-8x. Erick Rhode took a well deserved 3rd in this match with his 197 score.
Larry Miller and Jim Biles shoot clean
   It got a little less humid after the first relay at the 300 yd line, so the Prone Rapid fire match was a little more fun for me but I shot a slightly bigger than 10 ring size group and posted only a 195.  Steve Erickson applied his long honed prone shooting skills and held hard  for a 199-6x with everybody else dropping 3 or more pts in this match.  Dale Wickstrom came close with his 197-4x and just out Xing Omer Hamer for 2nd place.  SSgt Al Schneider firing a service rifle and Erick Rhode won their classes by shooting 195 scores in this match. 
    At the 500 yd line for the final match -  20 shots prone slow fire - the conditions were good except for some shadows on the targets, and all the heavy hitters assumed it would take a 200 to win this match.  The mirage was good for reading the wind and the flag at the 300 yd line was the one to read for wind adjustments.  As it turned out, no one fired a 200 to nail the lid shut on this match, and no one fired a 199 either.  However, 5 shooters from the Ex class to the HM class did fire identical 198s and the match would be decided on Xs with Steve Erickson (11x)  taking the win and his 3rd match trophy of the day.  2nd through 4 place were not so easy to decide as Stave Hays, Dale Wickstrom, and Kevin Bangen all fired the same 198-9x. Placement would be made be made on Creedmoore tie breaking rules--who shot the last X.     It didn't matter as they didn't get the trophy.
Steve Erickson
is the 2011 Mn State NRA Champion.
  He won three of the day's four matches and the trophys that go with those wins while shooting a 784-24 for the overall win. 

  Kevin Bangen - 2nd -  779-23x
  Jim Biles         - 3rd  -  773-19x --- Senior Champ and Sitting Rapid fire St. Champ
 Omer Hamer             -  772-14x --- Grand Senior Champ           

Highpower Notes:

  From Capt Bob: 

MRP shooters:
Attached is your program for the regional at North Star July 23-24.  PUH-LEESE note the part near the middle regarding the cook out on Sat. after shooting.  I need a body count for proper food order by NOON Thurs. July 21. Chef Mike May will be head cook once again.
I'm out of town July 12 thru 17 but will probably have email access in the evenings.  For planning purposes you may shoot one day only for $20.00 and you may shoot a different rifle on Sunday.

More from Capt Bob:     

It's come to my attention there is at least 1 FUBAR in the MRP regional program.  Under INDIVIDUAL MATCH SATURDAY it says for 600 yards "2 SS 15 20". That should say "2 SS & 20 for record."  All 3 yard lines will be 2 SS & 20 both days. Corrected program attached.
 Bob                    Match program for Mid Range Prone State champ match  --   Click Here     

Small Bore Notes:
   The State 4P champs were held at Hibbing last weekend -- no news.
   The Summer Offhand League held monthly at MRC is cancelled
   From Chad Danielson:
                          "2011 Minnesota Smallbore Prone Season Aggregate Championship Standings after 3 Matches"
   After the June 19th 1600 match at MRC, Jim Biles of Duluth currently leads the season standings with a 6317-323X after the 3rd match of the season of the 8 being taken for point accumulation.  Junior Shooter Eric Hazelton holds a very close 2nd overall with a 6296-282X, only 21 points behind Biles. Hazelton currently holds the top Junior position with that score. Jim Evenson currently holds 3rd overall with a 6091-325X.  Biles, Hazelton, and Evenson are the only three shooters to have made a showing at all of the first three matches , putting them in their respective positions, with the rest of the field having 1 or 2 matches shot. With five Smallbore Prone matches left on the schedule, the next match is scheduled for Sunday July 17, for a 1600 at MRC, which will definitely make for an opportunity for scores between shooters to tighten up, and shooters the opportunity to better their standing. Below are the current top 10 shooters as scores stand before going into the July 17th match.  

1. Jim Biles                 6317 – 323         2. Eric Hazelton (Jr.)  6296 – 282           
3. Jim Evenson          6091 – 325           4. Morgan Dietrich    4752 – 294         
5. Steve Knutson       4710 – 260           6. Chad Danielson     4701 – 210           
7. Alex Giesar (Jr.)     4691 – 229           8. Lori Huseby (Jr.)    4650 – 171         
9.  Nick Learn (Jr.)    4641 – 180            10. Julie Huseby        4614 – 142

Two Weeks out

July 23-24     North Dakota State Champ and Leg - Grand Forks
July 23-24     Mid Range Prone State champ match Northstar --  Match program   Click Here  
July 30-31     LR champ matches at GRRC --  Match program   Click Here

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