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The Week Ahead -- July 8, 2009

Over the course shooters will be traveling north This weekend to Northwestern Gun Club for the NRA State Championship OTC matches. 300 m International shooters have their go at MRC Sunday, and Oakdale hosts a 50m Free Pistol match.
But First
GRRCs' showcase 1000 yd rifle range was host to the Mn Long Range and Palma state champ matches this weekend. While the States only long distance rifle range was in it's usual tip top shape, there has been a significant improvement. Kevin Bangen has manufactured the 200 parts required and with Barb's help, has installed all new Benches in the Target pits at the GRRC Highpower Range. Thank you Kevin and Barb for all your hard work ! This is a real improvement to the range and will serve GRRC shooters for a long time to come.
Picture posted Below

Emily Quiner- National Champion!
Our own local JR shooter, Emily Quiner has won the National Junior Olympic Women's Air Rifle Championship recently in Colo. Springs, Colorado. Read George Minerich's posting at Picture posted below----

Congratulations Emily!

Minnesota's Long range Championship weekend started Saturday with the 1000 yd 60 shot match. Jim Soderberg started strong in the Any sight match with a 198 and ahead of Stacey T. by one pt, then came back with a 197 in the first Iron sight match increasing his lead to 3 pts going into the last 20 shot match. Brian Mrnak won the last match with a 195 while the other contenders struggled in shifting winds. That strong finish by Brian was close but just short of enough to take the win as his 582 total was good for 3rd place --one pt back of 2nd place Stacey Tamulinas with a 583, and Jim Soderberg's championship score of 584. John Andres's 580 was also great shooting but just out of the money,.
Congratulations to Jim Soderberg Mn 1000 yd state champion.

The Palma Championship was contested Sunday at the usual shooting distances of 800, 900, and 1000 yds -- 15 shots each with iron sights. The weather was good, the wind was light and Matt Griffin took full advantage of favorable conditions to post an outstanding 445-14x total, pretty much running away with the title from everyone except Stacey Tamulinas, 4 pts back with a 441-24x. Starting with an off-call 7 high for the 1st record shot put Stacey in the hole at the 1000 yd line from which he could not come back.
Congratulations to Matt Griffin----- Mn Palma Champion
Stacey did not go home empty handed, however, his two day aggregate of 1024-49x was Good enough for him to earn the title of MN Long Range State Champion. Jim Soderstrom just back 4 pts, took 2nd overall. Bob Mead took the Long Range F-class title.
Pictures of this match are posted below---

Small Bore----The State 4 position championship was shot at Mpls rifle club this weekend -- No news passed on to me.

GRRC 's Monday Small Bore league is into it's 3rd 1600 this week starting with the 50 yd match. This league takes place, for those who can make it --- Monday morning 0930 and Monday after work. Due to high turnout, some are also shooting this league on Thursdays.

The Week ahead
This coming weekend I'll be making that short 2 hr journey north to NWGC to shoot the NRA OTC matches. Going up to NWGC is always a highlite on my match schedule --- I can already smell those pine trees. This Saturday is the club against club Team OTC match, and then on Sunday will be the 80 shot individual match for the state OTC championship. It'll be a great match to shoot for just a few gal of gas----See you there!
Strictly prone shooters can find a 300 m match at MRC on Sunday to test their ability or they can also head north to the Small Bore 3P matches in Hibbing.

Thursday -- July 7th -- GRRC HP practice at 300
Saturday -- July 11th -- NRA Team championship at Northwestern Gun club -- Program:
Saturday -- July 11th -- 50m Free pistol at Oakdale
Sunday -- July 12th -- NRA Individual State OTC champ at Northwestern Gun Club -- Program:
Sunday -- July 12th -- 300 m prone rifle at MRC
Sunday -- July 12th -- Small bore 3 Pos Champ at Hibbing
Monday -- July 13 th -- Small bore league at GRRC & F Class at Elk River

Looking ahead 2 weeks
Reserve the 18th and 19th of July for a Palma How-to Clinic at GRRC -- learn to shoot long range. Elk River is also having an M-1 Carbine match Saturday the 18th.

Saturday July 18th M1 Carbine match ERSC
Saturday July 18th Palma clinic at GRRC

Note: I can't get to all matches. I would like to post results of the local matches If someone could send me a digital photo of the score board, it is easy to post to the blog. Any shooting news, jr team news, match news, who's going to perry---will be appreciated and posted. Hope to see you all out pulling some triggers

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