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Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 11, 2015

* Extra! - On the firing line report from Camp Perry - see below

Next weekend  
'Over the Course' Championship weekend
 Are you ready for a little "rapid fire" this coming weekend? If you like a little 'position shooting' along with your belly matches, this is the weekend for you.  Mpls Rifle Club will be the scene of the Regional OTC Championship Aug 15-16, so head on over there and you'll get a chance to shoot about 8 rapid fire matches - from prone and Sitting position. Saturday will feature a 100 shot OTC Match and sunday is a regular 80 shot OTC match. The prone slow fire matches will be fired from the MRC 300 yd line, but don't think this is automatically easier than a 600 yd slowfire match -- those reduced MR-63 targets are tougher targets than you think. 
  Oh, one more thing----Don't plan anything for right after the match on Saturday, as the cooking crew at MRC will have a Pork Chop barbeque waiting for the competitors after the competition.            Click Here for match bulletin

South of the Border
 If you just can't get enough belly shooting, River City Rifle Club, near Mason City, Iowa has a match for you this weekend. Steve Hays and the folks at RCRC are putting on the "Fifth Annual Iowa State 300 yds Mid Range Championship" Aug 15,16.  Both days feature prone matches from the 300 yd line.  Saturday you can shoot a 2 man team match and then stick around for the Individual Championship matches on Sunday.   Click Here for match bulletin

Last weekend 
*F-class State Championship* 
 From: Capt. Bob
Hello Jim:

Three spread sheets attached with results of Minnesota F class championship fired this past weekend at North Star Rifle Club. There was 1 F TR team and 5 F open teams Saturday. We started off with 4 man teams shooting 3 twenty shot matches under cloudy skies and light but switchy winds. Wanting to learn more about F class I volunteered to coach the MRRA F open team of Scully, Winget, Shidla and Clausen. And boy did I learn a lot! F class rifles are pretty amazing. Every shooter on the team shot every shot except 1 in X ring elevation. One shooter fired a 9 at 5 O'clock that would have been a low 10 had it been 1/2" left. One of the shooters shot all 20 shots inside half the 3" X ring! This does not mean the team shot a 2399. The shooters had a 2399 but the coach had a 2384. I lost them 16 points for bad wind calls. Even more important is that the Minnesota X MEN (state Assoc. team) shot a possible 4 man team NRA National record. As of July 16 the record was 797X49 and the team of Mike Jones, Rick Severs, Chris Longley and Jon Rhykus shot a 797X52. I'll submit this to NRA and see what happens.    
  Click here for Team match results
After the first pair in match 2 we took a time out to enjoy a 4.9 star catered BBQ pulled pork lunch with beans and Cole Slaw served by North Star member Kyle Knutson.
     Sunday brought mostly sunny skies and even lighter wind but still enough to get a 10 if not paying attention to mirage. There were numerous cleans ranging from 200X8 to a 200X17 by Pat Scully and a 200X18 from Chris Longley. Scully lost the match with a 199 in match 1 and finished the day with a 799X53. Meantime Chris Longley waited till match 4 to shoot his 199 to finish the day also with a 799 but 57 X's for the state championship and match win. Jim Bauer from Wisconsin held hard for the 3rd spot with a 797X45. In the master class we had a close race with Eric Johnson and Al Quast battling it out both starting with 200's. Match 2 saw Al pick up 2 points with a 199 to Eric's 197. Match 3 saw Eric gain back 1 point with a 199 to Al's 198. Eric held hard in match 4 to go clean to al's 198. Eric takes 1st HM with a 796X48 to Al's 795X40.      
   Click here for complete F- open results
    Over in the F TR division there were only 2 HM's and only one of them managed to take any money in one match.  The rest of the money and championship went to the Master class shooters. Chuck Laitinen takes the F TR championship with a 795X43. Second place F TR went to Drew Rutherford fro the Fargo area with a 785X26. Tyson Brabec took the F open junior trophy with a dandy 792X37.
  Click here for complete FTR results
    Speaking of Fargo, we also had shooters from eastern Wis and south eastern Iowa attend this match.  We also had 10 or 11 first time shooters at the match. The word is getting around that North Star puts on a good show!
     And finally you may see pictures and hear rumors that I may convert to F class. Despite the possibility that F class may be the finest shooting game known to man you can rest assured I will stick with iron sights to my last breath...............................................maybe!
     I really enjoyed hanging around with these guys watching them lay in the sun and sweat while I stood in the shade and yelled at the radio!
Respectfully submitted by CAP-N-BOB
            Thanks, Bob for sending in that report!

