Monday, November 16, 2009

Out of Town Small Bore Match -- Phoenix Rod and Gun Club Nov 14th '09


I seem to have misplaced my results table so my feeble attemt at a summary will have to do.We had a great day at the range today, 14 shooters on the line for the Anysight 1600 with four juniors to boot. Speaking of juniors Richard Layton made his prescence known by winning the Dewar Match with a very impressive 400-34 and winning the 50 yrd match with an almost perfect 400-39X. Richard finished the day with a very respectable 1595-129X for second overall, just out X-ing our Match Director Allen Elliot who finished third with a 1595-105X. Great shooting Richard! In the slightly older division Jack Arnold and Pete Church battled it out for fourth place with Jacks 1594-102X just besting Pete's 1593-109X.

Back to the younger folks who choose to shoot iron sights today, we had a battle to the end with Matt Roessel claiming victory and the Silver Mug with a great 1526-46X just edging out Jay James' 1521-38 and Scott Siggs who put up a solid 1497-45X. Full results below.

Rick Curtis 1597-117X
Richard Layton 1595-129X Jr.
Allen Elliot 1595-104X
Jack Arnold 1594-102X
Peter Church 1593-109X
Jim Cobb 1585-082X --- Irons
Jim Evenson 1582-076X ---Irons
Mick Walker 1573-076X
Bill Luth 1533-037X
Matt Roessel 1526-046X Jr. ---Irons
Jay James 1521-038X Jr. ---Irons
Scott Siggs 1497-045X Jr. ---Irons
Jack Greenleaf 1469-014X ---Irons

On behalf of the Desert Sharpshooters I want to thank everyone who came out and we look forward to seeing you all again. Remember, if you want our sport to grow bring a junior.
Rick Curtis

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