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The Week Ahead for shooters -- Aug 27, 2009
If you want to shoot a rifle match this coming weekend, you must travel to Lacrosse for High Power matches, or to Hibbing for Sm Bore prone. Lacrosse has an OTC on Saturday, then a Mid Range prone on Sunday. The MN State Conventional Prone (2-day) Small Bore Championship will be held in Hibbing, MN and is a 2 day match.

But First

Long Range -- The 30 cal riflemen
A very beautiful day awaited the few long range shooters who showed up for the Rudy Wadekamper Memorial Palma matches held this weekend at GRRC. A blue bird day was the case as the shooters fired 15 shots each at 800yds, 900 yds, and 1000yds for record. The Same course for fire was shot both sat and Sun.,
On Saturday-- Elliot Zunich topped the list at the 800yd line, dropping only 1 shot out of the 10 ring for a 149 score and gaining a 3pt lead over Bob Peasley and John Andres. At the 900 yd line Bob showed everyone how to hold hard and use Iron sights at long range by cleaning that target while the others found the wind rising added to the chance of dropping a nine out the sides if they weren't very carefull. Think about what happens to a bullet as it flys 900 yds through the wind eddies. With Elliot and John both dropping 6pts, Bob layed down at the 1000 yd line now 3 pts to the good. The easy wind of earlier in the day gave way to fishtailing gusts and the 1K shooters were becomming happy to keep it in 9ring. Elliot did read that wind better than the others, taking the match from Bob by 3 pts, but that just put them in a tie for the days Agg. score. Both had shot 434 score for the day and so it was Bob's higher X count that gave him the win. Winner Bob Peasley 434-18
On Sunday John Andres started at the 800 yd line showing he wasn't giving up on the weekend by taking all the points availiable --150. Bob also held hard, giving John no reason to be comfortable, and took 150 pts him self. Elliot 4 back and John Nelson back 6. At the 900 yd line, John faded by shooting 2 nines and a x-fire. Elliot couldn't catch up from behind as Bob again fired an almost perfect score, losing just 1pt. Bob gave the others no hope at the 1000 yd line by giving up only 3 pts. The other shooters, already behind by too much, shot good, but not good enough and Capt. Bob wins with a great 446-3x.
With his good shooting both days Capt Bob is the Rudy Wadekamper Palma champ for 2009
Congratulations Bob!
a few pictures of this match are posted at:

I might note the most improved shooter was John Nelson. I pulled his target Sunday all day and I saw most shots were water line shots, X ring high. Watch out guys when John gets more wind reading practice.
Sunday,there was an uneven number of shooters so I filled in pulling a few targets.. Since there was only one shooter on the target I pulled, I got a chance to plink some rds from my almost new 6BR at the 800 yd line. As I have said before, this rifle was just re barreled and tuned up by Randal Gregory -- Accuracy Unlimited, Custom Rifles, Medford Wisc. It had performed very well at the Red Wing Mid range match dropping only 3 pts all day. I added the 11 moa to my 600 yds zero, that Capt. Bob recommended, put on a click or two for wind and fired one sighter------------------------Pin wheel X, followed by two 10s just to the left. Thank You Randy Gregory

Palma Team
Local U.S. Palma team shooters have returned from The Canadian Full Bore nationals after having shot both individual and Team matches. Steve Knutson, Morgan Dietrich, and Stacey Tamulinas were part of the US Palma team that swept all 3 long range team matches--1st place. I believe that both Stacey and Morgan also had 1st place scores in individual matches, and that Stacey also took home two Bronze medals.
I hope we can get a report from one of the guys about these important international matches and even post a few pictures.
Congratulations US Palma team and Minn Palma Team shooters.

Service Rifle News
To all;
GRRC has applied to the CMP for a Rifle Leg Match on Sunday, Oct. 4th, 2009. I've attached the program and if Minister Havlik can post on the MRRA site I'd appreciate it. If you are eligible to fire this match, less than 3 matches plus Perry come out and bring a friend.If you have fired your allotted matches you can still shoot it for practice. We will need some shooters willing=2 to be squadded w/ new shooters too.
Leg Match Program--
There was four new members at GRRC last Tuesday who watched an impromptu firing demo and they peed their pants. Never having seen what we do, and witnessing two rapid strings and then going to the pits and seeing what we do with IRON SIGHTS!!!! I had an instant clinic on my hands!! More to follow,
Kurt Borlaug

From Capt Bob:
"I talked to the NRA rules committee at Perry about several things but for now lets talk F class. ..................
NRA says we can combine F class with sling shooters at a LR or MRP regional and get separate medals for F class. In the program we must state there will be medals if there are a minimum of some uncertain number of en tries. They would not commit to a hard # but agreed 10 was satisfactory. ............."

Small Bore
Elk River Sportsman's Club Sm bore -- Aug 22-- No news
Did those guys really shoot a 200 yd Sm Bore Match

Minneapolis Rifle Club Conventional Prone Smallbore Rifle --August 22, 2009
It was about perfect as a day could be for a match,. It was warm, sunny and the wind was calm. Fourteen shooters competed in the 160 round prone match. Shooters included two Juniors , three Sub Juniors and nine Adults. The event went off without a hitch. There was one small glitch, one of the shooter s left his rifle at the range and there was a small discussion about how long it should be hidden to make him worry. In the end kind harts prevailed and it was sent home with his friend.
When the day ended Lance Peters of Maple Wood was the match winner with a1600 -114X. That is some outstanding shooting!
Larry Sawyer of Andover, MN was high Master with a 1591-100X .
Ross Ewert won the Expert Class with a 1588 -100X.
Mike Marzitalli won the Marksman/Sharpshooter Class 1437-21X
Other honors include: Alex Gieser High Junior and Eric Hazelton was high Intermediate Junior.
The following is a complet e list of shooters and their scores:
Chad Danielson --1572-68
Michael Marzitalli --1437-21
Jim Evenson --1380-67
Mathew Minerich (Jr) --1546-51
Ross Ewert --1588-100
Lance Peters --1600-114
Brook Gahm (Jr) --1299-7
Larry Sawyer-- 1591-100
Alex Geisar (JR) --1577-85
Brian Shiffman --1419-24
Chris Hazelton --1453-22
Greg Quiner --1586-89
Eric Hazelton(JR)--1495-28
Hayden Johnson --1136-4

I would like to thank all the shooters that attended the match. I look forward to seeing you at next summer’s Minneapolis Rifle Club’s matches. Your enthusiasm and dedication to smallbore along with your great sportsmanship is a credit to all shooting sports! I would also like to thank all the Junior shooters for participating in the smallbore match. You are the future of our sport.
George Minerich, Match Director President MN Rifle & Revolver Assoc.
pictures of this match are posted at:

Small Bore
A Junior Shooter Small Bore match has been add to the schedule on Sept 12th. This will be a 3x20 Prone and Standing + a Dewar match. To be held at GRRC. Contact - Jeff Sandstrom (651) 395-1004 or
match program;--

The Week Ahead
Saturday Aug 29
-- Sm Bore MN State Conventional Prone (2-day) Championship -- Hibbing
Saturday Aug 29 -- Mid Range prone -- Lacrosse
Sunday Aug 30 -- Sm Bore MN State Conventional Prone (2-day) Championship -- Hibbing
Sunday Aug 30 -- OTC -- Lacrosse

Two Weeks out
Sunday --Sept 5th -- Sm Bore NRA Reg. 3P at Mpls rifle club.


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