Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Week Ahead -- 5/12/09

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    This weekend ahead favors prone shooters. Saturday and Sunday is the 1000 yd regional. GRRC is hosting a great opportunity to shoot Long Range. With only one 1000 rd rifle range in the state, and actually in states around, It isn't all that often that everyone gets a chance to shoot long range. This weekend we do. Saturdays match is 60 shots prone with Iron sights (3 ea 20 shot matches with sighters). Sunday is scope day (any sights) and I think 2 ea 20 shot matches plus sighters, then a 4 person team match. Most any center fire match rifle is good to go. Some of the teams will be "pick-up" teams, -- so anyone that wants to get on a team with coaching can do so. F-class allows and encourages shooters to shoot scope with rests or bipods and is a class that is becoming very popular. You can enter one day or two days. I wish my 6BR was ready.........
    GRRC location----- http://mrra.org/images/maps/gopher_map.gif

    Small bore news: For the second week GRRC had a very good turn out for the Monday evening league. 17 shooters the first week, and maybe even 20 this past week. Four shot in the morning relay which starts 0930 and most shot the 3;30pm to 6:30 relays. larry and Jonell Sawyer shot the top two scores in this weeks 50m match. Gordy Kordowski came to the morning relay and shot his first match in 12 years. I assume that a few muscle aches will follow. I think that Gordy was shooting a nice M-52 Win.
    300 m Match--- no news.

    Thursday -- May 14 -- GRRC High power practice
    Friday -- May 15
    -- Possible 1000yd practice at GRRC
    Saturday -- May 16 -- 1000 yd Regional at GRRC (day 1 ) Iron sights, 60 shots, unlimited sighters
    Saturday -- May 16 -- Rim fire Sporter Small Bore (25yds and 50 yds) at Elk River )
    Saturday -- May 16 -- 2700 Bullseye pistol at MTGF, or 50m Free pistol at MRC
    Sunday -- May 17 -- 1000 yd Regional at GRRC (day 2) Individual scope and team match
    Sunday -- May 17 -- 2700 Bulleye Pistol at Oakdale Monday May 18 Small bore league at GRRC
    Monday -- May 18 -- F Class at Elk River
    Monday --May 19 -- High Power summer league at Northstar

    Looking ahead 2 weeks:
    The weekend after next has something for both prone shooters, and Over the Course competitors.
    May 23 and 24 -- Small Bore Regional, at Mpls. Rifle Club, with a 1600 scheduled for each day. Iron sights Saturday and Any sights on Sunday. If you are a prone shooter, you won't miss this one.
    May 23 and 24 -- Elk river has an 80 OTC lined up for Saturday and a Mid Range prone on Sunday.

    Note : -- Camp Perry plans: From-- Kurt Borlaug
    Boys, I am inquiring to all of you about Perry for Service Rifle Week, August 3-7th. In short are you going?Who are you riding with? Where are you staying?I have made a reservation for one room for two and a cottage for eight at the Erie Island Inn. Real close to Perry and there is a pool and a golf course (shorty). About $300 for the week of August 1st through 7th am checkout. We need at the very least eight shooters for the team matches on August 6 and 7. That's for two in the pits on 6th, no shooting but you get paid. If you know someone who is planning on going but not on this header (Phil Klanderud) please let me know by phone their intentions. (651)263-4576. June is filled with Leg Matches in Mn. First, third and fourth weeks are legs. Lots of re-scheduling led to this situation. Great warm-ups for Perry. Thanks, Let me know soon .


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