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TheWeek Ahead for Shooters -- Aug 12, 2009

The Week Ahead -- for Shooters
Up coming Matches this weekend include an 80 shot OTC match at Red Wing's Northstar range on Aug 16th and OTC matches both days at Elk River -- Sat for older service Rifles (M1/M1A), and Sunday for Older Bolt Guns. All 3 are "fun" matches -- great for beginners.

But First

Small Bore at Camp Perry
Larry Sawyer, coach of the MN Centershot Jr rifle team sent in some nice pictures from the Camp Perry Nat. Air Rifle matches. Please see these Pics at my Blog site ---

Note: While plowing through the Camp Perry results I noticed that Larry Sawyer, fired a great Score in the Nationals Any Sight SB match -- 2392--171x. That's dropping only 8 pts in 240 shots. That's some fancy shooting, Larry !
Emily Qunier was 7th in the Jr. Expert Class Iron sights, and Alex Gieser 8th in the Jr. Sharpshooter Class.----More great shooting!!

Service Rifle at Camp Perry --from MSgt Al Schneider, MN Nat. Guard
5 Minnesota shooters are bringing home medals. Jeremy Harrison legged out with a gold medal 279,20 Msgt Matt Griffin legged out with a gold medal shooting a 281, Al Schneider picked up an 8 point leg with a 276-8x and silver medal. Erik Rhode and Kurt borlaug both brought home bronze medals with Erik picking up 10 leg points.
Sent on the Now Network from my Sprint® BlackBerry-- Al Schneider

Congratulations to the medal winners, and especially to Jeremy Harrison, and Msgt Matt Griffin for getting their last leg points on the way to being awarded a Distinguished Rifleman's Badge.

50 m Free Pistol match --Aug 9th
from Mike Marzetelli
"The day was a classic summer day with the match starting at 8:45 AM. Eight shooters participated on the 50 yard competition range at Oakdale finishing by 11:00 AM. The results were as follows: Lance Peters -- 514, Thomas O'Donnell --493, Steve Studt -- 480, Jim Reedstrom --468, Mike Marzitelli--462, Joel Peabody--438, Karl Studt--376, Arnold Olsen--332.
We had a good range of shooters participating, from the old pro's such as Lance and Tom to the newer free pistol shooters Karl, and Arnie. Interestingly, we have a group of shooters who on any given day outshoot each other on a given 20 shot series making for interesting match conditions. The forthcoming state championship will be a real contest with many contenders. The next match will be at MRC later in August. September will have matches at Oakdale and MRC with the state championship match held at the end of September at Oakdale. We have room for a half dozen more competitors. The price is right, only $10 to compete with a coffee session usually following the match." --Mike M.

I should go to one of these matches, I could use a free pistol

300 meter match at MRC
from Brian Shiffman
"August 9th was a fine day to shoot. Warm weather, only slight breezes, and a bright day. Overall, it should have made for really good shooting; we all should have shot 600. The temperature was warm enough to fire up the air conditioning in the shooting house.
The results can be seen at
Wade Brown came back for a return engagement and promptly cleaned our clocks. All shooters we shooting F-Class which was a first for the club. The scores were pretty close. Ali was back with is favorite Tikka in 6BR. This was Adam’s first time shooting at our range and was shooting a 6BR as well. Wade had his custom 6.5x47 and I tried some different loads with my Savage .223. It appears, from the discussion, that no one shot their best and excuses were many and varied. I thought the earth was a bit wobbly while Adam was sure his rifle barrel, with perhaps 600 rounds through it, was about shot out. I also think that I have not gotten the parallax completely out of my scope. I can aim at any part of the sighting spot without moving my rifle. Sometimes the mirage got me so I aimed at the best looking of the fuzzy targets.
In the end, the scores were pretty close.
The September match will be on the 13th. Starting time is 10AM".
Brian Shiffman

Long Range
US Palma Team shooters from MN -- Steve Knutson, Morgan Dietrich, and Stacey Tamulinas (and possibly Randy Gregory -Wisc) have left for Ottawa, Canada to compete and train as a team in the Canadian Long Range Full Bore championships. Ten days of shooting prone matches out to 1000yds await these wind reading and hard holding specialists. Those of us left behind can have a chance to shoot long range here at GRRC on Aug 22 and 23-- the Wadekamper Palma matches.

With a great number of Minnesota shooters traveling to and from the NRA Nationals this week the rest of us will have three "Fun" rifle matches to choose from. With nothing on the line but having an enjoyable time these matches would be a great time for any one thinking that they would like to try an "Over the Course" match ---this is the time. Complete "How To" instructions for Over the Course Matches are posted at :
Elk River Sportsman's club will have an M1/M1A OTC match on Saturday, then a Vintage bolt gun match on Sun day. Mark Havlick will also be running an 80 OTC Sunday at Northstar on Sunday. Since I sold my M1A, I'll be heading down to Redwing Sunday to shoot the Service Rifle or the Space gun in that match.

Saturday Aug 15th -- M1A/M1 match at Elk River-- OTC
Sunday Aug 16th -- 80 OTC at NorthStar (Redwing) Mark Havlik
Match Program:
Sunday Aug 16th -- Vintage Bolt Gun Match at Elk River (OTC)

Saturday Aug 15th --50 meter Free Pistol match at MRC
Sunday Aug 16th -- 2700 at Oakdale.

Two Weeks Out
Aug 22nd and 23rd -- Rudy Wadekamper Palma Matches at GRRC
Saturday Aug 22 -- Small Bore 1600 outdoor prone at MRC
Match Program:
Saturday Aug 22 -- 2700 pistol at MTGF


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