Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mpls. Rifle Club -- 300m 3P State Champ

"The day was overcast but not dark and the wind was very light; an almost perfect day for a match.

It was a jacket and hat type of day but we were all in our shirtsleeves in heated comfort in the shooting house.

We had a grand total of two, yes, two competitors. But let’s think in terms of quality not quantity. These were two of the top shooters in the state, Lance Peters and Erhard Bruderer (who, in spite of a stellar history of rifle competition, now says he is a pistol shooter). The fact is that Lance also shoots pistol and is more than holding his own in that discipline. These two are real competitors on the range and it is entertaining to see them compete. Note, small children and sensitive adults should not be close by. As you look at the photos of the guys shooting, notice the concentration. The pictures were taken without the aid of flash and, thus, the shutter speed was around half a second or so. Not only did the camera operator have hold steady (handheld, no tripod; what was I thinking???) but the competitors did not know that pictures were being taken at the time.

Back to the State 3 position championship. It was a full match of 120 rounds for score, 40 in each of prone, standing and kneeling. It is as much a test of stamina and conditioning as it is impeccable rifle shooting. The multiple computer system was in operation and the gallery was able to amuse themselves in the club room watching each shot on a master scoreboard. In the end, Lance Peters was crowned State Champion with a total score of 1115 and Erhard Bruderer was second with a score of 1093. After 120 rounds the difference is not that much. In fact, the gallery was really engrossed watching each shot by each of them throughout the match. Only towards the end of the last position was it possible to wager on the outcome. Due to the low turnout, the payout for the top shooters was meager, indeed. Lance got a $5 bill and Erhard received $1 which he proudly displays in one of the photos of the match.

A good time was had by all. This match was originally scheduled for earlier in the season and had to be moved. In 2010 it will be put on the schedule early enough that if it has to be moved, there would still be time to hold it before shooters scatter for matches and vacations unknown.

We will be shooting throughout the winter in heated comfort; come join us for practice each week and a monthly club match. "

Brian Shiffman

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