Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Week Ahead May 6th

The week ahead includes the Appleseed Rifle clinic at Elk River Sportsman's Club. This is a rifle marksmanship clinic that stresses traditional American style shooting--- basic equipment, basic ammo and hitting the target out to 500 yds. See program:

You can also participate in a 300meter precision prone rifle match at Mpls Rifle club. These matches are shot on the Swiss Ascor 300 m Electronic targets -- a very advanced system. You actually shoot 300 m, but view your shot placement on a computer monitor next to your firing position in the shooting house. If you haven't tried this, it's really a treat to shoot these matches and not even have to pull targets

Thursday -- May 7th GRRC HP practice
Saturday -- May 9th Appleseed Rifle clinic at ERSC
Sunday -- May 10th Appleseed Rifle clinic at ERSC
Sunday -- May 10th 300m Rifle match at Mpls Rifle Club
Monday -- May 11th GRRC Evening Small Bore League
Tuesday -- May 12th Elk river evening High power league -------
Looking ahead:
It's only a week ahead till the 1000 yd Regional at GRRC. May 16th and 17 will be the dates for Long Range shooters to save for both the Iron sight (Sat) and Any sight (Sun) 1000yd matches. These matches are also open to F-class shooters both days. You should come with good zeros for Mid Range, and you will get on target. Give it a try!
Bullseye pistol matches also May 16th aned 17th with 2700s at MGFC & Oakdale. Free pistol 50m match at MRC on the 17th.

Note 1: This past Monday saw the beginning and first shots downrange in the GRRC Small Bore league. The newly constructed small bore range at Gopher has nine level grass firing positions, and targets at 50 yds, 50 m, and 100 yds for shooting traditional "prone conventional outdoor" matches.
The first match saw 17 shooters participate in the 50 yd portion (40 shots for record) of a std. 1600 pt match. Next week shooters will fire the 50m match, then the following week will be the 100yd match and the Dewar after that. We can all thank Kurt Borlaug for all the hard work organizing this league, and Cliff Secord (et al) for range construction.

Note 2: Pic (above) from first GRRC evening Small Bore league match
Note 3: Pics from Local Matches, and results of those matches will be posted here as I get them from match directors, and participants. I would like to post any and all shooting news, pictures of new guns and general shooting gossip.----send it to Remember, the purpose of this blog is to Promote shooting sports---lets do it!
Note 4: from Matt Griffen
I would like to add that Elk River has a Tuesday evening highpower league that starts at 6pm. We have this league every Tuesday except for the third Tuesday of the month because of the club meetings. May 5th will be a 600 yard practice and then we will start over again at 200 the following Tuesday. Throughout the summer we will shoot at 200, 300, and 600 enough times to complete three 80 shot matches by the end of September. It would be great if you could include this in your schedule. You can contact Tim Thole for a schedule if you like.
Note 5: Would anyone like to share a box a box each of 50m and 100yd small bore targets--contact me. I would like to order some soon, but really don't need a whole box for myself.
Note 6: Link to Complete expanded 2009 schedule below has been repaired.


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