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The Week Ahead -- June 23

The Week Ahead - Shooters news June 23, 2010
The State Highpower Championships are this weekend. Two days of Over the Course Highpower matches to be held at Elk River Sportsman's Club. Saturday is the 4 man Team match - 80 shots per shooter. Then on Sunday it will be the individual Matches for State Champion. This is a combined Match rifle and Service rifle State Championship. I'm leaning toward shooting Service Rifle in the individual matches Sunday. I might have a chance to win Senior Service Rifle Champ. if I can get a point more than Capt Bob, and besides I have to defend last years title, that Bob and I have traded off a couple times.
This from Capt. Bob
"The NRA championship is this coming weekend at Elk River with an 80 shot team match Saturday. The Marine Corps Reserves will have a team here for what ever that's worth to you. There are at least 4 other team entries in already. If you would like to shoot on a team but do not have 3 others let me know. I'll try to get you together with 3 other guys for a pick up team.
Also be advised there will be a Bar B Q Sat. after the team match. Shooting should be done by 4 to 415 with 4 relays.
Also be advised the line officers will be requiring & reminding you to have known zeros for each distance. ..."
Capt Bob                   State Championship Program -- Click here

Long range shooters continue at Lodi with the Midwest Palma Matches all this week. I'll try to get some news on that as soon as possible. I do know that my good friend from Phoenix, Doug Frerich got the win in today's (Tuesdays) match -- good shooting Doug! Other local shooters participating in these matches, and expected to do well, are John Andres, Morgan Dietrich, Bill Lair, Bob Meade, Steve Knutson, Stacey Tamulinas. Good Luck, Guys!
Following the Palma matches conclusion on Friday, Long Range shooters that haven't gotten had quite enough fun yet can stay at Lodi for Saturday's and Sunday's Wisconsin Long Range State champ matches. match program -- click here

Small Bore
Chad Danielson
"The June 20th Mpls Rifle Club 1600 Smallbore match
The 2nd 1600 in M.R.C.’s summer series of one day prone matches, saw 10 shooters fire the match, with Junior Shooters out numbering the adults 6 to 4 on this particular day. The days conditions were not bad for shooting good scores, winds were for the most part manageable, although occasionally could sneak up and get shooters if ones attention to the stronger breezes slipped. In the end Ross Ewert came out Match Winner posting an impressive 1591-108X, with
two 200’s along the way, one 200-15X in the 50 yard match, and one 200-15X in the 100 yard match. Following Ross in the standings were Junior Shooter Alex
Giesar posting a 1574-78X winning the Junior Category , followed by Jim Biles
just a point behind him at  1573-73X for 3rd overall.
Up and coming Sub-Junior shooters with bright futures Eric Hazelton
and Samuel Ewert battled it out all day through all the matches just a point or
two between them in each match with Eric narrowly edging out Samuel in the end
by only six points 1539 to 1533. It was encouraging to see the strong junior turnout for the match,
and are looking for an increasing adult turnout for the next 1600 Course coming
up on Sunday July 18th. Adult shooters have several Junior class shooters
closing the talent gap quickly in the smallbore prone game."
         Results: Click Here               Pictures Click Here

July 18th Prone Small Bore 1600          Match program -- Click Here

Ross Ewert's 1591 with 108 Xs is an outstanding score for an Expert Class shooter. If he keeps that up, I hope he is going to the Nationals this summer. It's good to see Jim Biles out at a match. I am looking forward to getting to that July 18th match.

Want to shoot Long Range ?
From Kurt Borlaug:
" I have been approached by a several sling shooters about the potential for a 1k/Palma League for next year. The interest is growing in LR and many of the SR guys are willing to give it a run and many have purchased appropriate iron for the game. I believe this from the natural urge to try something new, while still competing in OTC.
It would be for STRICTLY SLING SHOOTERS ONLY!! I'm envisioning a bi-monthly type thing with hopefully a mix of Palma and 1k.....or mostly 1k.
It's a shame that our range is so under-utilized past 600 yards. Any thoughts for this please let me know, maybe it will be more successful than my attempt at the HP Prone league. Having said all that, up front I have my hands full and would need someone to belly up to take care of the paperwork/ $ collecting/etc. ...."

June 26-27 NRA and Service Rifle State champ --- Elk River Sportsman's club Click Here
July 4th -- M-1 Garand Match -- Eau Claire Rifle Club Match Program -- Click Here
July 10 -11 NRA Regional OTC matches -- NWGC Duluth Match program -- Click Here
July 17-18 Pig Roast Matches -- Eau Claire Match program -- click here
July 18 Small Bore Prone 1600 -- MRC
Tuesday mornings -- Small Bore continues at GRRC. We may be gaining a 4th regular next week.

Hope to see you all at this weekends NRA matches.
Don't miss the Team Match on Saturday. Even if you aren't yet on a team come to the match, There are always pickup teams formed at sign in.

Note: There will probably not be a timely news letter next week as I have out of town guests, but pictures of this weekends matches will be post on the blog asap. after Wed.

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