Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Week Ahead -- June 2nd

The Week Ahead --

Long range shooters again get to try their skill at GRRC's long range shooting facility. The 1000 yd regional takes place this coming Sat and Sunday.    See Below for match program.

Service Rifle shooters can travel South to Iowa for River City's, and Iowa's State Service Rifle Championship--matches both Sat and Sunday. Steve Hays is match director.   Program see Below.
 Closer to home is the Service rifle Clinic and match at Post 435 in Elco on Sat June 12. Contact Mark Havlik and See Program below.

Don't dispare, match rifle shooters, your turn is coming in 2 weeks at Northwestern Gun Club.

GRRC's Monday night Sm Bore League continues with attendance being down somewhat this year. Let's see you SB shooters out there. There are 3 ea 1600's left to shoot and make up days are availiable. Three shooters are shooting this league on Tuesday mornings at 0900 hrs--join us if you can. We will be shooting 50 yd and 50m matches this week till I can get a key for the lawn mower, and clear the weeds and grass obscuring the 100yd targets.

Upcoming --This weekend
June 5       Saturday -Post 435 Service Rifle Clinic and match   Program click here
June 5-6    Sat and Sunday -- 1000 yd Regional at GRRC -- Program click here
June 5-6    Sat and Sunday -- Iowa State Service Rifle championship -- River City. Program click here

Two weeks out
In two weeks I'll be making my annual trip to Duluth to shoot in the 3 days of Over the Course matches put on by the Northwestern Gun Club on Hunter Lake. I have always said that these matches were the highlight of my summer shooting season. I just like shooting at the NWGC range and with that group of folks up there. It's an easy 2 1/2 hr drive and you can shoot one day or all three days like I try to do. Motels are near by, and excellent camping facilities are available at the range-- indoor space, shower, kitchen, etc. Don't miss the best matches of the year --
  June 11-13 --  Fri, Sat, and Sunday --  OTC matches at NWGC all three days. Program: Click here
  June 12      --  Saturday --  50 shot OTC at Bald Eagle Sportman's Club     Program Click here
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