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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 18, 2015

* Hamer hammers the competition at Iowa Mid Range Champ match - see below

Next weekend  
  The memorial service for Charmille Tamulinas will be this Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 10:00 AM.,  at First Luthern Church of White Bear Lake: Click Here

Service Rifle shooters will have a chance to fire a fun CMP match this Sat at GRRC. The actions starts at 0845 this time, and the course of fire will be the CMP course A, which is 10 shots Standing, a 10 shot prone rapid fire string and 10 shots slow fire prone.  This match will be shot from the gentlemanly distance of 200 yds and gives you a chance pull some triggers on those older service rifles that are feeling lonely in your gun safe.  Saturday Afternoon there is a full 50 shot national match course service rifle competition on the agenda. This is complete warm up match and practice for Sunday's upcoming Leg Match.

  On Sunday, Aug 23, the competition gets serious.  It's time for a Leg Match at GRRC, and maybe time for someone to win a few  points toward earning their Distinguished Rifleman's Badge. 
This will be a hard fought competition for those trying to earn one of the most sought after prizes in shooting world -- the personal acheivement of becoming a "Distinguished Rifleman". This honor becomes a "vision quest" for many shooters and I have seen many come to tears upon being finally awarded their "pin".    Click Here for Leg Match bulletin.   

Small Bore
It's State Championship time for small bore prone shooters.  The Bob Vangene small bore range at the Mpls. Rifle Club  will see two days of intense competition to decide who will be the Minn Outdoor Conventional Prone State Champion.  Each day competitors will fire a 1600 point prone match at distances from 50 to 100yds. I'll be there on Sunday, and since Sunday's match is an "Any" sight match, I'll be able to see the target as good as all those juniors with the young eyes, and  I'll be shooting the "Morgan" rifle with good ammo, so how can I miss?    Click here for match bulletin 

Last Weekend
* Bangen blasts the competition!  
Once again it was Kevin Bangen who showed them all how to shoot a an OTC match and won the Regional Highpower Championship along the way. 
Kevin outright won 4 of the 9 matches making up the championship - including the first Standing match, both Sitting Rapid fire matches (without dropping a single point), and a prone Rapid fire match.  Kevin outpointed the opposition by 47 pts over the weekend and was crowned the 2015 Regional HighPower champion.   Craig Bennis won the silver medal for his runner up score, also taking a win in the first Prone slow fire match. Mark Schoess rode rough shod over the Expert/Mk Class for a bronze medal with his fine score of 1681-26x. Service Rifle winner was Aaron Guliuzza.    

   Great shooting guys!!!! 

*Hamer hammers !
From: Capt. Bob
Hello Jim,
Just home from the Iowa 300 yd MRP championship at the River City Rifle & Pistol club near Mason City. They have a dandy club with 12 well groomed and level firing points. The range shoots straight east to add some variety to your life. They have a large very nice tent camping area in the shade near the club house. They also have electric hook UPS for about 4 campers.
Twenty shooters shot under ideal wind conditions with 1 to 1 1/2 minutes of honest wind all day. Omer the Hammer held hard with his Floyd R. Turbo for the win with a dandy 796x47 featuring a 200x17 and a 200x12 with scope. Ricky Hunt just home to Mason City from a top 100 finish in the World championships at Camp Perry finished down 6 for a 794 followed by Jim Soderstrom with a 793. Steve Hays finished 4th with a 792 and a 7 somewhere along the way in the last match. I was a distant 5th at 786.
Readers may recall that 2-3 years ago Omer was on the verge of retiring from high power at age 76 due to bad eyes. Or was he just fooling with us? Now at 79 he is shooting the best scores of his life. Whatever he did it looks like the right thing.


          Omer's not getting older. He's just getting better!

Two weeks Out  
Aug 29 - 1000 pt OTC at MRC -  click here for Match bulletin 
Aug 30 -  State Offhand Championship - click here for match bulletin
Aug 29,30 - Wisc. Mid range State champ at LaCrosse - Click here for match bulletin

That's All Folks!

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