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The Week Ahead for Shooters-- 7/15/09

The Week Ahead again gives the shooters choices. GRRC is hosting a Palma Clinic for prone and long range shooters. Across the Course shooters will heading to Eau Claire to shoot the Pig match, or should I say the Pig Roast match.
But First
This past weekend the big match for High Power shooters was the State NRA Championships put on by the Northwestern Gun Club near Duluth.
I headed up there Sunday for the Individual championship match and that meant an 0530 start from Hugo. It really didn't seem early though as the sun was well up as I headed up 35 to the turn off at Cloquet. A mug of coffee and 2 hrs later I was turning in to the 200 yd line at the range. I could see there was going to be a good turn out as the parking lot was full. It was a good turnout -- all 15 targets up and that's better than it has been in the last few years.
The first match is the 200yd standing match and Kevin Bangen showed why he is dominating OTC shooting around here these days as he dropped only 6 pts for a 194 and a 5 pt lead over Larry Miller and 6 over Kurt Borlaug going into the Sitting Rapid Fire match. Kevin nailed down and pretty much owned the 200 yd line after firing a 200-10x, and picked up 2 more pts on Kurt while Larry slipped 6 back. It was the kind of day when we should all have fired great scores standing and sitting --- 70deg, no wind, blue sky---perfect. At the 300 yd line for the Rapid fire match, the wind was light from the left but not a factor and Larry Miller took a turn trying to gain back a couple pts on Kevin. He showed his mastery of prone shooting besting all the Minn guys (Larry is from Wisc) by 2 pts with a 198, but failing to take home the trophy as a non resident. Capt. Bob was top Minn. 300 rapid shooter and State Champ, out X-ing Kevin, Dave Salo, and John Andres, all with 196 pts. Kurt Borlaug had a rifle problem and dropped way back. The weather continued to be perfect at the 500 yd line and again Larry Miller shot this prone slow fire match best. His 198-11 was good for the match winner, but it was resident Tim Biles with 197-10, who has not competed for years, and who dug out a match rifle for this event that took home the 500 yd line State Championship Trophy. Kevin Bangen didn't win the two prone matches but scores in each of 196 kept him on top after taking the lead at the 200 yd line.

With a score of 786-29 Kevin Bangen is the Minnesota NRA State Champion.
Congratulations---Kevin Bangen
Pictures from this match are posted Below---

Thanks goes to the Northwestern gun club crew, led by Dale Wickstrom, and Elliot Zunich and others, for putting on a great weekend of matches. Every year this range is seeing nice range improvements. This year new siding and windows are being installed at the 200 yd house. Dale W. had some 1940 Western Red Cedar telephone poles off club property milled into boards and battens for the new siding. Some of the boards are 12 in wide and clear -- no knots. Sure looks great Dale.

300 Meter matches last weekend -- no news. Maybe we could getJim Shiffman to send us some 300 m news to us occasionally. We would all like to know more about the 300 m program.

Small Bore -- GRRC small bore league shooters are already shooting the 3rd 1600 of the league with the 100 yd match scheduled this coming Monday. This league, the brain child of Kurt Borlaug is turning out to be very successful with over 20 shooters competing. Junior Small Bore shooters are getting ready to leave for Camp Perry.

Long Range news -- 3 area long range shooters, Steve Knutson, Morgan Dietrich, and Stacey Taumlinas have qualified for the US Palma team and will be traveling to Ottawa, Canada In August for 10 days of long range shooting in preparation and training for the next International Palma Championship.

Camp Perry Service Rifle team is practicing weekly and looks to post some good scores at Perry. I hope they take some pictures we could post. Kurt-- any one have a camera ?

The Week Ahead
This weekend the local High Power shooting will be at GRRC. Long Range is on the bill as Harry Crump is running a Palma clinic shown on the schedule for both Saturday and Sunday. Ck with Harry for Details.
Over the Course (OTC) shooters who are willing to travel a short way can go to Eau Claire for the VERY popular "Pig" matches Sat, and Sunday----the pig roast and party being in the camp ground, Saturday night, after the 50 shot OTC. Sunday is an 80 shot OTC match. These matches are well attended and are run like clockwork.
See Program for this match at --

Saturday 18 July -- CMP M-1 Carbine match at Elk River
Saturday 18 July -- Palma Clinic at GRRC -- Contact Harry Crump
Saturday 18 July -- Eau Claire Rifle club ---- Pig Roast OTC Matches
Sunday 19 July -- Palma Clinic at GRRC -- Contact Harry Crump
Sunday 19 July -- Eau Claire Rifle club ---- Pig Roast OTC Matches
Monday 20 July -- GRRC Small Bore league, Elk River F- Class
Tuesday 21 July -- High power leagues at Northstar and Elk River

Two Weeks Out -- weekend of July 25
Think about being able to shoot three 80 shot OTC matches in 3 days. That's what you get if you go to the Northwestern Gun Club's Friday thru Sunday - 240 OTC weekend. I always look at this as the best match weekend of the year--period. Take a vacation day to shoot this 240. It's a lot cheaper than going to Camp Perry. As I have said there is good camping at NWGC.
There is also a Small bore 50yd match at Elk River.

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