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The Week Ahead -- Shooters news for MN Area June 15th 2010

The Week Ahead -- Shooters News  6/15/10

This week Capt. Bob Peasley will be heading off early to Wisconsin's Lodi long range shooting facility. He has been invited to shoot and wind coach at a US Veteran's Team training session to be held prior to the regular Long Range matches. Bob has told me that he will try to write a rpt on that training session for next week's newsletter.

This coming weekend there will be Small Bore matches for all prone shooters to participate in. Mpls Rifle Club is hosting the 2nd in their summer series of Outdoor prone 1600s on Sunday the 20th. Last month's Regional (1600) had the best turnout for a long time and its good to see these great shooting matches well attended. I think that there are more highpower shooters attending as it is well known that Small bore is great practice for highpower. If you are a highpower shooter and you are losing too many pts at the 600yd line, these 1600s are the best way to practice that prone position, sight alignment, and trigger squeeze. click here for program

Highpower shooters can travel down the beautiful Mississippi River to the Lacrosse Rifle Club and shoot mid-range prone matches both Saturday and Sunday June 19th and 20th--and get tuned up for the marathon of the Lodi Palma matches and Long Range Champ that start on the Monday just after the smoke clears from the Lacrosse matches.

Long Range Prone shooters are gathering to migrate to Lodi Wisc starting on June 21 for 7 days Palma and 1000yd shooting matches that make up the very popular Midwest Palma and Wisc. Long Range Championship week. These matches have become a magnet for LR shooters all over the country as the shooting is well attended by top rank shooters, and therefore very competitive. The matches are well run and give the shooter a chance to fire an entire match daily for 7 consecutive days---which is more Long Range shooting than you get at the Nationals. Midwest Palma   match program - click here

Last Weekend
last weekend was my annual June weekend up at NWGC shooting their 3 day, 240 shot OTC matches Fri, through Sunday. This year I could shoot only Sat and Sunday so I missed being rained out Friday and headed up Saturday at 0530hrs. It was already light as I passed Forest Lake and looking like one of those all day rains, but I had a room at the Inn and if the match was again rained out, I knew that a good time sitting around the Barbeque would take its place, and make it worth the trip. The weather was forecast for no rain on Sunday.

Saturday, when I pulled into the parking area behind the 200 yd line I saw there were a lot of cars, so good, it would be a good match. The conditions were good and bad. Bad was the light--heavy overcast--The day was sorta dark. Good was the lack of wind. I mean not a ripple on the lake and not a Trembling Aspen leaf trembling. I was 1st Relay, so good, no wind for offhand, but this was first match with space gun for a few months and no practice off hand. Well some days things just go well and I had a 98 on first string of standing before getting back to reality for the 2nd ten shots. Kevin Bangen won that match with 191 and Bob Woods just back with a 190. In the 200 rapid match Sam Gottlieb fired a 199-8x and Matt Griffin a 197-9x, great scores, but not good enough as Kevin posted a 199-10x. Moving back to the 300 yd line for that rapid fire match, the wind was still not a factor. Now it was David Salo's turn to challange Kevin and he fired a solid 199-8x, Good enough for only 2nd place as Kevin fired clean 200-10x---yes half x's again ! The 500 yd match started good for me-- 2 sighters and first 10 shots were all 10s and Xs. Too good to continue--shot 11 was a 9 and then the killer---a crossfire 10 for shot 18---arrrg! Dale Wickstrom overcame the low light conditions and fired a 198-8 on that difficult minute-of-angle target, winning that match over Mark Rohrman's 197-7 and Dave Salo, Kevin, Sam Gottlieb, and Omer Hamers all with 196s.

Kevin Bangen wins the Days agg score with a 786-33, but not far behind was Dave Salo with a 777 and Sam Gottlieb with 776.

After the match, the Group repaired to the camp ground and SB Range Bldg for some cold refreshments, and a barbeque, courtesey of NWGC. The brats and the GrainBelt were fantastic. For some, the gathering lasted well into the night.

