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The Week Ahead for Shooters -- Aug 18, 2009


The Week Ahead
has opportunities for prone shooters at 3 different Rifle Matches, and an NRA 2700 Bullseye match for the pistoleros among us. Long rangers have the Wadekamper Palma matches both Sat and Sunday at GRRC, while Small Bore shooters must choose between a Mini-Palma Sm bore prone match Sat. at Elk River or a Small Bore Prone 1600 at Mpls Rifle club also on Saturday.

But First
Camp Perry news -
Service Rifle
Larry Weidell's report on the MN Service Rifle Team at Perry is posted below.

Small Bore
Minn Jr. Emily Quinar Wins Air Rifle championship ! - Larry Sawyer's rpt posted below:

"Note: About Emily Quinar--
You ever shoot an air rifle offhand? I'm a pretty good standing shooter, and I'm pretty happy to average 95's offhand. A few points above that is gravy. Emily averaged 98.5/100 standing. Over eight targets. Over three days. She shoots standing better than almost everyone else can shoot prone with an air rifle. I'm the coach, and even I'm impressed.
Larry Sawyer"
More information on the Minnesota Centershots can be found on the web at http://mncentershots.com/ , or by calling the Centershots’ program director, Jerry Smith, at 763-226-0068.
Congratulations Emily! We may see Emily shoot in MN, for the last time before college, at the Aug 22 Sm Bore prone match at MRC

late news--Wed morning from Mark Havlik
Here's an after action report from the 1 day OTC match at North Star Aug. 16. Evening thunderstorms and early morning rain must have kept completive shooters at home Sunday morning. Only 8 hearty souls showed up for the 1 day OTC match Sunday August 16 at NSRC. Even though the paperwork arrived in time to host a NRA approved match, because of the low turnout, the decision was made to hold a 2 relay fun match. Shooting conditions started out with overcast and threatening skies. The clouds broke up and the sun came out turning up the heat and humidity. The clouds returned just in time for 600 yard slow prone to eliminate any hint of mirage making reading North Star's swirling winds a guessing game. As this was shot as a fun match every competitor kept their own scores and none were turned in. My guess is Jeremy "Mr Distinguished" Harrison won but I have no idea what his score was. I shot a somewhat disappointing 749-17 but the bright spot of the day was junior shooter Pat May shooting a personal best of 183-?x at 600. Way to go Pat! Even though I did hear a few cuss words during shooting, I heard no complaints about the match so I can honestly say everyone had a good time. Thank you to all the shooters who braved the challenging and changing conditions. And a big thank you to Mike May who ran the line and kept everything running smoothly. Even a bad day shooting is better than a good day at work. Keep them in the x ring.
Mark Havlik --

I also got a note from Gary Boettger (218-739-2154) of the Fergus Fallls rifle club about their "Wahl classic Rifle Match" on Sept 13..... I'll post the program on the blog asap. It looks like they are having a 200 yd reduce OTC match and should be fun if you are in that area. It would be nice if Gary sent us a picture or two of that match.

50 meter Free Pistol
"Here are the results for the August MRC Olympic Free Pistol Match shot on the 15th. It is a 60 shot match with three 20 shot series after a sighting in period. It is shot over 2 hours. (Results) Lance Peters 532, James Reedstrom --466, Steven Stud--461, Mark Peabody --429, Michael Marzitelli --411, Joel A. Peabody --411, Arnold Olsen --392, Karl A. Studt --384.
Highlights of the day: There was a very strong across course wind from left to right which befuddled at least one shooter to no end. He was shooting in the position closest to the berm and couldn't believe is shots were grouping into the wind rather than down wind. The more experienced shooters however, in this adversity, just seeme d stronger than ever. We had two father-son teams. Each of the sons are in the process of learning their equipment being at the beginning of their mastery of free pistol. With the forthcoming air pistol season for them to further develop their skill, it will be a joy for all to watch them as they develop. --
Mike Marzitelli
Note: Mike has sent along the Match program for the 300 m 3P Champ Match (Oct 11-MRC). I'll post it on the blog asap.

The week Ahead
Long range shooters, both F-Class and Sling shooters have a great chance to test their skills this weekend at the Rudy Wadekamper Palma matches at GRRC. Both Saturday and Sunday shooters will be slinging lead at distant targets on the GRRC 1000yd rifle range. A Palma match is 15 shots for record at the 800, 900, and 1000 yd line. If you have at least mid range zeros on your rifle, you will not find it too hard to get on target at the longer distances. These Palma matches are good wind reading exercises, and while it's not too hard to hit the target way out there, it is hard to keep em in the 10 ring. Give it a try.

Small Bore shooters head to Mpls.Rifle Club or Elk River Sportsman's Club for prone small bore matches. The Elk River match is a Mini-Plama which includes shooting .22 prone out to 200 yds, and the MRC match is a Conventional Prone Outdoor 1600 with targets at 50yd, 50m and 100yds. Match program: http://www.mrra.org/downloads/smallbore/8-22-09.pdf
Pistol --- Bullseye at MGFC --2700 --Saturday

Thursday Aug 20 -- 1000 practice at GRRC pm- Leader unknown
Saturday Aug 22 -- Wadekamper Palma matches at GRRC
Saturday Aug 22 -- Small Bore 1600 prone at MRC
Saturday Aug 22 -- Small Bore Mini Palma at Elk River Sportsman's Club
Sunday Aug 23 -- Wadekamper Palma matches at GRRC
Monday Aug 24 --GRRC Sm Bore League and Elk river F-class
Tuesday Aug 25 -- HP leagues at Elk River and Northstar continue

Two Weeks out
Saturday Aug 29 -- MN State Small Bore Conventional Prone (2-day) Championship -- Hibbing
Sunday Aug 30 -- MN State Small Bore Conventional Prone (2-day) Championship -- Hibbing


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