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Minnesota Shooting --The Week Ahead -- 7/29/09

Next weekend Minn. Service rifle shooters will be heading to Camp Perry, Small Bore shooters are returning from Perry, and Prone shooters will be heading to Red Wing for the Mid Range Regional at NorthStar Rifle club.
But First-- This past weekend saw NWGC hosting the third of their 4 match summer series. There were three 80 shot OTC matches over the Fri.-Sun. weekend making up the perfect practice for those heading to the Nationals, and a really good time for those of us who just like to shoot competitions. 22 shooters participated in some or all of the matches and saw mostly good weather all three days.
Friday's first match was Standing 200 yds as usual, and it took the steady hands of Chopper pilot Larry Weidell to shoot the high score of 192 to start things off and win that first match. In the 200 yd sitting rapid fire match , Sam Gottlieb shot clean with 9x while Kevin Bangen and Dave Salo were next with 199-10x scores. So now leaving the 200 Larry Weidel and Kevin Bangen were leading- down only 14, and next came Dave Salo down 15 and Sam at 16 down. The 300 rapid match spread out the leaders as Kevin and Dave S. both took away all 200 pts available, and Dave with 14 Xs for the match win. Sam Gottlieb dropped only 3 to stay close. With 3 shooters within 4 pts the lead, Kevin B. held hard at the 500, again shooting clean, and holding on for the win with 786-25x.
Saturday's weather looked grim and gray as I got to the 200 yd shack to sign in. It was cold enough for Dave Salo to start a fire in the barrel stove to take to chill off. Yup, it was the 24th of July and we had a fire going---it's Duluth where any weather is possible. Saturday morning's standing match goes to Kevin--189, then Bob Peasley at 187, and yours truly at 185. There were lots of solid shooters and scores in the next match -- 200 yd sitting rapid, and yours truly squeaked out a win on Xs over Kevin B. both with 199s. Going back to the 300 it was Kevin down 12, myself down 16, and Bob Peasley at 17 down for the day. Tight shooting after a rain delay at the 300 saw 199s for Capt. Bob, Sam G. , and Larry Miller. Kevin slipped back 2 with 197, but still lead at that point by 5 over Bob. Sam Gottleib gained back one pt at the 500 with a 198 match winner, but to no avail as Kevin and Omer Hamer. were right behind with 197s and Kevin winning the day with his 784-33, and taking a 12 pt tournament lead over Sam G. into Sundays third match.
There was plenty of good food, refreshments and conversation in the camp ground after Saturday's match. Bob Woods and NWGC put on a great feed -- great burgers, brats, beans and a lot of good shooting storys got told while rain came and went.
Sunday---Omer Hamer saved his best for last and shot a great standing match, taking first with a 195-4x, Kevin B. trailing in 2nd by four pts. at 191, and the rest of us hardly finding the 10 ring at all. 200 rapid saw Larry Miller, and Sam G. shoot 199s but gain little overall on Kevins lead. At the 500 Sam G. shot a 200-11x --the only 200 and again gaining a couple pts on Kevin, but Kevin's 786-28x was 1st for the day, followed by Larry Miller 779-29 and Sam Gottleib at 774-27.
3 day tournament---- 1st Kevin Bangen --2356-90x, Sam Gottleib --2321-73x, 3rd Larry Miller -- 2306-63x
Congratulations Kevin Bangen -- Winner NWGC 3 day OTC Matches !
Note: Pictures from this match are posted Below

Small Bore
From Leo Huta --ERSC
"Just a few notes from the Elk River Small bore match last weekend.
On July 25th we held the 4th annual Ed Hassig Classic.
FYI Ed Hassig was a Wake Island Marine at the beginning of WWII.
I will continue to try and keep these matches informal to make sure everyone has fun.
This year we had 20 individuals show up with a fun mix of Jr's , Match Rifle & Scoped rifle shooters. From this group we had 7 Jr's with 4 of them shooting match rifles.
Leading the pack was Jeff Westbrook with a 570- 12X, Zack Church with a 533-3X, and Wyatt Thole with a 521- 4x
There were 8 more serious match shooters with the results as follows: Leo Huhta with a 595-X, and Stan Johnson with a 592- 27X. The third place tie third place was settled with an X count--Bruce Rawlings with a 588- 23 X, and Scott Olson with a 588-22 X.
These matches continue to be fun with larger turnouts each time. Thanks to those who showed up and to those who helped out."

NRA Small bore 3P match at MRC -- no news

Service Rifle Team -- Kurt Borlaug
"Minnesota will be represented again this year at the National Trophy Rifle Matches at Camp Perry Ohio.Veteran competitors Randy Allee, Tim Boyle, Phil Klanderud, Terry MacDonnell, Kurt Moline, Tom Torborg and recent Az. import Larry Weidell will share knowledge with newcomers Jeremy Harrison, Erik Rhode and Mark Schoess. Kurt Borlaug is again captain. We will be leaving this Friday and driving overnight to arrive in Ohio about 8am....Just in time to stand in line at the CMP store to pick out another M1, M1 Carbine or a case of ammo.
Sunday, Aug. 2nd will have a squaded practice where we can confirm zeroes at 200 and 600 yards.
Monday will be the President's Match.
Tuesday is THE Leg Match of the year. There are upwards of 1200 shooters at these two events.
Wednesday will be the Hearst Doubles Match and the big team matches start on Thursday Aug. 6th, with the NTT. Each shooter fires a National Match Course with no sighters.
Friday is the Infantry Match or "Rattle Battle" where each team rapid fires at 600, 500 and 300 yards. This is an exciting match to watch and many videos are on You-tube.
The team members will finish the week with individual matches. The Springfield/ Vintage Military rifle match will be fired later on Friday, with the M1 Garand Match on Saturday. Then our trip home will commence with sweaty, exhausted shooters crammed into cars for a long ride home.....If this sounds like fun to you, contact Kurt Borlaug to join us next year! You can keep up with the scores at" --- " Kurt.

Sounds like a great team Kurt. We all wish the team and shooters good shooting at the nationals.

The Week Ahead
Service rifle shooters will be heading to Camp Perry and local prone shooters will be heading to Red Wing For the Mid Range Regional at NorthStar Rifle Club. These prone slow fire matches will be shot at 300, 500 and 600 yds.
Saturday is Iron sights 15 shots at each yard line, Team match to follow, and
Sunday is Any sights 20 shots each match.
Mid Range Regional program--

Note: From Capt Bob:
President Mike May will be doing Brats & Burgers on the grill after the match. If there is no team match we should be done with 15 shots ea. at 230 or 3. With an extra 20 for team it will probably be 430. We will have soft drinks, chips etc. Bring your own adult beverage. As soon as we get a body count Sat. morning Mike will be off to town for food.
Also--- This is a 2 day match as per NRA rules and NRA provides Gold, Silver & Bronze medals.
BE THERE!" --- Bob

Thursday July 30 -- GRRC HP practice 300yd
Saturday Aug 1 -- NorthStar Rifle Club Mid Range Regional Iron Sights & Barbeque
Saturday Aug 1 -- 50m Free Pistol at Oakdale
Sunday Aug 2 -- NorthStar Rifle Club Mid Range Regional Any Sights
Monday Aug 3 -- GRRC Small bore league
Tuesday Aug 4 -- NorthStar and ERSC Hp leagues

Two weeks out --- for those not going to PerryAugust 8 & 9 Elk River Sportsman's Club has an 80 shot OTC Saturday and Mid Range Prone Match on Sunday. August 9th 300 m prone at MRC

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