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The Week Ahead -- May 26, 2009

The Week Ahead looks North to Northwestern Gun Club on Hunter Lake
But First --- Last weekends fine weather offered good opportunities to shoot competitively. There were Over the Course and Mid Range matches at ERSA and Championship Small Bore matches at MRC ---- for me the choice was the Small Bore Prone Regional at Mpls. Rifle Club. It was two days of great shooting in great weather. It was 160 shots for record with iron sights on Saturday, and then another 160 record shots Sunday with "any" sights.

There were 18 competitors--about 6 juniors, 2 or 3 seniors, 4 or 5 high power shooters including former NRA Long Range Champion Randy Gregory,, Matt Girffin - Air Force Reserve service rifle team,, Minn. 1000yd Champion Bill Lair, and Junior Emily Quiner who has been chosen to join the American Olympic Development team and is leaving for training in the Chezk Republic next week. Emily trains with Larry Sawyer and the MN Centershots. Other Juniors that train with B. Blahut have their own web site at-- I believe there were some Jrs from the GRRC club also. Bill Lair shot his first prone Small Bore match in years and said he'll be back for more.

After the first two matches at 50yds and 100 yds, Emily and Morgan Dietrich were tied at 796 with Xs. In the final two Ironsight matches, at 100 yds and 50 m, Morgan lost only two more points winning the first day with a 1594 +100 Xs on a very tricky windy day. On Sunday, the wind was lighter -- all most perfect conditions, for the Scope matches. Four people took advantage of the good conditions to shoot perfect 400s in the 50yd match -- Randy, Morgan, Emily, and Greg Quiner. In the Dewar Match (50 and 100 yds), Randy Gregory did it again and finished on top at the half way point with no points lost ---an 800-57x. Even with 6 pts to give from Saturdays match, Morgan shot straight, dropping only 1 pt in the last 80 shots for a 799--56X. With the wind and mirage changing every minute, this was a great performance.
Gold Medal to Morgan Dietrich. 2nd to Steve Knutson and High Junior to Emily Quiner.
Never to get enough----right after the Matches Sunday, Randy G, Steve K., and Morgan D. left for Lodi to shoot a Palma Match on Monday.

Elk River Matches -- May 23 and 24, -- Late news ----
Results for Saturdays OTC match are posted Below. Kevin won the first match --the Standing Match with a 188-1x. Phil Klandrude came back and won the Sitting Rapid fire with a solid 199-9x. After that it was all Bob Peasley who took the 300 yd rapid fire match with 199-7x and also the Prone slow fire 600 yd match with a 197-9x. It wasn't enough though to pull ahead of Kevin Bangen who held on to be MatchWinner by 4 pts over Captn. Bob.
Sundays Mid Range prone matches were rumoured to have been won by Stacey Tamulinas, followed by, Dale Wickstrom and 3rd to Captn. Bob.

The Week Ahead:
I am also looking forward to this coming weekend-- Saturday morning ride up to Northwestern Gun Club to shoot my first OTC match this summer. I probably enjoy shooting matches at NWGC more that any place else---smell of the pine trees, or the barbeques, or the lake behind the 500 yd line---something. There will be Over the Course matches both Sat and Sun. I'll get out the .223 AR match rifle, I got enough ammo made to shoot at least Saturday.
Livingston OTC match program --

Tuesday -- May 26 -- Highpower evening leagues at both Northstar, and Elk River.
Thursday -- May 28 -- Possible 1000 yd practice at GRRC
Saturday -- May 30 -- Livingston Over the Course match at Norwestern Gun Club
Sunday -- May 31 -- Livingston Over the Course match at Norwestern Gun Club
Monday -- June 1 -- GRRC evening Small Bore League -- Dewar Match (20 shots at 50 yd and 20 at 100yds)
Monday -- June 1 -- Elk River F-class 300 yds at 5:45

Looking Ahead two weeks:
Plan ahead for the OTC Regional at Northstar Gun Club. Saturday is the Individual championship and Sunday is Team Match and the all Important Leg Match. Get out your Service Rifle and come to this first Leg match. This is an all important tune up for the Nationals at Camp Perry. We would all like to see a high turn out of service rifle shooters at the Leg Match on June 7th.
Saturday -- June 6th -- OTC Regional at Northstar Gun Club

Saturday -- June 6th --Small bore 4P championship at Hibbing

Sunday -- june 7th -- Regional Team and Leg Match at Northstar

Pistol -- June 6th and 7th -- OakDale Leg match and Regional
Note: Next Monday's small bore league match at GRRC will be the Dewar Match--20 shots each at 50 yds and 100 yds.


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