Sunday was forecast for a better day, but it looked about the same rainy, misty, dark day was in store for us as yesterday. It wasn't raining, so Steve Billmeir got the match started on time at 0900, and Kevin Bangen started winning on the first shot. Kevin shot an awsome 195 in the standing match. Only Omer Hamer came close with his 190 standing score. It was in this match that Larry Weidell won the "Death Sprial" award for his 2nd string of off-hand. Kevin led the day by 5 pts going into the Sitting Rapid fire match. Yours truley was able to give Kevin a run for his money in that match, shooting a 199-7x, and Matt Griffing shooting an even better 199-12 x put some pressure on Kevin, but when you shoot a clean 200 you don't have to worry about a little pressure from behind.

Sam Gottlieb wins the 300yd Rapid fire match. While Kevin fired a good 199-12x, Sam shot a clean 200 -8x. Points are worth more than Xs.   

At the 500 yd line I was really dialed in and shot 10, X for sighters and then 7 Xs in a row on the way to another clean first string at that yard line. Then nines and worse put me out of the running, and Omer Hamer showed us what he could do and put a hard fought 199-11x on the board to win that Match.

Kevin Bangen didn't win every match of the day, but he did put an awesome score of 792-36x on the board and win the day. I think that is the highest score that I can ever remember being shot at a Highpower OTC match around here. Awesome shooting !

Two Day Aggreate
Match Winner -- - Kevin Bangen --1578-69
1st High Master -- Omer Hamer -- 1555-45
1st Master -- Sam Gottleib -- 1548-43x
1st Expert -- Mark Rohrman -- 1479-26

Results : click Pic to enlarge

Well--- it was a great weekend. Lots of good shooting up North, where you can smell the pine trees. Hats off to Elliot, Wick, and the Guys for all the Range improvements constantly being made to NWGC and the tip-top shape the range was in for the matches. I'm impressed with your new indoor Small Bore range facility
Pictures of Matches -- Click Here 

 The 300m Match at MRC
From Brian Shiffman
"What a nice day for shooting. Some overcast which eventually gave way to sunshine but only a hint of wind. The wind was enough to bite you if you were not paying attention. The correction was not much but enough if you were going for a top score. You still had to keep your guard up.

   We had 5 people shooting 3 position. Erhard won the class in spite of penalties assessed for two cross fires He closed out with a higher score for standing than for prone. Jeramy Harrison with an AR15 came in second only 6 points behind Erhard. Of course, without the crossfires it would not be so close.
   There were three of us shooting prone class. Chuck Diehl easily won the class even though there were some choice words coming from him at times. You would have thought he was trailing us all. He must have had a bad day all around. Russ Siakel, with an AR15 and battle sights shot a respectable 494, but being consistent through the match series. He has some things to take care of and he’ll be a lot better. I did my prone thing; brilliant at times and shotgun patterns at others. At one point I had a string of five consecutive 9.9’s. Oh I did have a few 10’s and x’s but too many 6, 7 and 8’s. I thought my sight alignment and sight picture was really good and I was stable with good trigger release and follow-through. I called a lot of 10’s that turned out to be anything but. I thought my sights were loose and checked all the screws. I had a group of shots right below the 10 ring, so I adjusted one click up and promptly put a shot at 12 O’clock in the 7 ring. One click down and I’m back just below the 10 ring. I might have to go back to my reloading analysis and work up another load. Oh, woe is me, woe is me J
    The two F-Class shooters were Robert Smith and Garold Jones. Robert had a scope suitable for star gazing. Conditions were good in that there was little mirage. But, Robert was really on his game. He dropped only 1 point from a perfect 600. Garold shot a respectable 588. As he said to me, “trigger time.”
The results can be seen at the MRC 300 meter score page for June. click here for complete Results
The July match is July 11.
Keep them straight. "              Brian D. Shiffman

Service Rifle Match held at Bald Eagle -- no news

Next Matches
June 20 Sunday --Small Bore 1600      match program - click here
June 19-20 Sat and Sunday -- Mid Range -- Lacrosse Rifle Club
June 21-25 -- Midwest Palma -- Lodi, Wisc      match program - click here
June 26-27 -- Wisc Long Range Champ -- Lodi          Match program -- click here
June 26-27 -- MN St. Service Rifle and NRA weekend   Match program -- click here

I'll not be shooting this next weekend as I will be watching NASCAR stockers rub fenders at Road America, Wisc.  Home of the best Brats, sudzy drinks, and racing. If you participate in a match next weekend--- please send us a rpt, and some pictures. 


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