  *On the Firing Line Report*
From: Mark Havlik
                Hi Jim,
Here's a brief report from Service Rifle Week At Camp Perry.    O'dark thirty Saturday morning found me in the car heading to Rochester to meet up with Dave Holtegaard. Our plan was to travel from Daves’ home in Rochester, down hwy 63 to eastbound I80, and take that to where it meets up with the Indiana Turnpike east of Chicago. Our decision turned out to be the right choice, as we bypassed the lion's share of construction and tolls in the area west of Chicago.

      Our 10 1/2 hour journey, was for the most part uneventful, and we arrived in Toledo about 6:00 EDT. Dave had made last minute reservations at a townhouse east of Port Clinton, unfortunately it wasn't available Saturday night so we ended up staying, at what can best be called the roach motel, for the night.
    We arrived on base early Sunday morning to register and eat breakfast before heading over to CMP North Store. This was Dave's first trip to Camp Perry so I felt obligated to show him around base. The team decided we weren't going to shoot the NTIT (Rattle Battle) this year so Dave and I got to spend all morning and half the afternoon on Vender's Row.
      While it was fun watching Dave spend his money, we decided it was time to head into town to check into the townhouse. What a dramatic difference there was between the it and the roach motel the night before. The townhouse had two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living area downstairs. It had a loft with 3 more beds and a bathroom upstairs. To top things off, it had a fish pond right off the deck.
     Monday brought a new day and with it the team match. The team consisted of Dave, myself, Dan Marquart, Mark Schoess, Tom Torborg, Larry Weidell and Kurt Borlaug as the coach/captain. We also had two juniors, Sam Supplee and Nick Casper pulling targets. Despite my poor performance, we ended up 16th out of the 45 out of competition teams.
       Tuesday was the NTI and the reason I was at Perry for the Nationals. I ended up shooting the worse standing score I can remember (83-0), followed by a decent sitting score of 98-2. With a renewed hope from of my sitting score we went back to 300. Unfortunately for me, I turned my windage knob the wrong way, putting 3/4moa left instead of right windage for a train wreak score of 87-0. With the pressure off and feeling there was no way to make the cut, I ended up shooting the best 600 yard score I’ve ever posted, 195-4.
    After the match, knowing I missed the cut, I looked for Dave who was squadded a couple points away. I was hoping, with the performance he had in the team match, he’d have made it. I found him with steam still coming out of his ears. He also had a train wreak kind of day and ended up beating me by only one point.
       Wednesday was a new day and another chance for glory with the Presidents Match. My standing was only slightly better than the day before, 87-1. Building on the day before, I forgot to put my elevation on for 300. Realizing my mistake on about my 4th shot I ended up with another 87-1. Just like the day before in the NTI, the pressure was off at 600 and I posted another blazing performance with a 98-5.
    The ride back home was uneventful, and even though we didn’t bring home any bling, Dave and I could still say we had good time.
Mark Havlik 
             Mark, you guys represented Minn well at the Nationals.  Good shooting!            

Small Bore Matches at MRC
Results: Aug 8th 3P and Prone match
From: George Minerich
Hi Jim:
Please find attached the results for last weekends smallbore matches.

Saturday's 3P and Prone match
 (Click to expand)

  The memorial service for Charmille Tamulinas has been set for Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 10:00 AM.  The Memorial Service will be held at:

First Lutheran Church
4000 Linden Street,
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
(651) 429-5349,    www.flcwb.org/ ;

Directions to the church are posted on their website. There will be a Visitation hour starting at 9:00 AM and a Reception at 11:00 AM at the church following the service. An online guestbook and obituary can be found at:  http://www.johnsonpeterson.com/memsol.cgi?user_id=1636141
     Charmille Tamulinas Obituary 

Two Weeks Out
Aug 22 - Service Rifle CMP games at GRRC - Click here for match bulletin
Aug 23 - Leg Match at GRRC -  Click here for match bulletin
Aug 22,23 -  Sm Bore Outdoor conventional prone State Championship - Click here for match bulletin


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