Monday, November 2, 2009

Air Rifle and Air pistol League starting up

"The Air Pistol and Air Rifles Leagues are off and running at Bill's in Robbinsdale. The pistol shooters convene on Tuesday evening and the offhand rifle shooters on Wednesday. There are about a dozen pistol shooters, some performing at an elite level. We have just started the offhand rifle league hence we have about 8 regular competitors. It is gratifying to see the improvement in offhand scores that many are experiencing thus far. This should be fair warning for some of the other smallbore and highpower competitors next season. There is room for more shooters on both evenings. The price is absolutely right, being 5 bucks for range fees and a one time contribution of between $5 or $7 to cover target costs. If anyone is interested, they should come at least to be a spectator, free, and see the action. Feel free to contact Mike Marzitelli at for any questions or details. "
Mike marzitelli


Anonymous said...

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Greg Gilreath

Anonymous said...

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